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Fire God Of The Fire Island
 - Season 1 - Episode 64
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The True Guardian of the Fire Island

“Lady Kate!”
Laura said as she suddenly moved forward, throwing her arms around Kate in a hug. “Are you all right?”

“Yes. Thank you, Laura”,
Kate replied as she wrapped her arms around Laura, feeling her trembling ever so slightly under her hands. She was still injured, she could still feel the bandages. She had put so much strain on herself just for her.

“And please, just call me Kate”, Kate said as they drew apart. “After all, we’re friends”.

Laura seemed somwhat stunned. “Lady, ah, I mean, Kate”, she whispered before smiling with utter relief and joy. “I’m so glad you’re all right”.

“Really, thank you both for your help”,
Loki said with utmost sincerity and gratitude as he offered a hand toward Laura he too no doubt able to see that she was still injured. “For everything you’ve done for Kate and for Fire Island”.

“My Lord……”
Laura breathed as she timidly placed her slender hand in Loki’s allowing him to guide her back to Levi, whom immediately took hold of her.

“Hey, Loki will do”, Loki said as he removed his grip on Laura’s hand and took a step back. “I prefer it actually”. A wide grin then appeared on his lips. “Now then, you two don’t have to hide your love for each other anymore”.

Levi stiffened while Laura blushed lightly. “We…..”

“It’s fine, really”,
Loki said as he casually flapped a hand in their direction. “You two are the prefect examples of how the people of this Island should live. Isn’t that right, Kate?”

“Yes, absolutely”,
Kate immediate agreed, nodding to Loki before turning to gaze warmly at her dearest friends, a sense of Pride filling her heart at the thougt of the two no longer having to hide something so beautiful.

Silently, Levi and Laura looked at the two of them, allowing their words to sink in. Finally, they smiled, both at the same time, and sincerely appreciative of their support. Laura pressed herself against Levi, her head nuzzling under his chin as Levi wrapped his arms tightly around her, holding her close, neither of the two caring that the Elders and other Council members were watching.

“Well now”, Loki said, his voice now serious as he turned in an ominous manner toward the source of so much pain and suffering- Kira.

“What am I going to do about you?”
it wasn’t really a question.

Kira, who had not moved from her position on the ground, caught in a state of pure disbelief and denial. Her eyes were wide, her face pale, her hair in complete disarray and she shivered under the intensity of Loki’s glare.

“I’m the Fire Princess”,
she murmured, restating the words she had said countless times before. But this time her voice was soft, unsure and, to be honest, quite pitiful. “You can’t……….”

“You are no longer the ruler of this Island”,
Loki declared sternly as he took a step forward, moving to stand over Kira in a commanding stature. His eyes were narrowed, his usually playful blue eyes, stone hard and firm. “As the True Guardian of this Fire Island, I banish you and sentence you to exile. Be happy I am sparing your wicked life, if not, I could have done to you what you did to those innocent villagers you kiiled, casting you into the Lake of Lava and allowing my Fire Dragon to eat you, but I won’t kill you so you are hereby banished. Your greed and selfishness are no longer wanted here”.

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