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Fire God Of The Fire Island
 - Season 1 - Episode 63
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The True Guardian of the Fire Island a
Loki turned to face her completely, turning his back to everyone else, simply uncaring that they were there.

A gentle and warm smile, one that Kate had seen many times before, graced his lips. “Hey there Beautiful”, he greeted. “I told you, it’s not your time to die yet”.

Loki tilted his head to the side in an endearing manner, looking somewhat playfully guilty. “Acting like an almighty Fire God is really quite boring, so I decided to walk among my people as a simple man. I wanted to meet someone pure and passionate”, he lifted a hand and gently caressed Kate’s cheek, Kate unconsciously learning into the warmth of this palm. “Someone Like you. You care for this Island, care for these people with all that you are. You were even willing to die for them. You are a true Fire Priestess”.

“But the legends stated that I was to give myself to the Fire God as a peace offering”,
Kate murmured, her eyes gazing directly into Loki’s

“No, the legends have been taken out of context”,[/b] Loki stated and seemed rather annoyed about that. “What they mean is the soul of the Fire will willingly give herself to the Fire God, but not as a sacrifice, but as a will to live, a will to love, you have already given yourself to me, Kate. No one else can do what you can. I want no one else”.

Kate felt herself swallow the large lump of emotion that had become lodged in her throat, tears threatening to fall. “Why didn’t you tell me you were the Fire God?” she murmured after a moment of silence, still looking into Loki’s eyes, still leaning into his hand.

Loki gave her that cheeky grin of his. “Would it have made a difference?”
Kate gave a hald laugh, half sob at those words, the words she had once said to Loki “..Idiot”.

Slowly, Loki removed his hand from Kate’s cheek and took a step back. But he didn’t move all that far. Instead he held out a hand toward Kate. “Will you stay with me?” he asked gently.
Kate said nothing. Instead she bypassed his hand and instead threw herself against Loki’s chest, her arms slipping under his, so that her hands rested on his shoulder blades, her fingers curling tightly around the material of his clothing. She buried her face into his shoulder as Loki’s arms moved to wrap around her, holding her close. “I love you”, Kate sobbed into his shoulders.

“I love you too”, Loki whispered in response as he rested his chin on top of her head.

For the next few lingering moments, Loki held Kate in his arms as she cried, running his fingers through her hair, whispering soft words of reassurance. And Kate could only cling to him, unable to stop herself from crying. Everything that had happened, everything she had been through mentally, emotionally and physically had caught up on her.

She had been so close to death, a death she wasn’t ready for. A death she didn’t want. And her friends, Laura and Levi had also been close to death. Risking their lives for her.

But now..she was still alive. Everyone was still alive.

And Loki…Loki..

“I’m not going to treat you any different now that I know you’re the Fire God”, Kate murmured pulling her face away from Loki’s shoulder to look up at the immortal man.

Loki simply smiled and gently kissed her on the forehead. “Good”.

Then, he turned his attention toward Laura and Levi, the two people gaping at them along with everyone else. But that did little to concern Loki. His main focus was on the two Fire Wielders who had boldly defied the very fire council they were raised to respect. A council that was corrupted by their own Princess.

“Hey, thanks for stalling enough time for me”,
Loki said as he wrapped an arm around Kate’s shoulders and pulled her against his side, Kate resting there comfortably. “I really appreciated it”.

Slowly, Laura removed herself from Levi arms and cautiously moved forward, toward them. “You were all this time…?” She whispered softly, her question lingering.

“…The Fire God?” Levi muttered as he lingered behind unsure.

Loki turned his blue eyes to Levi and then he smiled teasingly. “No wonder you couldn’t win against me, huh?” he said playfully. “Slowpoke!”

That immediately riled Levi up. “I’ll give you slowpoke!” he threatened like he had done so many times before, but this time he quickly remembered just who he was actually talking too and he winced. “Ah, I mean-”

“That’s the spirit”,
Loki said silently encouraging the Fire Guard to keep his fiery spirit toward him. “If you keep this up, you might beat me one day”.

But Levi blushed darkly with indinity. “Don’t patronize me!”
Loki laughed rather obnoxiously. “Haha!”

Kate had to shake her head at the sight, somewhat relieved to see Loki acting in such a manner; cheerful and childish, outspoken. Her gaze soon turned toward Laura, the beautiful older lady simply looking at her in an observing manner.

Kate smiled and carefully removed herself from Loki’s embrace to take a step forward. “I’m here Laura”, she said gently.

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