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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 21
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I scream his name down the hallway and he turns to me.

I hear doors open as the rest of my family step out.

“What’s going on?”
Justice asks as he steps out.

Sage looks at my state of undress and he sighs.

“Are you guys fighting?”
Kele asks.

I vaguely notice she comes out from Tony’s room.

I don’t answer any of them, I just have eye for Justin.
“I have to go, something’s very wrong, Will be back soon, I love you”
He says as he climbs down the stairs.
I can’t even savor the feeling of him saying i love you, am too scared.

Justice follows him, completely dressed in his PJs, he doesn’t care, he turns to us.
“Am gonna go with him, will call you guys”
He jogs out and place my hand over my mouth.

Am so scared.

I have never seen Justin so scared.
“What happened?”
Sage asks.

“He got a call and he panicked….., Am scared for him Sage”
I say and he nods.

“Go get dressed, we are going to him”
I nod my head.


I run down stairs.

I feel justice on my heels.

I don’t know how I know it’s him but I just do.

I have never been so scared in my life.
Please God, you can’t take her away from me.

I run to my car but i feel justice hold me back.
“Let me drive, just give me directions”
He says and I nod.

We pull out of the compound and i direct him toward the hospital where Jew’s specialist practices.

“What’s going on Justin?”

I sigh, my head in my hand.

“Please drive justice, I can’t let anything happen to my daughter”
He just nods, no comment but I feel his shock.
I scoff.

After all the hiding he finds out, this way no less.

He drives into the hospital parking lot and I exit before he idles the car.

I run to reception and i feel him with Me.
“Jew Maxwells”
I say to the receptionist.

She nods and gives me a door number.
It’s a private room.

I run to the elevator and I enter.

This thing can’t go fast enough.
I see justice typing on his phone.
A text to my family, no doubt.

The elevator doors open and I follow the sound of my baby girl crying.

I open the door and I see Leila crying too.
“Jew baby, am here……”
She raises her hand out for me.
“Daddy, it ….hurts please make it stop ….”
I turn to Leila.

“Why isn’t she bloody sedated!?”
I yell
“Calm down brother”
Justice says.
Leila sobs.

“The doctor wants to go ahead with the surgery now, he can’t sedate her yet, she’s in pain Justin, she’s been asking for you”
“Daddy, daddy, daddy…..”

“Am right here sugar cookies”
“It hurts”
“I know baby girl, it’s gonna end soon.”
“Where were you Justin, I called you a long time ago”
Leila asks.

I feel guilt swamp me.


This isn’t happening again.

I hear the door open and I see it’s Sandra and my family entering.

I turn my attention back to Jew.

I can’t face anyone right now.

“Daddy…. Am scared”
My baby says in a soft voice.

“Daddy’s here baby, it’s ok to be scared, I will protect you”.

I kiss her head.

“Can we get a damned doctor in this room?!”

Julliet says and I feel an overwhelming relief.
I have my family.



I watch Justin lean over the beautiful baby on the bed.

He has a daughter?

I feel an headache blooming between my eyes.

I look around the private room.

Where is the f-cking doctor?

My hear goes out to the baby writhing in pain on the bed.


Where is the doctor?
“I swear to God if anything happens to my niece I will close this facility down”
Sage says to a nurse that just entered.

The woman looks scared.

“Can we get a doctor here?”
Justice asks.

No wait.

“Am sorry Mr Maxwells, the doctor is on his way, he was just in the theater helping…..”
“I don’t care if he was helping Kim Kardashian birth her baby just get him in here”
Kele demands and I swear this hospital won’t know what hit them.

The doors open and a man in white enters.

“Hi, am Olu, I will be the doctor for this baby right here”

He says, completely unconcerned that we are all staring daggers at him.
“Where is doctor Kim?”
Justin asks.

“She went on a sabbatical, she explained at length what I am to do, be rest assured, I will get this girl better in no time”
“Well get on with it, you are talking way too much”
I say.

He nods.
He turns to the nurse.

“Get her ready for the theater”
The nurse nods and goes to administer an injection to the baby.
He pulls her close as he strokes her hair out of her face.

“It’s gonna make you feel better baby girl”
He says.

He closes her eyes with one hand and holds her with the other before nodding to the nurse.

After she is done the baby speaks.

Albeit a little drowsily.
“You won’t leave daddy?”
“Promise baby girl.”

The baby sleeps and the doctor and nurse wheel her away.

We follow behind and I feel like crying.
Poor baby.

When the theater door closes and we can’t follow any further, Justin leans his head on the wall and closes his eyes.

I go to place my hand on his shoulder but the lady, Leila, I presume, does first.

I feel a wave of something.

I won’t name it.
He turns to her.
“You ok lay lay?”
He asks.

She nods, he kisses her head and I think.
Oh s--t.

He turns to us.
“Thanks guys”
No one responds.

“Tell me everything I have to know about her sickness”

Justice says and Justin nods.
He looks so tired .

He goes to speak but stops.
He sighs.
“Am so tired justice”
He admits and my heart breaks.

I feel tears rush my eyes and I turn .

I can’t let him see me look this weak.

I have to be strong.

Justice pulls him into a hug and Justin breaks down.

It’s the first time I have seen him cry.
“Am so f-cking scared brother”
“Am right here brother”
“She’s gonna be alright right?”
He asks, sounding lost.

The tears finally come through and I sob quietly.

“She’s gonna be real fine, I promise you”
Justice says and Justin nods.

I turn into Julliet’s arms as she pulls me in.
My heart hurts for this man.

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