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Fierce - Season 1 - Episode 17
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Ehi stepped out of the motor home given to her to use while filming. She was currently filming scenes for an action film called Maniac. In the movie, she was a supermodel who used her access as a model to plan heists with her boyfriend played by Mannah and his crew to rob unsuspecting people.
She walked over to Rita a production assistant who she was friends with. They were about the same age but where she was slim and tall, Rita was plump and short. Rita was African American and had a tendency of talking too much when she was nervous and the funny thing about that was she was always nervous. This was her first job and she was trying her best not to get fired.

“Why is everyone behaving like Dracula is on set? ” she asked as she reached Rita’s side.
“Dracula would have been a welcome guest believe me.” Rita rolled her eyes and then continued “Do you want a cup of coffee? ”
“No I am good. So what’s causing today’s tension? ” she asked.
“It’s the lordship your boyfriend. He asked refused to film any scene today. According to his lordship,he is not in the mood and they should make do of his stunt man. Can you believe that?”

Ehi shook her head in disbelief “Why don’t they just fire him and get someone else. I mean this is not the first time he is doing this and I bet he is costing the studio a lot of money.”

“Yes he is causing the studio to lose money but what can they do? Contracts have already been signed and there is all this publicity that two of you are starring in a movie together and even if I hate to admit it but he has one of the most recognized face in Hollywood and everything he touches turns to gold. I bet the studio is planning on recouping when the movie is out. ”

“Yeah whatever. But all his shenanigans is going to have side effects in the end right? ”

“Of course it will. For instance if he does his own stunts then you can get long cuts and better continuity of the scene plus the actor brings emotion to it and this makes the film more believable. But since he has a habit of using his stunt man even for little tricks it simply means short cuts and no emotion and that in turn makes you lose the character. And don’t get me started on the amount of money and time that would be spent in the post production. Everyone is pissed at him. From executives to the direction. Some have even lost their jobs because the studio is trying to cut cost. We are currently a month behind schedule do you know what that means? I swear I really wonder how you cope with him. I mean how do you put up with all his shenanigans. I always had so much respect for—” what ever she was about to say was cut short when a crew member beckoned her over. She exchanged glances with Ehi and left.
Ehi sighed with relief as she watch Rita walk away. For some reason some crew members blamed her for Mannah’s behavior. She didn’t understand why they don’t focus all their anger on him since he was reason for all this delay.

She filled her cup with coffee and went to sit under a tree and was watching what the others were doing. She had not wanted to do the movie but Trish convinced her to take the role. She didn’t think much about acting when she was offered the role because she thought it would be easy.
She couldn’t wait for them to wrap up shooting. She couldn’t wait to eat regular food because she had been put on a strict diet. She also missed her kids. She calls them every hour, she bets her nanny was sick of the calls but hey she needs to understand that she is just a mother who misses her babies. Just thinking about them made her smile. She wondered what they were up to at the moment but she dared not call because she spoke to them some twenty minutes ago. She didn’t bring them on set because they were too many people involved and she didn’t want someone leaking their identity to the press.

At that moment,his majesty Mannah stepped out and behind him like a tail was a male production assistant of about eighteen or twenty year old. Ever since he broke up with Carl in December he has been with anyone and everyone . Right now his spice of the month were the young assistants on set. Those who didn’t fall for his charms mysteriously lost their jobs and even does who fell for it were not safe either because once he becomes bored of them, they also lose their jobs. There was a rumour around the set that he always has the boys sign an agreement before they begin the affair. So it’s safe to say he wouldn’t be having any lawsuits any time soon.

He walked majestically and sat beside her reeking of alcohol while his arm candy was standing behind them. She ignored him and focused all her attention on the cup in her hands. She doubt anyone on set believed them to be a real couple because not only was he flaunting his relationships for the world to see, they didn’t see eye to eye. The only time they were together was when someone from the press was around. There was none around today and she wondered what he was doing sitting next to her.
After winning all the awards for every nomination he got in the past award season Mannah felt he was God’s blessing to the world and became more lazy with his craft. Although in the public eye he was still a sweetheart but everyone who worked behind the scenes knew how much of a douche bag he was. He has argued with the director on so many occasions that she has lost count.
“I’m told we are shooting our sex scene today. I just want you to be free and know that I am here. Any problems you might have you can tell me. You don’t have to be shy. I am a professional and have done this on numerous occasions it’s nothing to be afraid of. Oh and the way make sure you brush your teeth and use some mint for your breath. ” he slurred beside her.
She turned to face him.what she wanted more than anything was to smack him but she couldn’t. They still had time on their contract because their teams felt they would promote the movie best as a couple. She stood up, hissed and walked away.


It took a eleven months after shooting wrapped before the Maniac was saw the light of day. It was released on the first of June. She had done countless interviews promoting the movie and had travelled round for the premiere in different cities of the world.
The reviews had been great. They sang praises for Mannah’s acting and even said she could have a career in acting if she ever decided to make the switch. The movie was a hit at the box office and has remained on top since its release. The film grossed over two hundred million dollars in its first week in the United States alone and when it was released worldwide it grossed even more. Three weeks after the release it has grossed over eight hundred million dollars. The movie had a cult following and Mannah and her were being referred to as “Eannah” by fans. The fans were petitioning for the film to be made a franchise and the studio also wanted that to happen because of the profits they have netted so far. Though they were people who were skeptical of there being another film and that had to do with Mannah’s behavior during filming.

She was getting offers from other studios but was reluctant on agreeing to anything because she didn’t enjoy acting. She told Trish about it but was advised not to say anything because they might be another installment of Maniac. Trish also advised that even if she didn’t want to do movies anymore she should accept offers from TV series where basically she is playing a minor character or just making an appearance and since she was also going to voice her character since Maniac was also being made into a video game it was best to not say anything.


For the first time in years Ehi didn’t celebrate her birthday with her friends. Mannah thought it would be good publicity if they spent the day in a orphanage in Seattle. While she doesn’t mind spending her day with orphans what she did mind was them milking the poor kids for publicity.
Her twenty third birthday began with a call from Mani and Christian who tried to sing for her but couldn’t finish the song because the twins also wanted part of the action. They spoke for almost an hour and they informed her that a gold wristwatch was sent to the house that morning. Immediately after speaking to them, she called Nessa and her spoke for half an hour. The remaining of the day was spent with the kids and Ehi was happy she came. Spending time with all these innocent souls made her feel happy and for a while she forgot about Mannah and his ploy and just had fun. Later that night when she was about going to bed,she got a text from Cicero. It was the first time she was hearing from him since that awkward meeting last Christmas. She replied the message and went to sleep.

As usual the media s----d up to Mannah’s stunt. There were even reports that they were currently trying to adopt one of the kids from the home. She had no idea who was feeding them that crap but she could bet all her money on Mannah’s team being behind the story.

The rest of the year went smoothly. In August, her contract with Mannah was up and opted not to renew. Some weeks after they announced the breakup, he was spotted with Stephanie. Again the media wanted a reaction from her but she was radio silent. She poured all her energy into her career and she walked eighty shows during the spring/summer season. She topped Forbes list of highest paid model and Mani came in fourth place.
She was nominated for numerous awards for her role in Maniac. She won at the golden globes, BAFTAs and SAG awards. Even though she lost out on best supporting actress at the Oscars she didn’t feel a pang because she was celebrating the fact that Mannah had lost out in his own category. The look on his face when someone else won was priceless. Maniac won the award for best picture and that also made her more happy.

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