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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 15
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I walk behind him into the media room and he turns to me.
“You want me to explain the meaning of exclusivity to you?”
I shake my head slowly, negatively.
“You want to tell me what’s going on with you and whitey on your phone?”
“Oh, Justin, he’s just a friend”
I say with nonchalance, hoping to diffuse what ever needed diffusing.
“Don’t do that, am not a kid, don’t insult me”
I freeze, am so stupid, what made me think Justin is like all of the other guys out there.
“Am sorry”
I say with emotion.
“Who is he?”
He asks again.
“He’s just someone, he’s special to me, he helped me in Cali when I was going through some hard times.”
“Should I be worried?”
He asks with no bull sh-t.
“No Justin, Tony is just like a brother to me”
“That does not make my mind rest Sandra, I am supposed to be just like a brother to you”.
I wince.
“It’s not like that with Tony JM,.you are different”.
He asks.
I reply, he nods before pulling me in for a peck on my cheek.

Am disappointed, I wanted something more.
He must have noticed because he says.
“I have to go to work Sandy, will see you in the evening, ya?”
He bends and kisses me and finally I smile.
“Silly ”
He says, I just giggle softly.
Kele squeals and I almost roll my eyes, one would think she is not the proprietor of a 5 star restaurant.
It’s the end of the first shoot and am living it.
I was so nervous during the initial shoot but after I started it went well, just like riding a bike, smoothly, I didn’t miss a beat.

Justin, true to his word brought some guys over and I felt protected all through.
I can still see them standing at the door, I sent them some wine earlier but Justin intercepted saying he needed them to be In a right frame of mind.
I watch everyone and I see Kele flirting with one of the guards, I just roll my eyes.
“So how do you feel?”
Julliet asks and I turn to my best friend.
“Pretty awesome love, pretty freaking awesome”
I almost squeal and she laughs.
I’ve missed this, missed doing what I love, I have forgotten the rush that comes with it.
What ever made me think I could survive without doing what my heart wanted?
But then again, I was scared, thanks to Justin I feel like I can fly right about now.

My eyes goes to him as I take a sip of my champagne.
It’s been one week and we’ve not done anything, not even once, am kind of feeling inadequate.
Does he not like me?
Am I that unattractive?
I finally admitted it to my self, the reason I proposed the deal between us was because I knew I would never get him otherwise.
I mean he doesn’t like me.
I love him, he knows that, I would do anything for him.
Since he won’t have me as a girlfriend, I will have him as a friend.
Albeit a friend with benefit.
His eyes comes to me as if he feels me watching me and our eyes hold.
I mean you can literally cut the tension between us with a machete, it’s a miracle that my family haven’t felt this between us.
I smile at him and he returns the smile.
God am so happy I could die here .
His eyes are warm as they smile at me, they go to a spot behind my back and they freeze.
I can hear the chatter and talk go down and I wonder what’s happening.
“Sweet Virgin Mary, he looks like the hulk, well, a white version of the hulk”
Kele says and I frown.

I turn and I can’t believe my eyes.

He seems to be looking around uncertainly as if looking for someone .
I call out.
He turns from the guard who seems to be interrogating him now.
He smiles.
“Hey baby”
I squeal as I zoom across the room and into his arms., He catches me as he places a kiss smack on my lips.
I squeal again and he spins us, dropping his leather carry on.
After a while he sets me on my feet and I keep staring at his face, wanting to memorize everything at once.
He says .
I whisper back.
“Fancy meeting you here”
HE says and I giggle.
“What are you doing here? In Nigeria? In Africa?”
He taps my nose and I scrunch it.
“I couldn’t miss your big day baby”
He says .
“But, it’s not even my wedding”
I say in disbelief.
“You think I will be late for your wedding Sandi?, It’s quite obvious I am late for your shoot, blame it on the car rental agency”
“How did you even find this place?”
I ask.

I remember giving him all the details of my shoot and sharing my happiness with him but I never in a million years thought he would come.
I planned on Skyping with him this night but he’s here.
He’s actually here!
I squeal again as I throw my self at him and he grunts as he catches me.
“Sooooo, you want to share who the hunk of a man is?”
I hear Kele ask and I remember we have an audience, I turn as he sets me on my feet again and I see my family watching us.
I glance at Justin and I see his face is set.
Jesu Christi.

I remember Tony kissed me.
Did he see?

What do you think Sandra, the man is not blind.


She seems to have no problem touching this man, this man she calls Tony.

This man that makes her smile as if she just got her birthday, Christmas and New year present wrapped in one.
My eye go to him and I see him assessing everyone, this is a man used to doing just what he is doing.
I won’t be surprised if he a cop or a marine.
Our eyes meet and I see him put a protective arm around Sandra’s shoulder.
She glances up at him with a smile.
He raises an eyebrow at me as if asking who I was.
What up with this mofo?
“Soo, everyone, meet Antonio, my friend from Cali, the one I always talk to on the phone, Tony meet my family”
His eyes breaks from mine as he introduces himself.

I glance at Sandra and I see her look away quickly.

You are kidding me.

I drop my glass as I take a step back.
If she wants to be with her boyfriend, I will give her her space but I won’t be used, dammit.

I don’t bother introducing myself, I just walk away.

Sue me if I am jealous.
. .

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