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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 19
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“Explain yourself Kele”
I nearly growl.
Julliet whips her eyes to me so fast am sure she had brain whiplash.
“Settle down Mami, I thought you guys are just friends”
Kele says.
“Yes, he is just a friend”
“Doesn’t seem like it”
She says in an undertone and I almost dive her.
“Don’t act smart with me kele, just tell me what happened”
I say, softly this time.
“Well I mean you know he is hot and handsome and hot…”
I roll my eyes.
“We were talking last night at the restaurant and we had a bottle of wine and things got intense”
“Please translate to how you were drinking wine and it got to you and him swapping spit”
Magic says with a deep sigh.
“Well we swapped spit, like a lot…the man knows what he is doing I can tell you that”
She says with a sigh and I almost block my ear.
“But are you sure?”
Magic asks.
“Yeah….” I add with a nod,”…I mean, he is leaving in a month’s time”
I say and she nods and smiles a wicked grin.
“That doesn’t mean I can’t have fun, am not looking for a relationship, am sure he isn’t either, we just have to dictate the grounds of whatever we will have going on”
She says as she leans to get some wine.
I stop her hand.
“Don’t come between me and my drink woman”
She says.
Julliet pulls the bottle from her.
“You are acting and talking crazy, you don’t need anymore of this, until we get you and your head straight, no more of this”
Julliet says and magic nods.

Kele pouts and seriously seeing that on a grown a-s woman was comical.
“Are you really serious about this?”
I ask and she nods.
“You could get hurt”
I say softly.
“It would be worth it Sandy, it would totally be worth it, just for the little while we talked, I got that he gets me, he really get me guys.”
She says softly.

It’s well known that Kele tries to hide her pain and insecurities behind sass and jokes but this is the first time I have seen her close to vulnerable.
I exchange a look with the girls.
“Wouldn’t it hurt you when he leaves?”
Magic ask.
“It would hurt more if I don’t explore what ever this is between us”
She says and I get it.
It’s almost like the situation I am in with Justin.
I try to lighten the mood.
“Well you will be doing a lot of exploring”
I say with innuendo and we laugh.
“Although it kills me to think about Tony in a s-eual form but I will still say go for it gal”
I say and she nods.
“Trust me, am going for it and he won’t know what hits him”
She says and we laugh.
Poor Tony, Kele will eat him alive.
But any way he can hold his own too.
I pick up my wine glass as the sliding doors open and we all turn to it.
“I’ve been looking for you”
Justin says as a way of greeting and I almost blush.
I swear I see julliet roll her eyes.
Does she know?
I almost panic but I forget all about that thought when he bends to kiss my head.
I savor it but it hurts to think thathqt this won’t last.
He turns to the girls.
“You have to go save your husband’s, I think the babies are eating them alive.”
He says and julliet stands up.
“Well break is over”
Julliet sighs and I feel a twinge in my chest.
I wish I had that.

I probably won’t be having any babies, the doctor said the chances are slim.
Mavin destroyed my womb after the first four kicks.

I feel a rush of sadness but it goes away when Justin pulls me up and takes my hand to lead me to the door.

He seemed to get that I needed rescuing.
I smile gratefully to him not once thinking that friends with benefits don’t hold hands.
“So are you guys doing it?”
Kele asks oh so casually,
In an undertone that only I could hear.
I flip her the bird behind Justin’s back and she cackles like the witch she is .
We exit the room and we pass the others, going directly to his room.
“Relax Sandra, I just want to be with you, nothing’s going to happen”
He says and I feel my body loosen some of the tension I didn’t know I was holding in.
Also I feel butterflies in my stomach, I don’t think ‘just being with you ‘ is in the friends with benefits handbook.

I also kind of feel disappointed though.
It’s official, am cray-cray.
“Don’t look like that baby girl, promise I will be on my best behavior”
I nod as I climb on his bed.
I rest back as I stare at the ceiling.
After a while I ask.
“Do you think they suspect us?”
He says as unconcerned as can be.
I sit up real fast.
“What do you mean probably?”
I ask.
“They are not stupid squirrel, I’m sure they just saw me take you to my room”
He says calmly.
I’m panicking I don’t know what to do, they can’t find out, its my family we are talking about here.
“Relax Sandra its okay”
He says softly as he climbs on to the bed.
I instantly relax.

Just one word and am relaxed
Who is this girl?.
“Are you going to go tommorow?”
I ask and he nods.
“Are you going to tell me where you are going?”
“I’m sorry Sandra I can’t”
I nod, totally letting it go.
He pulls me close and we settle.
“Going to miss you”
I say softly.
“I will be back before you know it”
He says I smile.
I raise my head as I kiss him softly and he returns the kiss.
He pulls me closer.
I can’t get close enough.


“See you soon baby”
He says to me softly in my ear and I snuggle into the pillow.

He kisses my bare shoulder and I m0an sleepily
I say in my sleep.
“Soon baby girl”
He says before leaving the room, I continue my sleep.
Not knowing how selfish my request was…..

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