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Empire High School  - Season 1 - Episode 79
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And she met them talking.. Alone..Just the
two of them. She didn’t waste time in
slapping Kate for meeting Joseph secretly.

It was hard to control her anger!

Angella pushed her way out of the room in
anger, ignoring Joseph’s call as she ran as
fast as her legs could carry her. She was
mad! Extremely mad at Joseph for talking
to Kate and he even tried to stop her from
hurting Kate. She would do worse things to

Angella concluded
“Did you see them?”
Caroline asked Angella
Anger crashed over her completely.
“They were together” she said
She clenched her fist almost cracking her
“Hey calm down babe” Lizzy said in a low

“Did you catch them Kissing?” Caro asked

“No she was about leaving when I got
there. And Joseph claimed that they were
just talking!” she explained
“And you believe him?” Caro asked with a

“I don’t believe him!”
“So did you just Leave without giving that
stupid girl any piece of insult?” Caro said
“I slapped her” Ella said
“Ah! Angella!” Lizzy gasped
“Why are you shouting?! She deserves
more than just a slap” Caro said
“Its unfair atleast you didn’t catch them
doing anything” Lizzy said
“I can’t blame you when she has not tried
to snatch your boyfriend” Ella hissed
“Let her continue acting like Miss Innocent”
Caro eyed her

“You won’t believe what am about to say”
Ella said

“Mr Ghost man showed up in the room

“Really?” Caroline raised her brows
“He claimed that Kate is his girl and he
warned Joseph to stay away from her”
Angella narrated

“Are they dating?” Caro said
“l£sb!an dating a man!” Angella said
“Kate is bisexual again o” Caro mocked
“I can’t wait to expose that b---h” Angella

“Please when should we post these
pictures?” Caro asked
“I want to trouble her before disgracing
her” Angella said
Elizabeth was silent
“Okay..” Caro answered
“Let’s say in one or two weeks time” Ella

“I smell trouble in the air” Elizabeth
“Trouble for Katherine Adebowale”
Caroline said giving Angella a high five.

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