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Empire High School  - Season 1 - Episode 89
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Angella’s POV
I thought about Kate as I opened my locker
to pack up my books and some other stuffs
in it. It was after the long awaited 1st Term
Examination. And I haven’t apologized to
Katherine. Why?

My mom felt it was better to apologize
face-to-face than writing in a note. And I
agree with her. But I was a bit scared of

If I went to her what would she say?
I wondered

The Students of Empire High School were
free to do what they wanted because the
term has ended – except Me, Caroline and
Elizabeth. We were already banned from
social activities.

The Bell Rang. I sighed out loudly as I
closed my locker. All the students made
their way towards the Hall.
I needed to grab my backpack in class
before heading to the Hall.

Then I saw kate and Temi walking

My heartbeat rapidly when our gaze met.
“Its now…Or never Angella. Apologize to
her” A voice said at the back of my mind.
I hesitated

And then went over to them.
“Kate..” I said
She stared at me
“Can we talk?” I breathed out
“Hi Ella” Temi greeted

She quietly excused herself, leaving me
alone with Katherine.
“Hello Kate” I said
“Hi Angella” she replied
No annoyance in her tone or angry
expression. Thank God!

I swallowed hard and opened a book. I
gave her the letter.

“I know that..I deserve every punishment
given to me. I admit that what I did to you
was bad but I am asking you to forgive
me” I said
I wish I could express myself better to let

her know I’m sincere.

I regretted every of my actions towards
Kate. And you could say that – “i have
learnt my lessons in a hard way”
She didn’t say anything. Kate stared at me
like I was an alien.

“I’m really sorry. And I hope you find it in
your heart to forgive me” I Said
Kate opened her mouth as if she wanted to
say something but she stopped.

And like a slow motion she did the
unexpected. She stepped forward and
hugged me.

I was shocked!

Why is she hugging me?
“I have forgiven you Angella and I have
nothing against you” she said.

I felt like a heavy load has been lifted off
my shoulder. Glad to hear that she has
forgiven even before I asked for her
“Thank you” I pulled away from her.
Kate reached for my face and wiped the
tear that started down my right cheek.
I was crying!

“I shouldn’t be saying this now but I think
its better to let you know to clear up the
misunderstanding. There’s absolutely
nothing going on between me and Joseph.

And I purposely avoided him because I
didn’t want you to think that we were a
thing. I only went to the courtroom to talk
to him about Emeka. That’s all. And I’m
sorry.. I ruined your relationship with
Joseph” she said
We broke up but it wasn’t her fault.
I nodded slowly
“It was my fault. I let my anger and
jealousy take the best part of me and I
didn’t think straight before taking actions”
I said

Kate placed a hand on my shoulder and
pats me gently
“Its okay..” She mumbled
We heard Mr Daniel’s voice and everyone in
the hallway started hurrying into the hall.
“See you later” Kate said and walked away.
I stood on that spot for seconds, feeling
empty, letting the tears flow
uncontrollably. I couldn’t control them
when realization hit me straight in the

Adesewa was right about Katherine.
She was totally different from me. Kate
was beautiful and she has a good heart.
Forgiving me easily after my acts on her.
I felt guilty for hitting her In the basketball
too for no reason.

I wish there was something I could do to
take back all my actions,
But it was impossible.

Can I ever make things up to Kate?
The deeds were already done! I have learnt
my lessons!
And I promise myself that I wouldn’t do
anything stupid again but concentrate on
my studies!

•• •• •• ••
Katherine’s POV

I didn’t know what to say Angella. She
looked pitiful and I sensed the sincerity in
her words. I watched and read her
expression, Angella regretted her actions.
So all I could think of was giving her a hug
to assure her that I had truly forgiven her
and also comfort her.

Everything would definitely be fine for
Angella and her girls If they learn to forgive
themselves for every actions they taken in
the past.
I dropped the letter in my bag before
joining my friends in the hall.
“What were you doing with Angella?”
Emeka asked
I settled beside Elena.

“..Talking” I replied
“What did she say?” Temi asked
“She’s sorry about everything” I said
“I feel pity for Angella and her girls”
Temi said in a low tone
“Even after everything they did to her?!”
Jones raised his brows
“I didn’t know what to say..”
“She deserves it” Jones interrupted me
“That’s unfair” I muttered
Jones rolled his eyes
“Oh! Sorry! I’m not a nice person” Jones

Temi glared at him and he whistled lowly.
Students clapped as Mr Joel stepped on the
stage. He lifted his microphone and made
an announcement and speech for the end
of term session.
I breathed out heavily.

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