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Empire High School  - Season 1 - Episode 82
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“You’re back” he said making his way to his
favourite couch.

“Go..Good evening sir” ah greeted him
“You’re late Katherine” he pointed to the
wall clock. The time was 7:05pm.
“I..I..I’m sorry.. Dad” she said unsteadily
He stared intensely at her. Katherine
avoided his gaze as she stared at the

“Mr Joel told me about the pictures
someone leaked on the school page” he
She nodded slowly without looking at him.
Kate fiddled with her fingers. Her head

“Your mom explained everything that
happened at Linda Girls College” he paused
Kate closed her eyes hoping to hear him
yell at her but seconds passed and he
didn’t yell or scream at her for being a bad
girl or an irresponsible child. Instead she
heard him say.

“I apologize for not taking my time to
listen to you and also get to the truth of
the matter” he said

And her heart broke, tears pooled into her
eyes. She glanced up at him.

“Come here” he tapped the couch softly.
She exchanged glances with her mom. And
she gave her a short nod. Tears burned
down her cheeks as she slowly made her
way to him.

“I’m sorry” she apologized.
“No, I should be the one apologizing for
not hearing the side of your story” he said
she settled down beside him.

“I should have trusted you but I didn’t” he
hugged her
Kate sobbed

“What have I done to my baby?” He said
“It wasn’t my fault..Cynthia and Tola set
me up” she stuttered

“I know the truth now” he said
Mrs Adebowale watched them.

“Thank God you decided to listen to us” she

“I spoke to Mr Joel and he promised to find
the person who made such post” he said to

She drew back and wiped her tears.
“Thanks dad” she said
“Please make up for your harsh treatment
towards my daughter” Mrs Adebowale said
with a smile

“I’ll make it up to her” he said wiping
Kate’s face.

“As a matter of fact, I already called
principal Joy too and she said that she will
look into the matter again. If Cynthia is
guilt then she won’t go Scot free”
“She was involved..So she’s guilty”
Mrs Adebowale said
“Of course! And I have this feeling she’s
involved in this issue too” He said
“My friends and I will find out soon. We’re
working on it” Kate said
“I can imagine how those little rats would
have gossiped about my daughter” Mrs
Adebowale said with a frown.
“Actually, my close friends didn’t believe
the news so I told them the truth” she said
“You have close friends at school?” He

“They are my classmate and they are
determined to help me find the poster too”
she said

“That’s thoughtful of them” her mom said
“Hmm i think we need to meet her good
friends” He said joking
And they laughed.


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