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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 25
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“You can stay here, I already prepared separate bedrooms for the kids”
I say to Leila as I show her to one of the many spare bedrooms the mansion has.
She nods.

“Thank you so much for all this but really I can manage a room with the kids”
“No No, it’s fine, Justin will want them to get settled in right away, I already did that, you can rest”
I say to her.
“You should too”
“You look exhausted, you should get some sleep too”
She says to me and I nod.
I turn to leave.
“You are really pretty”
She says and I turn back
“I’m sorry?”
“You are really pretty, Justin talks about you a lot”
“He does?”
“Yeah I could tell he likes you”
I frown.
Justin liked me before this weekend?
Well that’s news.
“Are you?…..”
She seems to get my unspoken question.
“Oh no, I and Justin are not romantically involved, I’m just his wife’s sister”
I nod slowly.
“About that…..”
I start.
“Yes? ”
“You know what? nevermind”
If I have any questions I’m going to ask Justin and not his ward.
“Ok, then, get settled in, try to rest”
I say to her.
“You too”
I make my way to my room and i enter to see Julliet sitting on my bed she’s not alone she’s with magic and Kele.
“I’m exhausted, not now”
I say before they could speak.
Seriously, I’m not to ready for this.
I know they saw me come out of Justin’s bedroom semi naked and they want an explanation but am not ready.

And besides we have bigger fish to fry.
“I am exhausted too, you don’t see me complaining”
Julliet says.
I raise a brow as I take off my jeans.
“Can we do the third degree later?”
I ask them.
“We are not here for that, we just want to make sure know how well you are holding up”
Magic says.
That was sweet.
“Am fine, thanks for caring”
I say to them.
“It must have been real hard for you”
I nod, I take off my shirt as I face plant on the bed .

It was big enough to accommodate the four of us.
“Do you need a hug? Can we touch you?”
Kele asks and my heart breaks.
With all this drama I have forgotten my family was still scared for me.
I nod my hear and we share a group hug.
We lie back, me in my undies and the rest of them fully clothed.
“Do you think the kids will accept us?”
Julliet asks and I can hear the fear in her voice.
“We have to wait and see then”
I say.
“Yup, that we have to do”
Kele says.
“But they sure are cute though”
Magic says after a while.
“Yeah, the boy looks like a mini Justin”
Julliet says and we giggle softly.
I feel sleep trying to take me under.
“Who is with the babies?”
I ask sleepily.
“Tamara….she’s on baby duty ”
Julliet replies and I nod.
I drift off and I feel them do too.
Everyone is so exhausted.
It’s some time before we wake up.


“Sandra, I want to pee pee”
The tiny voice wakes me up and I sit up slowly, scrubbing my eyes.
I ask.

“I really want to pee pee, am sorry I disturbed you, I couldn’t find aunty Leila”
She says and I nod.

I get up but find out am in my underwear, I quickly grab my robe before I scar the kid for life.

The girls are sleeping soundly so I grab Raine’s hand and we quietly exit the room.
“Why didn’t you use your rooms bathroom?”

I ask her when I get her settled on top the toilet sit.

“The door way locked, I couldn’t open it and I also I was scared, I wanted daddy, I saw you first”

She says with brutal honesty, only a kid can be this honest without fear of rejection.

I nod my head as I stroke her hair off her face.
God, I always wanted to do that.

I quickly rein in my emotions, these kids aren’t mine, am not going to get attached.
I help her wash and wipe before we step out.
“Am hungry”
She says.

I should probably get her some food, she probably hasn’t had anything to eat since morning.

” What do you want to eat?”
” Chocolate?”

She asks with a toothy grin.

Thats not gonna work on me, she probably tries this with everyone.

“You can’t have chocolate Raine, not until we ask your father ”
She pouts and I laugh.

I walk her to the kitchen where I give her some chocolate chip cookies and milk.

Am sorry, am not immune to little girl charm.
“Do you think we should bring some up for Styxx? ”

She nods her head, her mouth too full to reply.
When she is done we take some. Cookies to Styxx, he is still sleeping so we place it on the night stand.

“Do you want to go back to sleep? ”
I ask her and she shakes her head no.
“Can I see daddy’s room?”
I lead her to Justin’s room where she looks around with wide-eyed wonder.

She touches almost everything before plopping on the bed.

“It smells like daddy ”
Am sure it does.

I think this.

” You know what?, let’s sleep here OK?”
She nods and I get into the bed with her, I switch on the TV and we watch for a while, she drifts off with her head on my stomach, I pull the cover over us and soon I drift off too.


I didn’t expect to see Sandra and Raine in my bed but that’s what I see when I enter.

The surgery is done and Jew is still sleeping, justice asked me to run home and quickly freshen up so I won’t miss when Jew wakes.
I really didn’t want to but he insisted.
You know what happens when justice insists.
Now I’m glad that I came home
I step closer to the bed quietly so I don’t disturb them.

Raine snuggles closer to Sandra and Sandra pulls her protectively closer even in sleep.

My heart breaks.

It’s so obvious that Raine needs a feminine touch in her life.

Not that Leila wasn’t doing a good job, just that Leila was well .. Leila.

I bend down and place a kiss on Sandra’s head.

It must have been hard for her to let Raine touch her like that.

I go to my bathroom and I bath, as I step out I see her waiting for me with an aspirin and a glass of water.

I take both from her and I swallow.

“How’s she”
She asks in a whisper so as not to disturb Raine.

“The surgery is done, we just have to wait for her to wake”
“She’s gonna wake up Justin”
I nod my head.

I hope so, I really seriously hope so.
“Thank you Sandra”
She frowns.
“What for?”
“For being you”
She smiles as she goes on her tippy toes to kiss my cheek, I turn my head to kiss her lips but she steps away.
“What’s wrong?”
I ask.

She shakes her head.
“Sandy? What is the matter”
“I don’t want to bother y…”
“Tell me”
I say to her.
She sighs and speaks.
“I don’t think we can continue our relationship Justin”
The f-ck?
What relationship?
The one that just started?
I go to speak but …
Raine sits up.

I walk to my daughter but not before throwing Sandra a look that clearly stated that this wasn’t over.
She sighs again.

What is wrong with women?…..

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