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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 11
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No matter what she says, I believe I sent her right to him, I rejected her, she wanted a rebound and she found him.
Just another woman I have hurt.

Am so angry.
I watch her tell our family everything and I admire her strength.
She’s crying and it kills me.
Sage stands and starts to Pace, I know how it feels, I want to kill someone, no wait, I want to kill the a-s.
She gulps in a breath as she finishes, she has spoken about how she met the guy, a Nigerian based in the US, how she fell in love and how he started hitting her and verbally abusing her.
I don’t want to hear anymore but i stand firm, just in case she needs me.
“So that’s why you didn’t want to be a host again”
Sage says, coming to the same conclusion I have reached.
“Yes, I was scared he would recognize me, he probably is looking for me, he is so obsessed with me.
At first I thought it was love and I found it charming but he hit me the next time he saw me talking to the mail man.”
“You never told me about it”
Julliet says softly with pain in her eyes, my sister the empath is probably in as much pain as she is.

Sandra notices.
“I was scared J, I was so scared, he took away my phones and laptops sometimes, he only gives it back to me when he feels like I have worked for it, Mavin was a monster Jules.”
Julliet sobs and sage immediately goes to her.
“He didn’t….he didn’t…he didn’t rape you did he?”
Magic asks and I stiffen, I see julliet stiffen too, I never thought of that.

“He almost did sometimes but no, he couldn’t get it up, he is never able to if he is angry, that saved me too.”
Sandra says softly and I feel my conviction strengthen,
Am gonna kill that f-ker.

Sandra .

Am scared.
No wait.

I was scared, I thought I would be cast away, I thought I would be shamed, seen as weak but no.
I feel the love and support of my family, Sage looks like he might kill someone, justice looks flat out murderous, I take a step back, seeking Justin’s warmth, I find It and it grounds me.
“You can’t find him Sage, justice, promise me you won’t do anything”
I say and sage turns bloodshot eyes to me.
“Sandra I love you and you know it, I promise you that I will find that a-hole to the ends of the Earth and murder him in his own blood”
Sage says and I sU-Ck in a breath.
“Hear, hear, ”
Justice concurs.
I turn to Justin expecting support but he looks just as convinced.
“I don’t want to see you guys get hurt! Don’t you get it? Mavin is dangerous!”
I scream, oh my God, I feel a panic attack coming on.
“Sandra, the only person getting hurt will be the a-hole who decided to hit my sister, I promise”
Julliet says and am shocked, magic nods with her and I break down in tears, I feel myself pulled into a hug and for once I don’t flinched.

I find myself wishing I was in Justin’s arms and not Justice’s.


Am in bed, I don’t ever wanna stand up.
It’s the evening and am kind of avoiding everyone, it’s not that am ashamed but I need to build my walls back up.
My door opens.
Well that was a burst.
Kele enters.

“I mean the number of times I come here in a week is absurd, I think I should just get a room here and lease out my flat”
She says as greeting as she jumps on my bed.
“Where are they?”
I ask by way of greeting, it’s weird that Jules and Magic didn’t come with her.
“They are downstairs, giving you space”
I nod, still lying down.
After a while kele speaks.
“So you spoke to them about it, good ”
I don’t respond, she seems not to want a response.
“How did you know?”
I ask after some time.
She take a big breath.
“My aunt had an abusive husband, but unfortunately, unlike you she wasn’t wise or strong enough to leave him”
She says quietly and I feel her pain.
I sit up
“What happened?”
I ask.
“He finally gave her a blow to the head that killed her”
She says.
I gasp.
“Am so sorry”
I say and I mean it.
“Don’t be, he’s in prison and won’t see the light of day again”
She says with venom and I nod.
“So that’s why you understood”
I say and she nods.
“Yes, my aunt at that time will come over to my house, doesn’t let anyone touch her, withdrawn with bruises in places clothes can cover, I only saw the bruises one day when she was changing in my room and I entered unannounced”
She says and continues.
“I didn’t think, I didn’t think to tell anyone, I was so foolish, maybe if I had told my papa he would have done something”
She murmurs bitterly.
I shake my head.
“You don’t know that, you don’t, don’t beat yourself up over it, you were young am sure, and besides anyone could get bruises”
I say and she smiles sadly.
“I have a friend like that too, he lost his sister to her husband, he was the one that helped me get along after I left Mavin”
I say.
“Am glad you had someone with you in those times”
She says and sq££zes my hand.
My door opens.
“Well, don’t knock, just walk right in”
I say to julliet who enters.
“I can’t knock ,it might as well be my room and beside you have nothing I haven’t seen before”
She winks and I laugh.
“Dinners ready, come downstairs”
She says and kele exclaims.
“You cooked?”
Julliet frowns.
“What? I can cook”
Julliet says.
“Yes you can cook and am Kim Kardashian”
Kele says .
“Nah, you can’t be Kim Kardashian, you are too thick on the sarcasm”
Jules reply and I laugh before standing.
“So you really cooked ?”
She shakes her head.
“Nah, Justin did, prepare to be wowed.”
Julliet says and am surprised.

Yes I am definitely surprised because when I taste the stew I feel like marrying the plate, I m0an.
“This is sooooo good ”
I say.

My eyes turn and holds on his.
“Am glad you approve”
He says with a smoldering smile am surprised I didn’t choke on my beef.
I keep staring at his eyes until kele says.
“Is it just me or is it hot in here?”
She says .
“Shut up hag”
Justice says and kele sticks he tongue at him.
“You love me justy, admit it”
Kele says
“I love you as much as I love a bullet in my head”
Justice says as he drinks his wine.
“Am hurt”
Kele says.
“You know I lurrrrr you kele”
Sage says.
I smile.
She replies.
“I lurrrrr you too sagey baby”
“Eww gross, that’s my dad”
Alec says and kele turns to him.
“Don’t be jealous sweets, you know my heart is always for you”
She says as she leans down to place a peck on his lips.
Julliet and Magic says simultaneously.
Justice and sage shake their head.
Alec just looks like he died and went to heaven, Kele heaven.
I turn my eyes back to him and he is still watching me, Justin.
Ohhhkay….it’s definitely hot in here .

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