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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 13
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I watch her come downstairs and I smile behind my mug of coffee.
She looks exceptional.
“Good morning”
She says softly and I see Kele wince.
“One word from you witch will have me popping you one in your knees”
I say to her and she mimics the gesture of zipping he lips.
Sandra asks looking between me and kele.
I don’t answer, Kele does, the shrew.
“He’s your knight in shining armor, coming to your rescue”
Kele says with thick sarcasm.
“Who do I need rescuing from?”
Sandra asks.
Kele says before delivering a mock villian laugh.

I almost roll my eyes, I would have of I was a man that does things like that.
“Tell me again why you spent the night in my house?”
Justice asks as he spoons cereal into Cara’s mouth.
“I am a resident of this house, you better get that now, it will do you good”
Magic rolls her eyes, used to the steady Love-hate relationship between Justice and Kele.
“Pay your bills then uh?”
Sage says.
“Sagey baby, I thought you lurrrred me”
Kele says with a pout, turning to stroke Alec’s hair.
“That was yesterday Kele baby”
Sage replies.
“Oh, what ever, I have my own man right here”
She says as she dusts bread crumbs from Alec’s lap.
“You cradle robber, leave my child alone”
Julliet says as she burps the sleepy Cara.
“What ever, nothing can destroy our love, not even you, right Alec?”
Alec looks undecided.
“She is kind of my mom so she has a say in whom i date, we have to get her blessing”

Alec says and I raise a brow.
Sandra and Magic burst out laughing, julliet just looks smug, Kele fakes brokenhearted ness.
“You have hurt me my love, my heart can never mend”
She says with a hand on her head, acting the damsel in distress.

Alec looks like he might puke, probably afraid he has broken Kele’s heart.
“Am sorry, am sorry, I didn’t mean that”
Alec says with so much emotion I have a hard time swallowing my laugh.
“So A, you mean I don’t mean anything to you?”
Julliet asks.
Poor Alec.
Alec looks between the two women, kele and julliet.
“Who is it gonna be Alec?, Your momma or your girlfriend?”
Magic asks.

The little man just grabs his breakfast plate and stands.
“Am going to eat in my room”
He says and exits, more like flee.
Kele follows, probably to put his mind at rest.
I finally chuckle.
“Wise kid, knows now that he shouldn’t choose between two women”
Justice says.
“He’s my son after all”
Sage says.
“Oh shove it, he’s my nephew”
Justice says and finally I roll my eyes, I can’t help my self.

Sage and Justice can be babies sometimes
“Please not this madness again, please”
Magic says.
Sandra just laughs.

That gets my attention and I turn to her.
Her laugh makes me want to laugh.
After I left her last night I had time to think.
I want her in my life, I want her in my bed and I can see she will be good with my kids.
One of the reasons I haven’t brought my kids to the Maxwells Jacobs mansion is because I don’t want them feeling left out.
Surrounded by kids with children and having no mom of their own.
I don’t want that.
But I can see now that Sandra will be good for them, as my girlfriend.
I smile as I think.
I lift my eyes and I see her glancing away from me.
I feel like I should finally get something I want.
I can’t pine after Mari for ever.
I feel good about this


I almost bite my lip.
He looks delectable, yummy.
I take a sip of my juice.
I have been thinking, I had lots of thoughts before I came down this morning.
Since the chemistry between us is still very much alive I have decided to work on it.
Am going to take that bold step.
I know he doesn’t want a relationship and I don’t too, I don’t after what I have been through.
So I am going to propose a friend with benefits deal.
Yes that’s gonna work.
I will have him but at the same time I won’t.
For once in my life am going to go for something I want.
I smile as I take another sip of my tea.
I feel a tap on my hand and I see Kele is looking at me quizzically.
When did she come back? Her and Alec.
I ask as I finally leave my thoughts.
“I asked if you thought about the show I wanted to have at Tasty’s?”
I blink.
Truth be told I never thought about it because I wasn’t going to do it.
I decide to tell her the truth.
“I feel rejection coming through”
She says and I nod.
No need to sugar coat it.
“I can’t , you gave me a great deal, I swear I loved it but I can’t, I can’t publicize my face, I really can’t, just in case he is …..”
I stop myself as I feel my family stiffen.
“Am sorry”
I say finally and she nods, turning to her food, Alec looks confused.
I face my plate and I can’t help but think how weak I must seem to them.
“Am gonna protect you”
I raise my head at his voice.
I asked with surprise.
“Am going to protect you, am going to give you a security detail, I will be there for all your shoots, nothing will get by me and my guys”
I start.
“You can’t live your life in fear baby girl, am here for you”
I nod, totally believing him .
“So you are going to take it?”
Kele asks.

And i nod, a smile blooming on my face.
“It’s going to be so awesome”
I squeal.

I see Sage give Justin a look of gratitude and I do too.

“Thanks JM”
“Anything for you baby girl”.
I blush and duck my head.


I am in the kitchen, cleaning after breakfast, Justin enters and I turn.
He’s dressed for work, suit and tie complete.
He walks closer and I stand straight, I feel the tension between us.
“I have to speak with you”
He says and I feel my belly curl.
“I have to speak with you too”
He nods.
“You go first”
He says and I nod.
Just like he said, no time like the present.
“I want to have s-x with you”
I say, and he blinks.
Wow Sandra, you tactless being.
He raise a brow and I blush.
“This is new.”
He says and I almost die of mortification.
“What I mean is that, um,…I want to…I …”
“I think maybe I should go first”
He says and I wince.
Way to go Sandy San.
“Sandra I want us to start d…..”
I interrupt.
“I want us to have s-x with no strings attached”
I say and he freezes.
I don’t take my words back.
He asks after a while.
“Yes really”
I say and he nods.
“Do you think we can talk about this when I get back?

He asks and I nod.
I feel like he is disappointed somehow.
I say anyway and he turns and exits the kitchen.
I suddenly realize I didn’t get to hear what he was going to tell me.
Well I can ask him in the evening.
I feel so nervous.
I hope he says yes in the evening.

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