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Empire High School  - Season 1 - Episode 78
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They looked up at Caroline.
“Cupcakes?” Ella said
“Doughnut?” Lizzy said
Caroline rolled her eyes

Thier smiles dropped
“It’s something bigger and better than any
of those” she said
“What could be bigger and better than
cupcakes?” Ella said

Caroline shook her head
“The plans to get back at Kate” she said
“I have a mind Blowing plan to -”
“Wait Caroline I thought you were never in
support of us hurting Kate for stealing
Angella’s fame and boyfriend” Lizzy said
“Don’t mind her, she thinks Katherine is
better than me” Ella said
“No! How can I think Kate is better than
you?! Impossible!” She said
“But you like her smile” Lizzy teased her
“Yes but not anymore. There’s nothing
special about Katherine Adebowale. And
those boys are really blind” Caroline said
“Its good to hear that you don’t think she’s
better or specia than me. So what do you
have on your phone?” Angella asked
“Come and see these pictures” she called at
They moved to the long couch she sat on.
“What pictures?” Lizzy asked
Caroline swiped her screen and showed
them the pictures Cynthia transfered to

Mouths dropped widely!
“Oh My God!” Angella exclaimed collecting
the phone to get a clear view.
“Is this not Katherine Adebowale on the
She gasped

“Its Katherine Adebowale” Caroline replied
“What’s she doing with this girl?” Lizzy

“What does it look like?” Angella said
They exchanged glances

“Katherine Is a l£sb!an!” Caroline blurted
“This is the picture of her having sex with
another girl in her previous school”
Caroline explained

“What?!” Angella laughed loudly
“Wonders shall never end!” She said
“Look at her acting like an innocent girl
here in EHS. Like someone that can do no
wrong” Angella hissed

“So this girl dey do girls” Lizzy clapped
“Chineke! Jesus come and save us. What
has the World Turned into!” Lizzy added
“How did you get these pictures?”
Angella asked

“Cynthia was Kate classmate at Kinda Girls
College” she said
“Really?!” Angella gasped
“That’s true! She went to Linda Girls
College” Lizzy said

She recalled the day EHS Literature teacher
questioned Kate about her previous school.
“So we got talking last night about our
respective schools and she mentioned
Katherine Adebowale. Cynthia showed me
her picture and it turned turned to be the
same kate at EHS. She told me about
Katherine and I felt it was something to
use against her” she explained leaving
some important details behind. She didn’t
want them to know that she was doing it
because she was jealous Emeka liked Kate.
Caroline didn’t bother to ask Cynthia about
the truth. She was only concerned about
exposing Kate.

“So Cynthia sent them to you” Angella said
“Yes, let’s post it on the school page to
expose her” Caroline said

“You think that’s a good idea?” Lizzy said
She doesn’t like Caroline’s suggestion.
“Yes or do you want her to start sleeping
with the Junior girls?” Caroline said

“Tell me more about it” Ella said happily
“Cynthia and one of her Senior caught Kate
and her school mother in the toilet around
10:00pm” Caro said

“Oh! That’s why she looked scared in the
picture” Angella pointed to a picture where
Cynthia had stood taking pictures while
Tola was trying to separate them.

“Yes..She begged them to keep it a secret
but Cynthia and Tola the headgirl refused.
She even offered them a huge amount of
money but my cousin was determined to
tell the principal because kate was to be
the next head girl. She felt someone Like
kate doesn’t deserve such position”
Caroline explained what Cynthia narrated
to her.

Caroline had questioned Cynthia about the
incident but she refused. She requested for
another #2000 in exchange of the story
and Caroline gave it to her. But instead of
telling Caroline the truth she fabricated the
incident just to look good to her cousin.

“Cynthia and Tola showed the principal?”
Angella asked

“Yes that’s why she left Linda Girls College”

Caroline completed

“Celebration Time!” Angella said excitedly
“Why?” Lizzy asked with a confused look
“Everyone need ro know who Katherine
Adebowale is” Angella said
“Let’s send it to the press club team” Caro

“No..Not too soon” Lizzy said
Ella asked

“Let’s study her very well. It won’t make
any sense if we just post it like that” Lizzy

“You are right Elizabeth. We’ll post it as
soon as she gets on my nerves again”
Angella grunted

“Like anytime you see her with Joseph?”
Caro asked

“Maybe..” She answered
Angella stood up
“Atleast we know her deepest secret” she

“Sorry can we visit the cinema now?” Lizzy

“Sure we’ll enjoy today because I’m super
excited! Caroline I owe you a gift!” She said
“Go and get dressed Angella” Lizzy said
“I’ll be right back girls!”
She motioned towards her room in a rush.
“Caroline why do I have this feeling that
you are doing this for some Reasons” Lizzy

“What are you saying?”
Caro asked
“Nothing.. I’m just surprised in your
sudden change about Kate” she said
“I don’t know what you are talking about..”

Caroline stood up
“Yes.. I’m just trying to help Angella” Caro

“O..okay..” Lizzy replied with a nod
“Are you ready for the hangout?!”
Angella screamed from her room
“Yes! So get your butt down her babe!”
Lizzy answered

“The Basketball Room Fight”
“I think they are meeting secretly” Lizzy
said to Angella
“I’ll deal with that Sly!” Angella gritted
before running off to the basketball room
to see if Kate was trulh meeting Joseph

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