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Empire High School  - Season 1 - Episode 85
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Cha 30

They gasped in shock
“You did what?!” Jones said
“I kissed Caro so she could tell me the
truth” he breathed out.
Mouths dropped again.
“Eww” Jones mumbled
“Disgusting..I feel like throwing up right
now” he said
Jones laughed
“Don’t enjoyed it” Jones teased him
Emeka shot him an angry look.

Temi smacked Jones back.
“Don’t be silly!”
“Aush! I was only joking” he said feeling
the hit.

“What kind of joke is that? I only did it
because of Kate” Emeka said
“Thank You” Kate said to him.
“You don’t have to thank me. I should be
the one thanking you for giving me a
chance..To be..your friend” he muttered
without meeting anyone’s gaze.
He continued

“You understand me better than anyone
Kate nodded

They laspsed into silence
“So what’s our next move?” Jones broke
the silence.

“Playing the recording to Mr Joel” Jeffrey
“Perfect!” Jones said
“Let’s do it!” Emeka said
“Finally! Angella will pay for her evil acts!”
Elena added
“You did a great job Emeka!” Elena threw
her hands around him.

“You’re indeed a true friend!” Temi said
Elena drew back
“I owe you a..Pizza!” She said
“Really?” His eyes wide
She nodded
“The best pizza!”
She enthused
“Domino Pizza!” Temi added
“Oh thanks!” He hugged Elena
Jeffrey cleared his throat
“Hey do you like pizza?” He asked
“Yes..It’s my favourite” Emeka answered
pulling away from Elena.

“Let’s have a pizza party this weekend to
celebrate our victory against Angella
Benson and her girls!” Temi suggested
“Sounds good!” Elena agreed
“We’ll discuss it when Angella gets her
punishment” Jeffrey said
They nodded in agreement

.. I can’t stop laughing!
What’s funny?!

She didn’t sense Emeka was faking things
for her.


Love can Disturb someone’s train of
thought oo
I’m sure you are happy they found the
anonymous poster.. So who is the person?
Caroline or Angella or both?
Is Lizzy left out in the punishment?
No more Flashbacks!

The story continues!..

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