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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 6
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Violence is never the answer… yes. Take control of your anger. What is the best way to approach this situation? A woman who gave birth to me just denied being my mother and slammed the door in my face. Don’t I have the right to know why she hates me so much? I sat on the veranda and waited. She is going to have to come out anyway. These questions just kept on popping in my head.

What is wrong with me? Why does my mother hate me? What did she mean by bad luck? As if the weather can feel the darkness that has covered my heart, it suddenly started raining. I leaned by the house and put my bag over my head. I stood in the rain for about half an hour before the door opened. It was the daughter, she came out with an umbrella and covered me then smiled. I don’t know why but my heart just softened up.

Her: take… you are going to catch cold.

Me: thank you.

Her: Tlamelo

Me: thank you Tlamelo

Tlamelo: there is no need to thank me… why don’t you go to your place?

Me: my place is like two hours’ drive from here and I am not leaving here until I get answers

Tlamelo: oh… my mom is in the living room if not I would let you get inside.

Me: and you are getting wet, you should go back inside.

Tlamelo: shame I really feel for you…
The door opens

Mrs. Molatlhi: Tlamelo… Tlamelo… what the hell are you doing outside? Get back inside and leave that person. Do you want to bring bad omen in your life?

Tlamelo quickly gets inside the house. The rain continues on and worsens, my clothes were dripping wet and I couldn’t feel my feet. I was freezing so I curled up in a corner of the door “hey zandile” it was a whisper I raised my head and it was Tlamelo by the window.

Me: Tlamelo

Tlamelo: take or else you are going to die of cold.

Pushes out a blanket by a bugler.

Me: thanks

Tlamelo: sure, I got to go.

I took the blanket and went to my place by the door and tried to catch some sleep.

The next day I was woken up by a man in his mid-fifties he was wearing a suit.

Him: son… what are you doing in front of my house?

I looked at him and stood up, he was with another boy who seemed to be out Tlamelo’s age. The rain had stopped but I was still wet.

Me: I came to see Mrs. Molatlhi.

Him: and you chose to sleep outside.

Me: she didn’t let me inside.

Him: I am Mr. Molatlhi, she is my wife.

Me: she is my mother.

The concern that I suddenly saw on his face suddenly turned into shock.

Mr. Molatlhi: your mother… I think you are mistaken sir we don’t have any other son besides him (pointing to the boy) come on get inside.

He took out his own key and unlocked the house. He led me in and I stood beside the door. Mrs. Molatlhi appeared from the passage and looked at me then anger filled her face.

Mrs. Molatlhi: you are still here…

Me: I am not leaving without answers.

Mrs. Molatlhi: get out of my house!

Mr. Molatlhi: no… he slept in the rain, he is cold and I think we seriously need to talk.

Mrs. Molatlhi: you came early.

Mr. Molatlhi: Tlamelo called.

Mrs. Molatlhi: hmmm (looks at me and disappears into another room)

Mr. Molatlhi: go with Lefika to change your clothes he will borrow you some of his so that you can come and explain where you are coming from.

The boy led the way to his bedroom that I think she shared with his sister. She was still asleep.
Lefika: are you really my mother’s child?
Me: It seems so. The way she hates me… I wonder what I did to her, maybe I was a demon child.

Lefika: (laughs and looks at me then stops) oh I am sorry

He gives me some tracksuits. And I quickly change.

Lefika: it would be nice to have a brother. I mean I am the only boy between 5 ladies.

Tlamelo: Fiki… why are you so noisy
We both turned to look at her, she was still asleep. Lefika woke her up, she froze a little when she saw me but then flash her gorgeous smile.

Tlamelo: mom let you in?

Me: your father

Lefika: I see you have already met my twin.

Me: you are twins?

Tlamelo: yeah sometimes I also don’t believe it, Lefika is such a nuisance
Just then we heard commotion outside the bedroom. We all went to the living room. Mr. Molatlhi was holding Mrs. Molatlhi and she was fighting to go free from him. It had started to rain again.

Mrs. Molatlhi: ntate… let go of me I just have to show the devil that this is my family and I won’t let him toy with it.

Mr. Molatlhi: by boiling a person? do you want to go to prison?

That’s when I saw a pot with steaming water besides them. Anger stated to build inside of me again. I went to her.

Me: lady… I want nothing to do with your family I just need answers why the hell did you throw me away… why? It’s because of women like you that women are sometimes painted with a black color. Why am I a bad luck to you?

Mr. Molatlhi: boy… hold it.

Mrs. Molatlhi: you… you want to take me to prison? Who gave you my name, who gave you my address?

Me: answer my d--n questions and I will leave your family and never ever return.

Mr. Molatlhi: but we need to know where you come from:

Me: it was Mr. Sindia.

Suddenly Mrs. Molatlhi froze.

Mrs. Molatlhi: Mr.… Mr. Sindia! My demons have come back to haunt me.

And with that she fell on Mr. Molatlhi’s arms and fainted. What is it about Trisha’s father, sure I know that he is a monster but if I find out that he is the reason why my own mother hates me, I will not hesitate to kill him.


Cold… pale… confused. I looked at my image in the mirror then I move to my wedding dress it was beautiful and simple. It is made of white velvet, sleeveless and it hugged my body with little diamond details around my waist.

My name is Trisha Sindia soon to be Trisha Tyson. How do you feel Trisha? Super mixed up. That is exactly how I felt. My father is a good man and he loves me and wouldn’t want me to go to a bad family, the Tyson family may have issues they are a good family. I tried so hard to convince my family that this was right.

Henry is a good man so far he is trying so hard to steal my heart and I think I am starting to like him he is really funny and caring.

The lobola negotiations happened under such harsh weather and it’s been raining all week, the next day it’s my wedding day and its is really weird that I haven’t heard from Zenzele all week it’s like he disappeared thin air, well I did tell him that I’m going to get married maybe he decided to let me go. My heart shrunk at the thought. I haven’t been able to completely sweep him off my heart, how can it be easy for him to stay away from me.

I took a deep breath why am I even thinking about him? A nock startled from my thoughts. Who could it be at midnight?

Me: henry? What are you doing here at this hour?

Henry: I came to you take out

Me: at this hour?

Henry: come on babe… you didn’t have a bridal shower and I didn’t have a bachelor party… don’t we deserve some freedom before we tie ourselves together.

Me: (shrugs) where are we going in this rain

Henry: you will see.

He takes my hand and I hesitate a little.

Henry: what’s wrong?

Me: I am in my PJs

Henry: you are good in whatever you are wearing

I smile and go out with him… he came with his parent’s limo. He definitely sneaked out with it. “Please get inside” he held the door open for me and I entered only to be awed by what I saw. He had romantically set the car with a red and white little table setting in the middle white rose petals on the seats and dim red light that made the whole car look clannish. He sat beside me and closed the door. Slow music… Jazz. Nice but I am not a fan of jazz

Henry: how do you like this?

Me: wow… it’s really romantic

Henry: do you like it.

Me: yes… I do

Henry: am I glad to hear that. I ordered some desserts for you.

He said opening up the dessert plates, and it wasn’t just desserts there were also fruits and a variety of wines there… red wine, tequila and red wine. I took the tequila and poured myself in a glass. I liked tequila but I knew that I should stop before the bottle is half way through if I want to go to bed sane.

Me: Mr. Tyson? Do you want to fatten me up so I don’t fit in my wedding dress tomorrow?

Henry: (laughs) I wouldn’t mind if you came wearing your jeans down the aisle.

Me: (laughs) are you crazy

Henry: for you

I am already done with the first glass. Gosh when was the last time I drink just for fun. I pour another glass and I notice that he hasn’t touched the alcohol. Maybe he wants to get me drunk. I don’t even care.

Henry: Trisha?

Me: yes

Henry: what do you like about me?

Me: what a question. I don’t know. I like the fact that you have an adorable little girl.

Henry: I know that you love Emily but what about me.

Me: what do you want me to like about you?
He lights up the car white a brighter light and I add one more glass this shall be the last glass or I am going to lose it.
Henry: look into my eyes
I look at his face a reminder that I have always been avoiding to think about how handsome my husband to be is. I stare into his eyes and notice how black his eyes are. Yes, he doesn’t have brown eyes but pure black eyes. Zenzele also had black pupils… it’s rare to see people with such black eyes.

Henry: what do you see?

Me: your pupils are contracting.

Henry: what color are my eyes

Me: black… really, really black.

Henry: and yours are really light brown.
He closes the space us and our foreheads touch. I am breathing really loudly and his eyes drop to my lips. Shit… he wants to kiss me.

I smile and take a sip off the wine and move my head back.

Henry: if you don’t want to have a hangover tomorrow at the wedding. I suggest you put the glass down.

True… I am even beginning to feel light headed. I put my glass down and grab some grapes.

Me: if you don’t want me to get drunk then why have so many bottles of wine.

Henry: I didn’t know which one you liked.

Me: I like them all.

Henry: you drank three glasses and you sound like you are drunk.

Me: what do you know… maybe I am drunk?

Henry: I want to kiss you.

My mouth drops open, he has so much courage. Eventually he holds my chin tilting my chin then closes the gap between us again. He is so close. And I start breathing aloud again. “I think I need some fresh air” I whisper just as our lips are about to touch then move my head again, I think I am frustrating him. He opens the door and for some reason I am surprised to find out that its still raining but it was raining really lightly. I grab a bottle of white wine and follow him outside.

Henry: so you want a hangover?

Me: why the hell not? It’s probably the last time I get to drink so much alcohol all at once.
I talk loudly since the rain was over powering my voice, although I think it was alcohol speaking not me. Henry goes back inside. I close my eyes and look up at the sky. The rain suddenly feels like it could set me free. I feel really light. He comes out with a bottle of red wine.

Me: you also want a hang over?

Henry: with only a bottle… no Trisha. I won’t even get drunk after the second bottle.
I take his hand and we take a walk going out the yard the street is so quite, a little blurry and white from the rain. The street lights are the only source of light.

Me: do you dance?

Henry: yes I took some dance lessons.

Me: dance lessons… I never took those but I can surely dance well.

Henry: do you want to show me?

Me: I don’t mind

Henry: the spot light is yours.
I laugh and stand under the street lamp. I have Beyoncé’s song (grown woman) singing in my head. And I start singing it aloud while dancing my ass off. Yeah… now I am really drunk but I am not letting go of the bottle. He joins me then with one swift move he grabs the bottle off my hand and throws it away.

Me: Dude!

I hear the sound of the glasses splattering and I really want to give him a slap but he held my hand and twirled me around. He lets me go and I move back? He moves closer to me and I trip… I almost fall and he catches me.
He is leaning over me my hand under his body… I have no control here, he has me where he wants me. Now he leans in closes the gap between us. For some reason I am the one looking at his lips. I close my eyes… nothing… nothing. I open my eyes and he is staring at me with a mischievous grin. He is teasing me.

He helps me up and pulls me close then starts moving slowly to the rhythm of the rain. I put my head on his chest. And closes my eyes. I must have fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes I was on the kitchen counter and he was doing something in the fridge.
He came back with a jug of water and ordered me to drink up. After I finish up he carries me to my room. I think I fell asleep while he was going upstairs.

Someone is shaking me really hard yelling wake up… I open my eyes with the intention of slapping the hell out of the person.

Me: Tracy?

Tracy: in the flesh?

I look at her excited. I could really scream right now but I feel super light headed. I gave her a tight hug, if only she knew how much I missed her. In a matter of seconds I am crying in her arms.

Tracy: oh baby… It’s going to be okay?

Me: I am scared?

Tracy: I know… but there is nothing to be afraid off.

Me: I know

Tracy: why are you scared?

Me: I am scared because… I no longer know what I want in life.

Tracy: it’s just a phase it will pass.

Me: and I really missed you

Tracy: I missed you too munchie.


She has been unconscious for a week I have been restless ever since she fainted and I want to slap her to life. Ever since I came to the hospital I have been receiving unexpected news. First she has been diagnosed with bipolar 22 years ago. That’s the time when I was born… I think.

Even though she has been diagnosed with bipolar she had stopped taking her medicines for a few years now and none of the family members knew. They claim she has been sane. And when she saw me it all came back… the bipolar.

I have had the pleasure of meeting the other four sisters. Two of them are married the other ones are still at varsity staying in campus. The twins are doing their final year at high school.

Mr. Molatlhi has been avoiding me so much that I think he knows something.
It was a Friday and my mind wasn’t functioning well. Just knowing the fact that by midday Trisha will be married was driving me nuts. I think I might also need bipolar meds. The rain had stopped and it was sunny.

I packed up my little bag. I am going to the wedding. My face there will surely stop the wedding, as for this woman I shall return when she is conscious. I went to the bus station and stood in the blistering sun. The bus stooped and someone pushed me aside by my hand. It was this little girl who called me Zandile. I learned that the only people who like me in this family are the twins the other ones look at me like I am a mistake.

Tlamelo: mom is awake and she wants to see you now.

I hesitated. But then she wants to see me, which means she is ready to answer me. They are going to have to give me a lift from here I can’t lose her. I went to her father’s car, she was driving.

Me: hurry up… I have only three hours until something dreadful occurs.

I entered her room. She had been crying, all the sisters where there folding their arms and Lefika was pale. Mr. Molatlhi had anger written all over him. I went to her side and she held my hand then hugged me. I was cold… how am I supposed to respond to this.

Mrs. Molatlhi: I am so sorry my boy, forgive me

Me: was it the bipolar.

Mrs. Molatlhi: no… partly? I really wanted a son

Me: then why did you throw me away?

Mrs. Molatlhi: you are not my son

Me: I don’t understand.

Mrs. Molatlhi: I really wanted a son. I used to be a nurse at the maternity ward and you were just so beautiful. I took you out of the hospital for a stroll. My mind just said it was okay. I put you in my car and went inside to get you a blanket but then the news that a boy child was missing was everywhere (cries) my mind said they were going to take me to prison for stealing you so I went out and ran away with you…. And you were so adorable and so silent. I wanted to take you in as my son but my husband convinced me to return you. The police were everywhere… and I didn’t want to go to prison. So I put you were I thought people would see you and came home. I told my husband that I returned you. Somehow the police found out that I took the child and took me in but I managed to come out.

Me: who are my parents?

Mrs. Molatlhi: I don’t remember.

Me: how do you know Mr. Sindia?

Mrs. Molatlhi: he was my good friend… he is the one who got me out. He thought I threw away my own child. He didn’t know that I stole you.

Me: what happened to your friendship?

Mrs. Molatlhi: we committed a sin and I ran away.

Me: Mrs. Molatlhi… I want to know who my parents are.

It was as if a dark shadow has been cast over me. My world was full of agony. I felt like my heart was being pressed with a scorching iron. I was falling into darkness but something was lifted from my shoulders, I felt like I could finally breath but something was holding me down. At least my mother did not throw me away.

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