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Empire High School  - Season 1 - Episode 88
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Angella’s POV

It was on monday morning. I returned to
school with no girl beside me. I was now
alone. Elizabeth gave up on our friendship.
She avoided me when I tried to apologize
to her on Friday. She must be really mad at
me for getting her into trouble.

The community service starts today and I
already submitted my letter of apology to
the school authority. For now I only need
to apologize to Katherine but I was yet to
find the right words to use. I regretted my
action and wished I had not joined Caroline
in posting those pictures.

I walked down the hallway, ignoring the
buzz of gossips and whimpering. Some
students whispered into each others ears,
some glare at me, shaking their heads
furiously. And I walked with my head bent.
I thought of Kate and how she must have
felt when everyone was gossiping about
her..Same with Adesewa.

Now here I am alone, friends gone,Joseph
gone and everybody hating me. Than

I stumbled a little when I saw Kate with
her girls. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t look
into her eyes. I couldn’t bring myself to
apologize to her.

I wondered what she would say or do?
Ignore, Yell or even insult me. I deserve it.
But I can’t take it all if she decides to do all
that to me.

So I gave up..maybe some other time.
When I’m bold enough to look into her

“Everything would be alright..”
I said to myself, trying to calm down.

•• •• •• ••

Katherine’s POV

I sat on my bed, writing In my diary,
thinking about everything that had
happened in the past weeks.

Principal Joel sent a letter to Linda Girls
College, asking the Principal to look into
the matter and take actions on Cynthia.
Some days Later, Principal Joy sent a letter
to Empire High School. Cynthia confessed
and admitted that she had fabricated the
whole story. She wrote that Cynthia has
been stripped off her position and she was
given a proper punishment.

Justice Served! Lols!

Cynthia’s Apology letter was attached to
the one sent to our school and Principal Joy
also apologized to me for not looking into
the matter properly.

So case closed Diary!

I thought of Angella and her girls. Lizzy and
Caroline already gave me their letters
which I’d acknowledged in a nice and polite
way. I told them I had forgiven them a
long time ago and I have nothing against

Which was true!

I’m yet to receive a letter from Angella
Benson. Everyone whispered about her as
she walked around like a Pariah. They
carried out the punishments of cleaning
the school surroundings and toilets. It was
obvious Angella wasn’t close to her girls
anymore. They ignored each other and
concentrated on their punishments. Most
of our classmates also avoided them and
they didn’t stop talking about them being
“Bad Girls”.

I knew how they must be feeling with
everyone gossiping, making rude jokes,
and also avoiding them like a Plague.
I wouldn’t say they deserve it or serves
them right because I feel pity for them.
And hope they all turn a new leaf and be
good girls.

••• ••• ••• •••

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