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Fire God Of The Fire Island
 - Season 1 - Episode 65
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The True Guardian of the Fire Island

With one last look of disgust directed to Kira, Loki turned his face away, his gaze falling on a group of Fire Guards. “Lead her away”, he commanded.

Guards immediately stood to attention and bowed their heads in acknowledgment. “Yes, Fire God Obsidian!” they all stated in unison before surrying their way over to the fallen Princess.

“You can’t-”
Kira began to protest, as two guards snared her by the arms, havling her to her feet.

Loki cut off any protest she would no doubt have with a levelled glare. “I just did”.

Kira shivered and turned her attention to Kate, unadultered fear and desperation in her expression. “You-”

Kate kinda felt sorry for her only living relative. But she had done so much damaged to this Island and their people, had done things that were unforgivable. She killed with forbidden magic, descrated the Fire Temple and almost killed Laura. She should be thankful that her life was spared by the Fire God Obsidian.

It wasn’t sympathy she felt for Kira.
It was pity. Even so…..

She shook her head. “Goodbye, Cousin”, she said simply, motioning for the Guards to take her away, blocking out her desperate cries and screams of insults and threats. No longer will she be a threat to her or anyone else.

“Are you…?” a cowering Fire Elder asked nervously. “Are you really the Fire God?”

Loki grin turned downright wicked. “Why don’t you ask that to Ashkenaz Oboth?” he said as he waved his hand to the side. “I’m sure he’d love to answer any question you hold”.

When Kate heard the Fire Dragon’s deep guttural growl, she suddenly remembered that Ashkenaz Oboth had been there, watching over all of them the entire time. She glanced up at the almight Fire Dragon, noting the way his regal form through the towering Lava to tower threateningly over everyone. He certainly look dangerous, but……Kate could feel a sense of mirth coming from the incredible spirit and she shook her head.

“Loki,” Kate said as she elbowed Loki lightly in the side.

“I’m only having some fun”, Loki said as his grin turned playfully again, moving to wrap Kate up in his arms. “After all these council members put you through, I think they deserve just a little of torment”.

A laugh, a light but real one, escaped Kate’s lips as she pressed herself against Loki. “Fire God or not, you’re still impossible, she murmured happily.

“Well, anyway”,
Loki said casually. “I think it’s finally time for some real changes to occur, don’t you?”

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