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Featherlight Heart - Season 1 - Episode 14
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Diana opens her eyes, Emeka was looking at her.
”Why are you staring at me like that?”
He just keeps staring , saying nothing, doing nothing as he paused just when he was almost about to kiss her.

”You really don’t care do you, you don’t love me, this… this was an act right?” she unwraps her hands, moving away.. “I can’t believe this I thought when you said you cared and wanted to marry me was because you still loved me and wanted us but you can’t even bring yourself to kiss me and I stupidly thought you loved me, so you and Olive might be..I ..I should leave” Diana says shaking her head, her chest was hurting again, this one was pain, realization of the fact that he didn’t care, so why did he tell her he was giving her another chance? why did he tell her he wanted to marry her, was it a lie, was it some… game. Was this a ploy to to…

She rubs her chest, her eyes pools on its own accord. She doesn’t love him, she was here for the money and his wealth but still, she held on to the fact that because he loved her that is why he was too happy to want to marry her but for him not bringing himself to kiss her, a mere kiss… it meant that… that, maybe he hasn’t forgiven her, maybe he doesn’t care, maybe this was all a lie… just maybe she was right and Olive and him were lovers and this was all a lie, a sham… and she was the stupid one thinking he was playing into her trap but he, he didn’t love her, Emeka that loved her with everything before couldn’t even bare to kiss her.

She needs to go and think, this realization hurts, it did and she didn’t understand why it hurts so much…

”I have to go!!” she says backing away
He watches her get to the door, if he lets her go, all his plans would be ruined, he would never be able to repay her for the hurts and pain she had caused him..

But why didn’t he kiss her, why couldn’t he just do it.

”I can’t be here’ she reaches the door as her eyes pools, why the hell was she crying…
She doesn’t care about him other than his money, but the fact that he must have stopped loving her threw her off balance. Emeka that used to love and fall over her, steals kisses from her, calls her his pleasant smile and loves to kiss and hold and touch her couldn’t even bring himself to kiss her, someone he claims to care and wants to marry?

It didn’t make sense, it threw her off… it was hurting her chest in a strange way,
She grabs the door, unlocks it and opens it..
If he doesn’t do anything, she would be gone, he wouldn’t have closure, have his revenge and he would never be at peace..

He closes and opens his eyes
”Wait, Dee, don’t go!!”
”Why?” she doesn’t turn “I need to leave!” she blinks back tears, why the hell is she hurting , it didn’t make any sense.
He leaves the window and takes two strides to her, you can do this Emeka, it’s just a stupid kiss.

”Because I don’t want you to ever leave, not again” he says reaching her, he pushes the door close and turns her, her head was bowed, he raises it up.

He leans in, bracing himself, holding her close to him,

It’s just a kiss, Emeka, just a stupid kiss.
He kisses her lips, gently, slowly..once.

She opens her eyes to meet his already opened eyes, the tears drop down..

As it touches his hand he wipes them..

His chest constricts..

She leans in and kisses him back, ..

Let her go Emeka, you kissed her, you proved it, she won’t leave, your plans would still work to break her heart the way she broke yours… let her go. He tells himself.

But he couldn’t, he couldn’t. He couldn’t move.

So when she held him close, wrapping her hands over his neck, and kisses him again, urging him to continue… he fights it.! Not today Diana, not ever.
But he couldn’t pull away, and by the times she kisses him again for the third time, his lips move on it’s own accord, his eyes closes as her had closed…

With a mind of its own, lips move against lips, savouring, kissing and drinking from each other..
They stood pressed to the door, his body pressing hers and she holding tight to him.
It was the m0an!ng that escaped from her lips that undid him.

D--n it Diana, d--n you to hell.
Fight it Emeka, this isn’t happening, it isn’t real, fight it. He wills himself to listen.
Diana moves her hand from around his neck, letting it touch his body, causing it to roam his chest, touching his n----e and pinching it slightly, something she knew he liked,..

Stop, please don’t do that, don’t do that Diana!! He begs within as he kisses her.
He needs to stop kissing her, he needs to.
She grabs his hands, taking one to her right b---m, making him sq££ze, then she takes the other hand to her left bottom, causing him to sq££ze while their lips are still locked, she spreads her hands to his back and his tummy, caressing his chest, going down to his stomach, below his abdomen, brushing his member, she gently sq££zes him, she feels him kick, she smiles into his mouth..

“‘I swear I remember everything about you that turns you on” she whispers into his ears as he comes up for breath.., she nibbles his ear lope
Now is the time Emeka, break away, break away, he tells himself.

But then he felt something warm to his n-----s, then the flick off her tongue..and then she sq££zes his member again, putting a little pressure to it as her tongue tickled his n-----s… the groan that escapes from his throat was enough undoing..

He grabs her and lifts her wrapping her legs around him he takes her to the bed and lays her on it, as they capture each other in a s£[email protected] kiss again and again.

He wasn’t thinking anymore, he couldn’t.
Whatever she was doing was too strong to break off.

This was Diana, the girl he fell in love with ten years ago, a girl he could draw each line and contours of her body even in his sleep, one he had imprinted in his heart, his very first… his very first.

To forget her scent and m0an and her body was to forget his own. It’s been over ten tears but it felt like yesterday, she tasted the same, felt the same, her body wasn’t the young girl whom he had been with before, it was fuller, more rounded… more griping, even more intoxicating.
This same Diana who broke him, left him, this same Diana was here, right now in his bed and he is kissing and touching her as though his life depended on it and every other woman he had been with after her suddenly fades, even Olive.
Just Diana remains in his thoughts, at the tips of his lips as he kisses her, feeding from her mouth , drinking from her, savoring and caressing, he kissed her, grabbing, squeezing, she m0ans into his mouth and urges his brief down as she grabs his already hardened member..

He groans..

Don’t do it Emeka, don’t!
You hate her, you want to punish her, you want to have revenge don’t lose yourself , don’t.
He battles to control himself but her constant m0an!ng and squirming in pleasure beneath him causes his body and mind to move in tune with her, before long he is helping her off with her cloths… peeling it off her skin and kissing the paths exposed.

”Oh Emeka, I missed you so much… make love to me, marry me… love me, make me your queen to your empire, I knew you loved me, I knew you are mine” she whispers in his ears..

He felt it, like a bucket of cold ice water over his senses, he freezes as he snaps back into reality.
He pulls away, cursing beneath his breath
”Baby, what’s wrong?”
”Nothing, I… I have to go to work!!” he get sup pulling his brief up
”No no. We were-”

She tries to drag him back, he moves away from her reach, then he takes her hand and pulls her up, “‘If we begin now we won’t end and I have a very important meeting okay” he kisses her cheeks and nudges her to the door
”But Emeka!” she began to protest,
”Please Dee!!!” he says as he nudges her out and closes the door behind her, he locks it.

Diana stares at the closed door.
“What just happened!!?” she is shocked, she walks away lost in thoughts and a weird feeling in her chest again.


Emeka rests his head to the door, his fist folded, his fine face constricts into a frown
”How could you… How could you Emeka? D--n you, d--n you!!!” he beats himself up
”Never again, never, I don’t love her, I don’t care for her I want revenge, revenge, d--n you Emeka!!”

I hate you Diana, I really hate you!!


”Emeka, won’t you have breakfast?” it was his mother stopping him as he made to leave
”No Mama, I have to get to a meeting , I am late”‘

”But I made you your favourite meal, please sweetheart!!” Olive rushes to him
Diana walks to the door “He would have Breakfast when he gets to work and besides Mama, I would have helped you in the kitchen if you had asked”‘

No time for this, he needs to get out of here..
”When I get home Olive, I promise. Mama, I will call you!!” he leans in to kiss his mother,
Olive throws her hand around him ”okay, and I and mama would be going out today is that okay?”

”Of course!” he smiles down at her, she notices it didn’t reach his eyes ”Are you okay Emeka, did something happen, did you get a bad call?”

”Later Olive” he says
Diana peels Olive’s hands away from his body ”I would appreciate it if you don’t hold my fiancé like that and nothing is wrong, he is just sad that we didn’t get to finish what we started ” she smiles , at least Olive needs to know her place.

Diana nudges her away and arranges Emeka’s collar as she tiptoes and places a kiss to his lips… ”See you baby, come back home on time”

Emeka has a look on his face, his eyes meets Oliver, she frowns.. ”Ókay Dee”
He leaves, Diana smiles satisfied, she tunes, feeling happy.

They might have not done it yet but, what happened in there was so intense she could hardly think straight.

Emeka loves her, he proved it. Although she couldn’t get his abrupt cut from their romance but maybe work was really important, but no worries, she was just worried and scared for nothing. He does love her, and he wasn’t kissing nobody other than her let alone having anything with Olive, doesn’t matter if they slept in the same room.

Olive was just barking up a wrong tree who won’t throw down bone for her. Emeka is hers, and her quest is being renewed.

Come night, they would finish what they started; she smiles as Olive is throwing daggers at her.
”Erm Mama Tito, please can you serve me breakfast, I am so hungry” she walks to the dinning as Mama Tito nods, she wasn’t pleased.
”What did you do to my son Diana?” Mercy turns to her
“Mama, nothing he didn’t like” she smiles, she told herself she was going to pretend to like the mother and be a good daughter in law, but she didn’t say she wouldn’t rub her feel good moments on Olive.. Mercy walks away in anger.
She wonders how she would feel if she told her what was going on in there with Emeka?

Fool! Coming into my man’s house and making me feel as though you both have something you lie, that man loves me… he proved it and it’s you who will be out of here soon..Diana smiles,
And to think she was almost tearing up in the room there, and for the life of her she couldn’t understand why it happened, but anyways, it’s the past, she and Emeka must continue from where they stopped, that ring, that surname, this house and everything in it would be hers… and maybe just maybe she would enjoy the man too.

She remembers his kisses and the way he clinged to her… she blushes.

If she had known the man Emeka would be this intense and passionate, she would have begged him to kiss her since, her whole body was tingling… too bad he had to cut it short.

”What are you smiling about?” Olive comes to her

”Take a wild guess Olive, and I would be too happy to oblige”‘
Olive pulls out a seat ”Let me guess, ”
Olive turns ”Yes mama?”
”Come and eat, you don’t need to exert your energy on her, if it were left to me, she wouldn’t be here”
Olive turns to Diana then back to Mercy “Okay Mama, I am coming ” back to her ”Let me ask you a question Diana, who do you think I am to Emeka?”

”His friend I don’t see him having for long”
”Hmm, and who do you think you are to him?”
Diana eyes her “His fiancé, soon to be wife!”
”If you believe that then you are a lot dumber than you look”

”What is that supposed to mean”
”It means dear Diana that a man isn’t yet your man until he is off the market and he isn’t, and just for the record, let me tell you a little secret, I didn’t come here to chit and laugh with Emeka for old time’s sake’s, no darling, I am here to show Emeka why he should be with me and not with you!!”

”Oh, the tiger shows its spots finally, you have already failed before trying”‘
Olive laughs “You think so, let me make it clear to you, when did he propose to you Diana?”
”He proposed to me –”
”a proposal without a ring is a no proposal, and no one goes to the marriage ceremony with words of mouth sweetheart, I don’t see a ring on your finger. Check this, he supposedly proposes to you and yet he allows me, his close special friend to come stay here and guess what, his mother loves me, she wants me for her son, I want me for her son, that leaves you out sweetheart!!”

”When I speak to him, you will have to go back to where ever the hell you came from, I am sure Emeka has no idea of your evil intentions, such a sweetheart-ed man helps a friend to stay a few days and here she is already nursing thoughts of taking his fiancé’s place, have you no shame?” Diana spat, this girl was getting her angry

”Oh Emeka is really really aware-“‘ Olive cuts herself

“What were you about to say, finish it!”
Olive smiles, she needs to be careful, Emeka wouldn’t like to know she told her, she clears her throat ”He is really not aware, but it doesn’t matter, he would fall for me nevertheless, you know why? Because I know him, understand him and I am a girl who is independent and caring and I don’t need a man to carter for my needs, I own my own fashion label, run a boutique in Abuja, I make my own little money, I am not some tawny a-s little girl who doesn’t know cheap from expensive and I do know how to treat man right not up and leave when I think he doesn’t benefit me anymore”
Diana blinks “How long have you known Emeka and did he tell you anything about me?” Why did it feel as though this Olive lady knows more than she lets on, like her last statement was a jab to her, her past with Emeka,

Olive smiles when she realized that she hit a nerve “A year or two, maybe more, but’s enough to know what he likes in a woman, I have been a friend to him, now I feel I should take it further, and see, mama is backing me up without knowing my true intentions, and Emeka would fall in line because I am his friend and he wouldn’t realize it until it’s too late and you? Be bye bye baby” she waves her hand like a bird
”Emeka loves me, and if what happened in that room is any indication, you don’t stand a chance and I don’t need a ring to know I am his, and Emeka would see right through you and you will be gone, I will make sure of that, and mama, mama would have a daughter in-law worthy of her son and that is me, so all this fake-ness you keep parading here, would be over soon, note that. Looking at you I want to smash your face in with something but Emeka isn’t around, you and mama and even the cook don’t like me so you all will gang up against me, so I will chill, if you would excuse me I have better things to do with my mouth than talk with you” she gets up and walks away, Olive watches her leave

She brings out her phone, her face constricts into a frown, as soon as the phone was picked , she didn’t waste time “What the hell happened in there Emeka, she is bleating like a goat I wish I could wipe the smug off her face, what did you do?”


“Olive, can we talk later I am in the middle of something, okay, if you need anything let me know as you and my mother are going out, okay… talk to you soon”

“Olive?” The person asked behind him
Emeka nods seating down ”Yes!!”
”So are you going to tell me what the problem is, you don’t look so good!!”

”I think letting her stay in the house was a bad idea”‘

”Which of the hers, Olive or the Diana!!?”
”Diana!! I mean, I don’t have a problem with Olive in the house, in fact mum seems to like her, a whole lot, didn’t think it would be that easy but she does”

”Dude this is becoming too dicey, what if when all this is over and you then tell your mother it was all part of your plan, do you think she would take it lightly, dude call it quits now so you don’t hurt yourself and those you care about in the process” Tayo says

Emeka is quiet, Tayo seats up

”Okay the Emeka I know would be all over the place giving me reasons why he should do what he should do, but you today are quiet, what happened ?”

Emeka gets up walking to the window overlooking the beach, the hotel they were in had a good view from the VIP lounge “It sort of happened, not sort of like, I thought I had control over it”

”What sort of happened? Did you sleep with her?”

“‘Dude!!” Tayo jumps up going to him “For a guy who claims sleeping with her and doing stuffs with her would mean nothing you are awfully quiet, what happened Emeka?”

”I really don’t know, last night when Olive had the fight with her and when she felt hurt and embarrassed, I was okay enjoying the scene and when I noticed how hurt she left, I felt uncomfortable, bothered and I don’t get it, today, after the call we had, she was there, and she said so many things saying like I was having something with Olive and I should prove to her and all that”‘

”You didn’t have to, your word should have been enough”
”I know, but she was going to leave and all would be lost, my quest for revenge”
”Look, you really didn’t have to, you should have left her go”
”But I couldn’t you see, one minute I hate her, next minute she wants prove and I tell myself it was just a kiss, no big deal, nothing, I won’t feel a d--n thing other than hate”
”And let me guess, it wasn’t just a kiss?”‘ Tayo shakes his head
Emeka shakes his head ”One more minute I would have given in, not to lust but that warmth and everything I once felt for her, it was scary even, because I thought that she wouldn’t affect me, away from her I wasn’t affected, close to her I was great, but as soon as we kissed, I mean I was just going to do a quick kiss and leave but..” he trails off
”But your mind said no but your body said yes kind of thing?”
Emeka nods
”I will tell you what I told you before, you don’t need this baggage not hers and most definitely not your father’s, you know what she is here for, your money and everything you all and all what she plans to get, you don’t have to give in and fall for her again Emeka”‘
”I didn’t say I fell for her, I said.. I meant it made me remember her intimately and all that, but it won’t happen again, I know her ploy even if she isn’t aware, it won’t happen again”‘
Tayo shakes his head ”The more I begin to reason with you the more adamant you get, what to do!!”‘ Tayo walks away taking a drink and sipping
Emeka turns “It made me worried throughout the night and now even more worried but now that I know …I would address her accordingly. But on a brighter note, Mama and Olive are a great team”
”Then forget Diana, Olive is a good woman”
”Yeah!!! The fight they had in the bathroom, too naked women, I almost felt embarrassed , it was funny and yet unfunny..” he shakes his head
Tayo laughs “For real, what were they doing in the bathroom naked together anyways?”
Emeka is quiet, Tayo raises an eyebrow and whistles ”Damnit Emeka!!”

Emeka looks at him, ”Oh no it’s not what you think, it’s what you think but not what you think!!”‘

”Oh threesome gone wrong?” he laughs
“Stupid!! No, it was Olive”
Tayo whistles again “So you get to have your revenge, enjoy the warmth of a beautiful woman and get to almost sleep with your revenge-ee, you are the real MVP Emeka, when do I sign up for classes master ?” Tayo bows his head in mock salute, Emeka laughs
”Fool!! It’s not like that, it wasn’t in the plan with Olive, I swear… she just…” he sighs ”she wants something more, always have wanted something more and ..well., it wasn’t in the plans, but afterwards Diana came in, I think she was looking to get with me but finds a naked Olive instead and all hell broke loose, mama wasn’t pleased”

”Hmm, still dicey, by the time all this is over, don’t lose yourself, I keep emphasizing this”
”I won’t!!”

”I wasn’t the one who was overridden with emotions, just be careful. So, enough with that, you said you also needed me to do something for you?”

”Yes!! I asked Agnes to tell him to come here”
”My lawyer!!”
”Why? ”

Emeka looks up as his Lawyer was ushered in ”Oh you will see”

”Oh Emeka what have you planned now?” Tayo gets up and turns
”Tammy, meet Tayo, he would be the front man”‘

Mr Tammy stretches his hand out to Tayo ”Nice to meet you”

Tayo takes his hands reluctantly ”Pleasure would be all mine when I am apprised as to what he is up to now” he indicates to Emeka who smiles

”Sir!!” Tammy turns to him
”’Seat gentleman, Tayo, Mr Tammy would be your lawyer for what you are about to do, the accountant would be here shortly as well”‘
”Erm” Tayo looks at both men ”Okay, what is that ?”

Tayo turns to his friend and shakes his head “I should have known and I guess what I am about to say won’t change anything ?”
”Nope!!” Emeka crosses his legs smiling, Tayo sighs

”Fine, shall we begin then, tell me … I am itching to hear”

Emeka smile broadens “Go ahead Tam”‘
”Sir, someone is here to see you!!” The man who walked into his office tells him
”Does he have an appointment?”
”No sir, but he said what he has would interest you”‘

Who could this person be, Ambross wonders ..
He grabs the phone as soon as it rang ”Yes Belinda, I am about to meet up someone what is it?”

”I got a call from the bank again today, asking us if we are still accepting offers for the house?”
”No!! We aren’t now, I called the bank and told them to pull our house from sale from their website, we have the money to take care of the house now, by the end of the month profits would roll in, I can take a loan from it and pay for the house and take back our C of O, it’s because of the loan I took from the bank to try to keep the company from floating that got us to this”‘ he rubs his jaw

”Well if you have been smart at first all this wouldn’t have happened” she snaps
”Don’t start with me Belinda, today is not the day, your nagging and complains is more now, I don’t get it; we have a good Samaritan who is helping with the company and he has donated huge amounts and work is under way, we have paid up major debts and salaries and projects are commencing, by the end of the month all would be back to normal, we get back the house, cars, you travel and go shopping, all you want, what is the problem again?”
She sighs “Just deal with it, I am so broke that I can’t even wear something nice for my mother’s party nor get her a gift, do something ” the line cuts
He sighs as someone knocks and enters his office,

”Goodmorning Sir, they say I could come in?”
”Yes sir, do come in!!”‘
The man stretches out his hand as he gets to him ”Mr Name is Tayo Adegunbe, I would like to discourse possible sales for your house,”‘
”There must be a mistake ”Ambross shakes his hands ”I told the bank to halt, I asked them to give me the end of the month to repay the loan.” He tells him to seat,
”Well Sir, I think you would want to reconsider if I tell you what I am offering for the house against what you put up for sales “”
”I don’t think you would be able to offer me anything from what I may have put for it if I were putting it for sale”
”Try me!!”
”It’s going for about 3o million” Ambross says
”How much of that goes back to the bank?”
”About ten million!!”
Tayo smiles ”How about I offer you twice that”
Ambross ears stands ”Why would you want to do that?”
”I am a business man Mr ..”
”Ambross, Chikurdi Ambross”
”Good, wanted to know what to call you, “Tayo smiles “So I am a business and I see a good potential for your house, and it is great for me, so what do you say?”

Ambross is thinking “I have lived in that house for many years, I have history there”
”But you were willing to sell it, why not sell it for a better price?”
”Can I think about it?”‘
”I have just today sir, other houses to look at, close deals, surely you understand time is of essence”‘

”Not like you have the money here Mr Tayo if I agree so what are we talking about” Ambross laughs

”Infact I do, my lawyer and my accountant’s are outside, we got all we need from the bank and I do want to close the deal today, I think the thing you need to do is to make a decision, call your lawyer and your accountant and I will make a deal”‘

”What if i want more!!”
”How much more” Tayo asks, you thief,
”70 million!” Ambross tries his luck
”You are getting an extra 30, no one would give you this much” Tayo crosses his legs, You are a disgusting thief Ambross!!

”Yes, it is making me really suspicious, who do you say you are again and work for”
”Tayo Adegunbe, you can check me out, here is my card and what I do, I am more than capable to buy two or three of your houses Sir and the company I work for wants your house”
Ambross takes his card, and begins to type away at the keyboard, he makes a call, looking at Tayo.. he drops the call when he was done. ”You check out Mr Tayo”‘

”Maybe you should call the bank to check for my financial statement too if you need further proof “Tayo jokes

”No that is fine” Ambross thinks to himself, he could buy another house, a car, a few million in his account, maybe Belinda would stop complaining, and with the company… he was back on track, he should take it.
”let me put a call across to my lawyer and account, they should meet us up in an hour, would you wait?”
”Yes, “‘

*****Three hours later*****

”This is Mr Tammy my lawyer and Itodo my accountant, and we have drawn up the files and agreement”
” Yes, and we are ready too, my lawyers have drawn up the house agreements, and we just need to see the files and how would you be paying?”
”Your choice, really” Tayo throws it open
”And the 70 million agreement?”
You make me even despise you Ambross, to think a few hours ago I was trying to tell Emeka to let it go, you? You hear money and all your sense go out the window, he sighs ”Yes, I have asked him to make the necessary corrections. So… here, kindly read so we can start up with the sale”‘
Tammy gives Ambross’s lawyer the file, after a few minutes the lawyer looks up nodding to him
”Everything good?” Ambross wanted to know
”Yes sir, legal binding, everything is 100 percent legit”‘
”Good, so I can sign?”
”Yes you can”
Ambross takes it and signs “Whose name are you putting the house in?” he looks at Tayo as he signs ”I see M. O, what’s the full meaning ?”
”Our clients prefers to be addressed with the initials, but it is nothing for you to worry about Sir, the files checks out and we have the money to pay for the house, I think the full meaning of who the house would be in shouldn’t be an issue” Tam says, Tayo nods
”Oh well!!” he was done signing..

Tammy takes the C of O of the files, goes through it and makes sure all the important documents were in there and properly signed in areas of interest and that the transfers of the houses were made smoothly…

”Sir?” he gives it to Tayo to sign , both him and the account does the same.

Within an hour, money had exchanged accounts, signed by four witnesses and the documents of the house is with Tammy, Mr Ambross was smiling from ear to ear, he just closed the deal of the century 70 million naira, ha!!!
”How long do I get before I vacate the premises?”
”A month sir, with the money you have, you can move out in a week.” Tammy tells him, Tayo smiles so did Ambross
”Nice doing business with you Sir?” Tayo shakes him, as they leave.
”You too”
Ambross jumps in his office excitedly laughing, 70 million, life was going to be good here on out.
”So ?” Emeka turns when they walked in few hours later
”You officially have the house owned by the Ibekwes”‘ Tayo hands it to him,
”Great”‘ Emeka is looking through the Documents, his eyes sparkling
”Explain something to me, how do you make him suffer when you just gave him so much money?” He asks as Emeka dismisses both lawyer and accountant.
”Oh, Money is like feathers, once the breeze blows, so does its value, so does its use, he would spend it all, stupidly, then he might do something he shouldn’t”
”How do you know that?”
”He is my father, I know him enough. 70 million is nothing, and guess what, I already assigned agents to him who would show him houses, that money comes back to me, the car, the house he would buy would be from me, from one of my affiliates company. He would have no idea what hit him, when he makes that dire mistake, like reaper I will come to collect”
”Okay, so why did you buy the house, you don’t need it”‘
”For my mother, Mercy Odinaka , M.O”
Tayo smiles ”Smart, he kicks you both out of the house that was given to you guys, years later you make so much money and buy it off him and he has no idea its yours, bought for the same woman he kicked out to the streets”
”How are you going to tell your mother though?” Tayo taps his jaw
”There are more subtle ways of doing that Tayo, beginning with her birthday… it would be her birthday present… would tell her the house was on sale, not a lie, I bought it, not a lie. She won’t ask any questions”‘
”Okay, so what else have you got planned out for the devil, I saw him and I see why you hate him”
”Oh, it’s in the works… Tammy would take care of it, when the time comes”
”Okay, so when are you going to invite me over to see the drama at home?” he winks at him Emeka smiles ..
”Maybe during the week” they laugh


On his way to work was when he saw her alighting from a taxi with a boy, he slows down.
He would never forget a face, especially when that same face helped him albeit very little, that face who smiled at him when the one he most wanted to didn’t. Who gave him money on the streets when she didn’t have to.
As soon as he gets close to her, he winds down..

The woman who was about to cross with the boy turns in shock as she hears her name, then shock gives way for recognition…. then she smiles exclaiming

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