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Featherlight Heart - Season 1 - Episode 13
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Olive turned when she heard someone enter the bathroom, a twinkle to her eyes when she sees who.

“Hey handsome, welcome home, just so you know, it wasn’t my idea to stay here, your mother was too happy to have me in yours…and I obliged”‘

Emeka had walked in surprised to see her bathing in his toilet, but the shock suddenly wanes down to admiration, she indeed was extremely beautiful. They were both standing naked staring at each other, she turns to face him as the water crescends down her back, smiling..

”Maybe I should wait till you are done”‘ he says walking away, she stops him walking to stand in front of him, subtly pushing him away from the sliding door as she stands between him and his exit.

”I never knew you to be shy”‘
”I am not”‘
”I never knew you to avert your eyes form a woman’s nakedness”’
”I wasn’t”
”I never knew you to want to run away from a woman who wants you, not as if we haven’t been intimate before”‘

He smiles shaking his head ”You play coy Olive”

”That you know, and besides” she walks to him, tentatively touching his arm, trailing her finger up and down his body “‘you know i don’t mind, “‘

”And you know that I can’t promise you nothing Olive, you know that, then why do you still care, still want me?””

”Yes i do know you can’t promise me anything and i love the fact that you are honest, most men wouldn’t be, maybe that is why i like you Emeka, and honestly i do not know why i care, i just know that i want you.. also know that it doesn’t matter, and just so you know i would still do what you ask, this in no way affects that… but the heart wants what it wants Emeka and right now it wants you, despite knowing you are a broken man and one who can’t promise me nothing, i want you, my body wants and graves for you, my heart too but it seems it is harder to get that stupid cupid to shoot you a d--n arrow with my name on it but hey… Am still working on that” she laughs

He smiles “You are a beautiful woman Olive, any man would be lucky to have you”‘
”Anyman but you!!”she says so sadly
”I don’t want to hurt you, by stringing you along, it was great hanging but… I am a man of passion and I love to fall in love and give all that I am to the woman who captures my heart”
”Why not me?”

He sighs “It’s not you Olive, it’s not the other women, it’s me and my messed up broken heart”

”I got glue with my name on it” she says, he smiles sadly, she continuous ”it’s her, the lady, Diana, that’s her name right, it’s because of her you can’t let me in?”‘
”It’s because of her I can’t seem to trust and let any other woman in”
”So are you going to be alone forever, sad , bitter and alone?”

”I don’t want to” he says honestly… ”I really don’t want to but I can’t help it, I can’t help but run the other way when a woman picks interest in me, and when I am with a woman, my antenna is turned on… because right now most woman flock around me because of my money, no one is here for me”
”And you think I am most women Emeka? You break my heart””

”Hey, I didn’t say so Olive, despite most woman, you were the few ones whom I felt bad about, you were good, you are good… I was just not ready..and i don’t know when I will be’”
”Maybe when you have found closure, is that not why I am here, to help you find closure…?”
He looks at her sadly, ”Yes”!!

She sighs ”I know that Emeka Odinaka Chikurdi, I do, and I am here anyways despite knowing it might not go my way but still… live a little, at least for tonight, let me help you forget the pain of that woman that had brought it all back just by her presence… let me love you for tonight, let me make you forget that pain in your chest… Everything, just for tonight”
she steps closer to him naked bodies against wet naked bodies, she leans in and kisses him ”Just for tonight, let me help you forget that pain, all of it” she kisses him again “let me be that woman who loves you for you, not your wealth, not your status and definitely not for anything other than the man you are, let me love you with my body tonight Emeka”

She takes his hand and places it to her b---m..”this body wants you Emeka, always have… let me help you forget her” she says as she helps him sq££ze his hand over her twin towers.. ”Feel me, touch me, kiss me, caress me and love me as you would love the woman you love, just for tonight, make me yours, that is what i want Emeka, to be yours tonight, no one else, let me help you forget, allow yourself to forget… kiss me Emeka, and let it all go”‘
Emeka looks at her, as she kisses him again, he kisses her back..touching her as she touches him, caressing her as she caresses him, soon he is taking the lead, taking one b---m into his mouth and trailing his tongue over her perkiness.. tasting water as well as her sweetness, he captures her mouth again..

Grabbing both legs he spreads her legs and she wraps her legs around him as he takes her to the sliding door as her firm bottom presses its cheeks to the glass, his arms supporting her from below as his heads is buried between her chest, her hands in his hair as she throws her head back to savour the feel of his lips on her b---m…one by one, with tongue he sU-Ckles on them.

And when his strong arms lifts her higher, she knew it wouldn’t be long before he takes her to heaven. So she reaches down, feeling him grow in size and in strength, she helps him to the gate, feel him knock eagerly at her core, as their lips meet in passionate kisses and her essence like liquid fire wetting her core and dripping to her thighs..she ushers him into her Jerusalem with a m0an that has him holding her tight as he sinks up into her.

And they don’t let go, as they move in rhythm, t----t upon t----t, kisses and caresses holding each other tight.. a man trying to forget a woman that had imprinted herself on him for as long as he could remember and a woman who was trying to take her place..

Passionately loving each other for selfish reasons..but understandably holding unto each other as they both emptied their desires…

And as always, just as always when it gets to that point that their desire topples over, exploding and leaving them satiated… he says it… he calls her name just before he crashes in satisfied bliss, and she comes crashing down beside him.

Breathing hard against each other, she kisses him smiling, but Emeka doesn’t look up, he doesn’t “I am sorry!” he says, but she kisses him still.. “I am sorry” he repeats, guilt washes over him.. the same reason he pushes a lot of women away, was this a curse?

”I know you are, I do. Give it time, it would pass” she says kissing him as she slides down. ”For what it’s worth, i really don’t care, i will make love to you over and over again if you let me” she pulls him away and they stand under the shower ”it’s better to have that than have you not at all”

”Why can’t i fall inlove with you Olive, why..what the hell happened to me..that i can’t seem to love another since..her..i can’t”
”’Ssshhh, give it time baby, it heals, maybe when this is all over, we can make something about this?” she says as she takes the sponge and soap and begin to latter his body..

“Maybe when this is over, i may be free again”‘ he says hoping

”Just so you know, i may be standing at the front of the line to be the love-ee”‘

They smile at each other
She baths him, as they talk about other things and laugh in the shower, then he baths her in turn, after then, they made love again.

He comes out of the shower, wiping off he grabs his phone when he heard it ringing, it was Tayo..putting a towel around his waist he answers unlocking his door and going downstairs, but he changes his mind and goes to his mother’s room, he forgot to check up on her when he got home, he never forgets to.

when he is done checking up on her, he would go downstairs to get a drink..


Olive was still showering when she heard the toilet door slide open, she smiles, Emeka was coming back to her?

Just maybe, Just maybe he can’t get enough of her, just maybe he can love her..

She smiles more as she felt his hand on her.. from her back to her shoulders and then to her chest…

Then She frowns, this wasn’t Emeka’s hands, this was a woman’s hands and… her hands was on her b----t.

It was as though both of them, she and the stranger touching her b----t came unpon that realisation together.

Olive freezes.

Then the piercing scream that almost shattered her eardrum began without warning.

Olive turns to see her, Diana naked and screaming, she closes her ears but her scream was so loud that Olive telling her to shut up didn’t get to her, even when she grabs her and shakes her telling her

”’Jesus Christ shut up!! Shut up!!!” Olive shouts at her

Diana’s screams continued.

Emeka was leaving his mother’s room after covering her with a duvet and kissing her forehead when he heard the scream, his mother startles awake, he could hear running downstairs..

“What in the world?”’ he rushes out, he saw his mother jump up from the bed and rushing after him, he meets Mama Tito running up from the foot of the stairs… they all rush into his room where the screams were coming from.. and they suddenly heard the loud sound of a slap and then the screaming stops almost immediately.

”What is it Emeka?”‘ His mother’s fearful tone causes him to panic;
Olive was in there, was something wrong, did something happen to her, did someone enter the toilet to do harm to her? How possible was a stranger to get into the compound with so many securities and get into his house and into his toilet without the securities not seeing and the alarm not going off, what should he do? Go straight in and catch the culprit or wait, but waiting might be deadly, Olive was in there, what if the burglar harms her, whoever it was.

“Wait here Mama, call the securities Mama Tito” Emeka says rushing into the bathroom ready for anything if he finds, he was in perfect shape, he was fit, if it was one person, he can take him, maybe two if there are more than one, but to be on the safe side if the person carried a weapon, the securities have to be on standby.

He rushes into the toilet with his hand fisted, ready to punch him down when he finds them.
Olive was staring at the shocked Diana she had just slapped to quiet, her eyes are angry ”Good, now that you are quiet, how dare you touch me, are you trying to molest me while I shower?”

Diana who had her hand to her face suddenly realises who she is seeing as the fog clears from her eyes, it’s Emeka’s guest, the Olive girl, and what the hell was she doing in her fiancé’s bathroom and secondly, where was Emaka, and thirdly.., she slapped her, she slapped her!!! Her head shook.

“How dare you?” Diana returns the slap..
Olive holds her face, ”You.., how dare you?” she grabs her and Diana grabs her hair too, they begin to pull and slap at each other
Emeka who had rushed in to see that it wasn’t some stranger trying to harm Olive and that the danger he thought Olive was in that was life threatening was none other than Diana who was trying to kill her as of this moment ..

They pull at each other leaving the hot shower and out to the space in the bathroom as they struggle with themselves.

He quickly drags one of them apart, putting his hands and body between both of them, both ladies are trying to get to each other but can’t ,
This was the height of ridiculousness and weirdness with a pinch of funny, two naked ladies fighting in his house?

Really, what was the odds of that ever happening and he knew without them saying it that it had his name written all over this fight.

Diana he would expect this from but not Olive, she seemed too polish for that but when it came to men and woman matter, sometimes the sense goes out the window, he should know, he sighs, he had often been senseless when it came to matters of the heart when he was with Diana, blind to her true colors until now.

”Stop fighting please ” he tells them both
”Emeka, what is going on? The securities are here, should they come in, what is going on my son are you safe?” he hears his mother calling out for him with fear in her voice
”Yes mama, no tell them to go I will handle it, in fact all of you should go, it’s nothing mama, don’t worry” he calls out back , looking at either of them
”Are you ladies for real, you want my staffs and my mother to see you both fighting, naked?”
”What is she doing in your bathroom, and how come you are with that towel… oh so this is the plan shei, while you marry me you bring other women to our matrimonial home?”
”You aren’t his wife” she tells Diana “Emeka, I was taking a shower and she barges in and grabs my b----t”
”I thought you were Emeka?”
”Oh right so you were trying to sneak up on him too right? And a woman, a lady doesn’t have to sneak up on a man to be with him, all she has to do is ask and if he wants her he will have her” she spares Emeka a glance, Diana didn’t miss it
”What the hell is that supposed to mean?”
Olive continuous “You are smart, figure it out, but well too bad I wasn’t Emeka and you were trying to molest me… gosh!! eww!!” Olive shakes her body

”I wasn’t trying to molest you -you fool, thought you were Emeka and” she touches her face “‘she slapped me first Emeka!!” she tells him
”Because you were about to blow my ear drum, Odinaka, I had to do something, and you slapped me back” Olive points to her face as well
”Because you had no right to hit me”‘
”Oh I had every right, it was my body and my ears I had every right, who the hell do you think you are?”
”I am Diana, his fiancé ánd future wife and you are trespassing in my home, Emeka, tell her to get out before I break her face”‘
”Sorry love, I am not the one who they want out” Olive states with a smile on her face
Emeka turns to her sharply… shaking his head.
”What was that, what does she mean Emeka, what was that look she gave you for and why did you give her that look too? Does she know something I don’t know because I would love to know what the hell is going on here!”
Damnit!! Olive don’t ruin this for me please, Emeka says to himself “Nothing Diana, I am just trying to caution her, can you both stop please, its unladylike to be fighting let alone fighting in the bathroom naked, its… Argh”‘ he grabs two towels and gives it to them…”Please cover yourselves and step out, please..”

”But Emeka- she, you aren’t going to beat her up for what she did, you haven’t explained to me why you are practically naked and she is in your room and what she meant and why the look and you are –”

”Dee, please, I can’t talk with you bickering or you both trying to kill yourselves “‘

”Dee, can we at least just leave the bathroom before my securities barge in here and think I am in some kind of danger and see you both indecent”

”After you booboo k---y”‘ Olive winks at her as she stands behind Emeka, where Emeka kept her at arm’s length away from Diana in case they get back to fighting again.

Diana looks at him, then at Olive and storms out of the bathroom in anger, Emeka turns to Olive ”This wasn’t –” he began
”I am sorry love, she made me angry, trying to spoil my feel good moment with you, didn’t mean to say that”‘

”I won’t let it slip again, I promise okay, I need to put on some cloths before I catch a cold” she says walking past him and into the room, he follows her out after running a hand over his face and shaking his head.

Mercy’s face turns into a frown as Diana comes out, she had sent the securities away, Mama Tito was waiting outside the door ”Why are you here in my son’s room? I thought I told you you shouldn’t be in here?”

”Well mama, if you think I shouldn’t be in here then explain to me how the hell that witch got in here, and was in his shower like she owned it?”‘

Olive walks out and sees Mercy ”Mama” she says going to grab her bag “Oh I am so sorry we woke you up, please forgive me, it wasn’t my intent”

”I am sure it wasn’t your fault”‘
”Are you seriously kidding me mama, she is in here, in my man’s room, bathing in his toilet and you aren’t querying her?”
”Well because I let her in here and she will sleep here, till she leaves”
Diana’s jaw falls to the ground ”What?” she blinks

”You heard me, and if you had stayed where you were and not gotten into where you weren’t invited into you wouldn’t have woken up the entire house” she eyes her and looks at Olive “My daughter, are you okay..?”
”Yes mama, I am fine, I just want to go to bed” Olive says as she throws on a nightie and then drops the towel to the floor, she picks it up and drops it over the chair, she climbs the bed, Emeka is resting at the door, watching his mother and Diana.

”Get out of my husband’s room” Diana made to pull Olive by her legs

Olive moves her legs away ”Please, the more you say that the more I am inclined to ask if you are wearing a ring and since you aren’t Emeka is fair game”‘

”You must be out of your mind, get out I say before I unleash my anger on you I swear-”
Mercy cuts Diana “Olive has every right to be in this room as you think you do so unless you would want to share it with them which I have no intention of letting you, you would have to take your bag and you out of my son’s room else it would be us Emeka would be calling the securities for and I think you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you if it goes south who Emeka would kick out of the house just for peace to reign tonight”‘

”Emeka?” Diana turns to look at him, why wasn’t he stepping in to say something, she was his woman dammit, why wasn’t he saying anything to defend her, Emeka would never let anyone talk to her like this before, why is he so quiet, is it because he doesn’t want to challenge his mother, “Emeka?”
”Mama plea-“‘ Emeka who had been reading her expression decides to feign concern, but sadly, he knew his mother well, just like all mothers, protecting their kids from anything that spelt danger or negative was non-negotiable, and his mother didn’t disappoint.
”Don’t you dare Odinaka , you may be my son and the owner of this house but I will not condone a girl who lacks respect from elders” Mercy raises her finger to her son.
“Out!!”she points to Diana and to the door, Olive laughs shaking her head, Emeka is quiet again, Diana’s chest constricts in pain as she suddenly felt her tear ducts gate opening, she blinks back tears
”Emeka, I cannot believe you are letting your mother talk to me this way?”

”Dee, just go to the guest room down stairs, we would talk in the morning, right now… you don’t want to be in a shouting match with my mother” he says ”You have to understand she is my mother, sometimes its better we listen and we talk about this later”
”Emeka?” she cannot believe he is saying this to her, she felt another shoot of pain
“I promise we would settle it tomorrow, Mama Tito?” he walks to the door opening it, she comes forward ”Please show her to the room in the house, not in the estate please”
For the second time in two days she had been walked out of his room by his mother and today she had been slapped and laughed at by his friend who seems too suspicious to be just a friend and in all that Emeka seems to not do anything about it, Diana looks at Emeka, today, she felt hurt… much more than yesterday, her eyes glistens, she storms out of his room with her bag.
Mercy turns to Olive and smiles apologetically at her ”My daughter, please I hope you weren’t offended?”
”No mama, thank you”
”Hmm, Sleep well” she turns heading out but pauses to stare at Emeka “‘And you and I will have a serious talk tomorrow because all these, doesn’t make any sense to me”‘
”Yes mama” he nods
She leaves them alone, Emeka walks to the window and looks out, Olive leaves the bed and comes to him.
For some strange reason, he wasn’t smiling, something was troubling him and it suddenly started when he saw the tears in her eyes.
”What is it Emeka, are you angry with me?” she wraps her hands around him and kisses his back “I told you I was sorry”‘

He shakes his head ”Not with you, but with me”
He is quiet. He doesn’t answer..”Let’s just go to sleep”

He needed to talk to someone, someone who understands or would try to understand.
While they lay in bed Olive snuggles up against him, he holds her and listens to her breathing till she fell asleep, but he stays awake.
Something was bothering him.

Diana la!d on the bed, she was upset, upset that, that Olive girl dares to hit her and slap her, upset that she is even in the house and for some strange reason, Emeka seems to favor her, then what was even stranger was the fact that he was with a towel… were they in the bathroom together, did they sleep together..? Was she his lover?

Why did he just stand there and let his mother talk to her the way she did, he stood there and let his friend laugh as his mother talked down at her, and he stood there as- as…

She sniffs fighting back tears, angry tears.
She doesn’t understand it, it didn’t makes sense, he told her he wasn’t seeing anyone while they had dinner, that he hadn’t been seeing anyone for a while and he wants to give them a second chance, so why the hell was he bringing another woman into the house, how come the mother suddenly prefers her Olive she just met over her and isn’t trying to separate them, Olive and Emeka as she is trying to separate him from her and what is worse… she has a feeling that Emeka seems to like this Olive a lot, and the thought of it makes her boil.

That look they shared, what the hell was that? When she said “when a woman wants a man all she had to do was ask” that look was one of shared desired, wasn’t it, something Olive seemed happy about, something she didn’t know.

Argh!!!She boils.

It makes her extremely angry to see him not fighting his mother for her, but bending to her wishes to let that girl stay in his room. Her plan of seducing him and sealing the deal with him hasn’t worked just because his mother was an obstacle, now that fake Barbie has joined too…

She was angry, so angry she wishes she had slammed the girl’s head through the sliding door in the bathroom..
She sniffs again.

Why does her chest hurt, why? She cleans her eyes as the tears fall. Why the hell was she crying, it made her angry. What for!! D--n you Emeka, you couldn’t fight for me..
D--n you and your mother and your special friend Olive, but I won’t let them win, you are mine, I am not ready to give up all this wealth and of becoming your wife just because your mother wants to stop it, and your friend who wants you for herself… you are my dream come through right now and I will enjoy all this with you, not her and not your mother alone.

She cleans her eyes and turns on her bed.
She has all these wealth at the tips of her fingers, if she was able to see the future she would have seen that Emeka would be rich and she would have clinged to him, no one would have been able to be an obstacle to her because all of what he is and has now would be shared with her, but because humans don’t have super powers so seeing into the future was out of it, now ten years later, she is here thanking God she ran into Emeka, thanking him further that Emeka has forgiven her and wants to start all over and even wants to marry her.

And yet, this issue with his mother and this Oliver girl doesn’t make sense, shouldn’t Emeka be doing more about telling his mother to cool it and not disrespect his future wife? Shouldn’t Emeka not even have such special friends like Olive, much less disregard his mother’s request in staying with him in his room.

Shouldn’t his mother throw both of them out of the room, she and Olive both since she wants to protect her son. She says she is a gold-digger, fine. What about Olive, she looks like a bigger gold-digger than her. At least she can admit to herself that she wants his wealth and money, and maybe, one day love will grow. She liked him when they dated… and for love, well, money is love isn’t it?

At least she was in Emeka’s life before Olive or any other woman came into his life, aside his mother. She has a right, he loved her first, she was his first girlfriend, okay given, she hurt him but what was she to do? She was young and tired of living in pretense… she liked Emeka, okay she never loved him, she has never actually loved anyone really, ever, but then again.. fine, she left him when he needed her because how can a girl like her be with someone who couldn’t take care of her basic needs in school then when having a rich boyfriend was as good as one having ‘Arrived’.

And when she met Emeka, fine boy, rich parents, drives an amazing car, does everything for her, she said yes when he told her he was in love with her and wanted to date her.

A few months and a year, almost two… she went from happy girlfriend with the richest boyfriend and popular boy in school to having to lie about his house and father and car and everything else.
Emeka was practically taking care of himself, working two to three jobs aside school, selling and doing mechanic jobs, yet his father was so rich he could afford to send half his classmates abroad for masters, but when she got close to him and when he began to open up to her about his father and how he doesn’t care, her dream was dashed… from eating in nice restaurants and cruising in a car, he sold his car to take his mother to the hospital, selling all the expensive things he had, buying food from Mama-put to eat, not being able to buy her all she wanted and she had to lie to her friends, despite Emeka being so honest and loving and caring towards her even in his lack and little, it wasn’t nearly enough.. and when other guys came around… it was easy to do things behind his back, get the money and luxuries and flaunt it as though he was the one who bought it for her and when he asked how she got anything that was new or so much money, she had lied that her uncle who stayed abroad sent it to her.

Of course it was a lie, she was seeing other guys.
And when things went from bitter to sour for Emeka , she was done. She was made for class and royalty and the good life, her mother didn’t bring her into this earth to suffer and Emeka was looking like a sinking ship already so she had ported, dumped him, told him she never loved him and she was honest for the first time in their relationship and she left. Did she feel bad when she saw him on the streets selling water? No!! In fact she had been so embarrassed that she even dated him in school she had a fight with Grace for even trying to tell her to say something to him especially in front of her new guy who she nearly had an argument with when they got home, of course, good thing sex was created because she s£duced him, scattered his dada and within twenty minutes he has forgotten about the boy on the streets and she went shopping for school the next week.

But that is all gone, the past, yester-years, years ago, now, she has really seen that no condition is permanent and it’s because she has good stars that is why God caused their paths to cross again after all this years, it’s because they are made for each other, Emeka the rich and wealthy man, and she… she would be his wife, and nothing his mother nor that fake Barbie would do to stop it.
She sniffs.

But yet why does her chest hurt, maybe because she was so angry, it was annoyingly painful to see another girl being allowed to be in the room and not her, but what if… What if?
No!! Emeka says he wants to marry her, so he wouldn’t be with that Olive girl, he wouldn’t!!
The thought of them even daring to be together tonight caused her chest to hurt her that she turns hitting the pillow in anger as one who would be jealous, but no!!
They are just going to sleep, Emeka was never a bad boy, he was always sweet and gentle, never a liar or a cheat and he had never hurt her when they dated, that boy turned man wouldn’t be any different, he was the same Emeka, richer and wealthier, grown but same Emeka, so yes, the people she should be worried about Isn’t him but his mother and that fake Barbie she has to do something about .

Oh, she knows what she would do, His mother wants a perfect daughter in-law right? Well she can pretend too… and she will win.

She wipes her tears, whenever she was so pissed and extremely angry and unable to do anything, the anger causes her to cry, but that is over, they won’t win. They can’t.
Whatever his mother is playing or that fake Barbie doesn’t matter, Emeka says they would marry and they will. Then she would put his mother in her place and friends like china Barbie won’t come close, she would show them that she Diana Nkenchior … No, Diana Odinaka Chikurdi is the lady of the house.

Nonsense and fake Barbie!! She sighs deeply as she wipes her eyes again and forces sleep to come.

Sleep did come, eventually, but she has nightmares of two bodies buried under the sheets, and their body moving, and their voices increasing, the sounds they make is enough to make the virgin mother blush…

She drags the covers away from them in the dimly lit room to find them, the two bodies entwined together in a passionate heated embrace.

It was Emeka and Olive… making intense passionate love, oblivious of her shocked presence.

It was her crying that woke her up, she sits up with a start, her face wet,.
”Emeka!” she breaths

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