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Empire High School  - Season 1 - Episode 80
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“To The Fight In The Hallway”

Author POV

Angella was so embarassed. Her initial
plans was to expose Kate’s secret in the
hallway filled with students. She didn’t
expect Kate to talk back at her. Angella was
surprised about Students comments
towards her. And she had to walk away
with her girls in shame. Plans Failed!
“I can’t believe Kate could act back like she
did” Lizzy said calmly
“Angella you should have stayed back and
disgrace her too. I’m sure those same
students would be interested in knowing
Kate’s real identity” Caro said in anger
“At this point no more holding back. I
swear am going to expose her!” Angella
clenched her fists
“What are we waiting for?”
Caroline brought out her phone
“Wait..Don’t post it today” Angella stopped

“Why?” Caro asked
“Monday morning is the best day” Ella said
“Don’t post those pictures, think of what
might happen if Mr Joel finds out you are
the poster” Lizzy warned
And they both hissed
“Let’s make an anonymous post. No one
will find out we made the broadcast”
Angella said

“How will you do it? Do you have two
accounts?” Lizzy folded her arms
“See Ella ignore this babe” Caro said with a
huge frown.

The bell jangled..Fellowship Time!.
“Caro come to my house tomorrow so we
can work on our plans” Angella said
“Well I won’t be around tomorrow” Lizzy

“You’re not needed in the plan and if you

like go and tell Kate about our plans” Caro
eyed her

“You dare not tell anyone about it!” Angella
said sternly before walking away with

Lizzy thought of telling Kate about
Angella’s plans but she waved it off. It was
none of her business. And Kate would
never give her a chance to say a word even
if she tries to inform her.

“I’m the last person Kate would ever want
to talk to -”
She concluded with a shrug

Monday Morning

Angella and Caro worked on their plans on
Saturday. Angella registered a new sim,
opened a new whatsapp account and sent
a broadcast to the school groups (Jet Club,
Press Club and other platforms) while
Caroline made a post on Empire High
School Facebook page with another name.
They didn’t include their names and they
thought no one would ever trace it to

Caroline knew Angella would be the main
suspect because she was always against
Kate. Everyone would point their fingers at
Angella Benson. They would never know
that she was the Brain behind the whole

Angella was happy. Everyone was talking
bad about Katherine. Now she has
succeeded in destroying Katherine
“We should pop champagne after school”
Caro said happily
“Have you seen Katherine?” Ella asked
“Yeah, she is in school but I think she is
hiding right now” Caro said
And they laughed
“She didn’t even come to class” Caro said
“Would you show your face if you were in
Kate’s shoe?”
Lizzy said in a low tone
“I’m not a l£sb!an”
Caroline snapped at Lizzy angrily.
“To be honest, you girls didn’t do well”
Lizzy said
“Hey..Hey Miss do well you can go and be
with Kate if you want -” Caro said
Suddenly ready to fight Lizzy
“Why are you acting like a saint?”
She pushed Lizzy’s shoulder
“Be careful Caroline” Lizzy warned
“What can you do? Huh? Come and fight
me” Caro said

Lizzy turned to look at Angella.
“I hope what you’ve done won’t get you
into trouble. Trust me, I won’t say a word
to anyone but I want you to know that
what you did is bad” she walked away
Guilt washed over Lizzy for not building up
the courage to tell the principal or Kate
about their plans on friday. Now she
couldn’t spill the truth because she didn’t
want to feel like a traitor. Lizzy prayed
someone would find out the whole truth
and expose them soon.

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