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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 17
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I wring my hands as I stand in the darkness of his rooms.
I feel like crying.

Am so nervous.

All day today I formulated my apology and now that’s it’s close to the time I feel like fleeing from the room.
Oh Jesu, am so nervous.
I almost faint when the door opens.
Immediately his body turns to me.
“Wanna tell me what you are doing in my room?”
He asks.

He was in the process of unbuttoning his sleeve.
I try to detect his mood but i get nothing.
He hits a light switch and am awash with white light.
I blink a little.
“What do you want Sandra?”
He asks in a cold voice and I swear I almost peed on my pants.

I take a step back because I still don’t do well in the face of anger.

He notices because his eyes narrow on my feet before coming up to my eyes.

He doesn’t make a sound, he doesn’t take a step back or forward.

He just doesn’t care, I feel a rush of tears.
I take a deep breath and I power through.
“Am sorry”
He just raises a brow.

Seems he is not going to make this easy on me.

“If that’s all you can leave”
He turns away from me to discard of his sleeve leaving him shirtless.
I act purely on instinct, I grab his bicep, he stops.
“Please listen to me”
I say and he turns, giving me his full attention, now that’s it’s on me, I have no Idea what to do.
He waits, I do too.
He waits some more, I do too.
He sighs.
“Really tired Sandra, had a rough day today and also am not in the mood”
He says and I gulp.

Sh-t, he’s still in that mood.
Proceed with caution Sandra.
“We are exclusive”
I blurt.

He raises a brow again.
“We are exclusive”
I repeat.
He asks and I nod.
“I don’t think so Sandra”
He states calmly, slowly unbuckling his belt.
“You don’t ?”
I ask in a small voice.
“Ya, I really don’t think so, you see, you were claiming a man in my face squirrel, you called him yours, he kissed you, you kissed him back, I don’t see how that’s exclusive to me, if it’s to him then ya, I get it”
He says as he drops his belt on the ground.
He continues, interrupting me.
“You think exclusive means I share?, I don’t f-cking share Sandra, am selfish, what’s mine is MINE, I am not a child, I am a man, I don’t play games, you don’t get to have me then discard me as you want”
He says as he pulls his gun from his back and drops it on the nightstand, I gulp, nodding my head slowly.
“I get it JM”
He shakes his head.
“No I don’t think you do girl”
I flinch at his use of the word girl.
Mavin used to call me that when he was going to hit me.

“Sandra, you are a girl, I am a man, I don’t want to hurt you, trust me I can be much of an a-hole as justice.
Untill you learn to be a woman and play woman games, I will stay off you”
He says finally before dropping his slacks and padding with his brief to the bathroom.
I panic.
He has abandoned me, I can feel it.
I can’t loose him, he is the only constant in my life now.
I have to explain that Tony is just a friend to me.
I follow him just as he enters his glass bathroom.

He hits the shower and I duck inside, he stiffens when I embrace him from the back.
“What are you doing Sandra?”
He asks .
I am getting wet but I don’t care.
“You will catch a cold girl”
He says again and I rest my head on his back as I hit his back.
“I am a woman, d--n you”
I say and he chuckles mockingly.
HE asks.

“I am a woman, I can stand a little cold, and if you can get your briefs soaked I can as well get my gown soaked”
I say and he hits the shower button, the spray hardens.
“You are a tool”
I say into his back and he laughs turning to me.
The water is pounding on us as he strokes my hair out of my face.
I brush water off his face.
“Am sorry”
I say.
He nods.
“Am your woman, only yours”
He nods before switching off the shower.
“I knew you were going to come in, that’s the only reason am not naked”
He says cheekily and I hit his chest.
“Your brute”
I almost laugh, I would if his hands hadn’t peeled my gown strap off my shoulder.
I tense.

He’s watching me, as if waiting for me to run screaming for the hills.
I raise my hand and place it on his chest.
He smiles a slow smile.
“My brave squirrel”
HE says, I frown.
“When are you going to stop calling me s….”
I don’t get to finish because he picks me up and fuses my mouth to his as he takes me out of the bathroom and to his bed.
He places me gently on the middle before climbing over me.
“So friend, are you ready for this?”
He asks and I nod.
“Are you sure Sandra, we don’t have to….”
I quiet him with a finger to his lips.
“Am ready”
“Thank God”

He growls before bending to kiss me, I giggle into his mouth.


I snuggle closer to the warmth, the warmth pulls me closer.

“I don’t think cuddling is in the friends with benefits handbook squirrel”
My eyes pop open at that whisper from Justin and I sit up so fast I almost hit him on his head.

He chuckles.
“Settle butterfly, no rush”
HE says and I turn to glare at him.
“Why didn’t you wake me?”
I whisper yell at him.
“It’s morning squirrel, I wanted you to have your beauty sleep”
“Why are you whispering?”
He asks and I start, I feel stupid, we are alone in the room.

“Why didn’t you wake me?”
I ask again.
“I felt like you needed your strength, you looked pretty tired”
“You cocky b-----d”
He laughs.
“That’s not the tune you were singing a while ago”
He says.
“Oh my God, I can’t believe you are bragging”
I almost yell.
“Well can’t I?, I feel pretty accomplished right now, you should see your eyes”
He says and I blush.
“Am going to my room”
I say as I go to stand with the sheets, he holds them.

I turn to him.
“Seriously Justin, I have to go”
I say.
“Do that then”
He says.
“I need the sheets”
I say.
“These are my sheets”
He says with mock glee.
I narrow my eyes, I have never seen this side of Justin before.
Free and playful Justin.

I pout, he rolls his eyes with a sigh.
“Fine take the d--n sheets”
He says with mock benevolence.
“Oh thank you so much kind master, your generosity is too much, too much”
I say as I wrap the sheet around my self picking up my discarded clothes.

I walk to the door when I get there I turn.
“I blew your mind”
I state and he jerks up from the bed making his way to me.

I squeal as i bang the door close and flee to my room.

I laugh so hard as I close the door and lean against it, clutching the sheets to my chest.
“Well, that’s a sight”

My eyes snap to my window to see Tony standing there.
“I can explain”
I blurt.
“Get on with it then”
I gulp.
S--t on a stick.

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