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Fire God Of The Fire Island
 - Season 1 - Episode 66
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Epilogue a
Fire Sanctuary Redeemed

Leaning against her arms on the stone railing of her balcony. Kate closed her eyes as she allowed a cool, soothing breeze to flow over her, playing with her hair. The air had never smelt so fresh, the waves crashing against the shores never sounded so beautiful.

So much had happened, and yet none of it had felt real, like it was all a dream.

A month ago she had been so close to death, literally at the very edge. She looked into the fiery lake of Obsidian, her destined final resting place.

But here she was, watching over her people as they celebrated the arrival of the true Guardian of Fire Island; Fire God Loki.

The festival were being hosted by the Fire Temple, all Fire Priestess, Priest and Fire Guards participating and mingling with the people. The Fire Elders wanted to honour Loki with a lush and lavish ceremony, officially declaring him as the ‘New’ leader. But Loki turned them down flat. He wasn’t interested in royal protocol. He didn’t like it. He didn’t have the time for it. He didn’t need some crony old elder telling him what he already knew.

When the Elders try to insist, Loki threatened to call upon Ashkenaz Oboth, which shut them up quickly.

And Kate could only shake her head and smile. She knew Loki was only joking. While it was true that Kira often threatened to use her Fire Magic against anyone who dared to oppose her, Loki was different. He was playful in his threats, his heart loyal and true to the people of his, their Island.

All he wished to do was to remind everyone the true meaning of Fire.

And he was a God, for heaven’s state. If he wanted the ‘commoners’ to revel in the amazing ability of Fire Magic, then he would do just that.

Kate was still considered the Peace-Keeper, but her role was now different. She was considered a counsellor now. Someone who listened to the people and offer them comforting and kind words. Someone who would be the medium between the people and the Fire Kingdom.
And it was something that she enjoyed. She had always prefered to be with the villagers and locals than to deal with politics and social status of the Fire Council.

Loki would often tell her that she was born for the role. And she was natural at it.

It was wonderful to see her people having fun, dancing, speaking with the Fire Priestess, Priest and Fire Guard; simply celebrating life. This was something that they had never had the chance to experience. The Royal Family of then threw lavish parties, but the ‘commoners’ weren’t allowed to join in.

Not that they would probably want to. Kate had been to such an event and it was boring as hell.

A change was going to come- For the good. But it will take time- Time to heal the hearts and minds of every person who resided on Fire Island.

There was so much to do, so much that need to be done, to reverse all the pain and suffering that Kira had caused. It won’t be easy, and to be completely honest Kate was feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it.

It was important now to cultivate logic, discipline and order. The appearance of Loki, or Fire God Obsidian as he was known by many, signified things were going to change. A new order was going to come. And Kate was going to be part of that. So was Laura and Levi.

Her two best friends are now the two higest ranking officials. Laura was the officially Head Fire Priestess and Priest and Levi was the General Commander of the Fire Guards. No longer will guards, Priest and Priestess be taken advantage of.

Loki insisted immediately of their promotions. He said that Kate, and everyone on the Fire Island needed someone who was wise and compassionate, with a rich inner life.

A person with quite authority who can see the truth and meaning behind any situation and provide a perfect solution both intelligent and heartfelt.

That described Laura and Levi.

They had to take things slow, though. Changes scare people. Make them feel uncertain, unstable. And after so many years being ruled by the Royal Family of Fire, rules and beliefs are steadfast in the minds of everyone.

And Loki’s dramatic entance only added to anxiety that everything they once knew as fact was a lie.

The truth of what Kira had done and tried to do, and her exile, reached the people, despite some of the Fire Elders wanted to keep a lid on things. It scared, and angered them, when they realised that they were being ruled over a heartless leader. And some, to a degree, were fearful of Loki as well. They had seen what he could do, knew who he really was.

But Kate and Laura would reassure them that Loki was nothing like Kira. There was no chance. The flames don’t lie.

There was so much that Kate wanted to do for her people, as she knew what they needed. But although her dreams were valid and sound, they still needed guidelines and organisation so that they could manifest properly. They needed to create a detailed plan for how they’ll proceed forward to a postive future….

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