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Empire High School  - Season 1 - Episode 77
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“The next day after the Sleep over Fight”

Angella Benson’s House
Authoress’s POV

The door bell rang and Angella walked to
the door to answer it.
“Why are you here?” Angella said with a
huge frown on her face
“Angella..I’m so sorry” Caroline apologized
“Sorry for what?!” She said folding her
“Actually, for everything Cynthia said last
night” Caro said
“I don’t need your apologies Caroline!” She
shot back with a long hiss and slammed
the door on Caroline’s face.
“Who is that?” Lizzy asked
Lizzy raised her brow
“I Wish” Angella responded
“Its Caroline. She’s apologizing for what
her cousin did last night”
Angella added
“That Cynthia is a Crazy girl. I’m sure she
was only jealous of you. She doesn’t have
those things you possess” Lizzy said
“Yes, can’t you see that she doesn’t even
recognize original House of Tara Make ups.
She’s Fake”
Angella said
“Don’t mind her. She wanted to come and
fake big girl here” Lizzy added
“Seriously Lizzy, I’m sorry for kicking you
out last night” Angella apologized
“I already told you its okay. It was
Cynthia’s fault” Lizzy said
“But I should have atleast spare you..”
Angella hugged Lizzy
“I kicked you out but you came here today
to apologize for what you didn’t do”
Angella said

“Its okay Ella” Lizzy drew back from Angella
She nodded
“Thank You”
“So what do you want to do about

Lizzy asked

“I don’t want to see her. I have this feeling
that she intentionally brought her stupid
cousin to insult me” Angella said
“Caroline would never do that..” Lizzy
“You can’t say – Maybe she’s jealous of me.

You can’t trust anyone” Angella added
Lizzy rolled her eyes
“To be honest, Caroline tried to caution
Cynthia but that girl..She was such a loose
mouth!” Lizzy gritted
“I’d thought we were going to get along
well..But it ended badly” Angella said with
a frown

“Ella, please forgive Caroline” Elizabeth
Angella stared at her
“Why are you pleading on her behalf?” Ella
“Caroline is a good friend” Lizzy moved to
the curtains
“Look she’s still waiting” Lizzy added
Caroline was still outside waiting.
Seconds clicked by and Ella said
“Let her in”
Lizzy face brightened
“Thank You!”
She rushed to the door
“Come in Caroline” she said
“What about Ella?” Caro asked
“She wants you to come in!” Lizzy gritted
And Caroline stepped in. She bent her head
“You can raise your head” Angella said with
her legs crossed.

“I’m sorry..And thanks for letting into your
home” Caroline fiddled with her fingers
“Well you should be thankful to Elizabeth”
Angella said

Caroline looked at Lizzy
“Don’t thank me” Lizzy said with a small
“Am I forgiven?” She asked
“Yes but don’t you ever bring any of your
cousins to my house again!” Angella said

A small smile formed on Caroline’s lips
“I promise. I’ll never make such mistake
again” she said

“Good” Angella mumbled
“What do you have in your backpack?”
Lizzy questioned pointing to her backpack.
“I brought your favourite cupcakes” Caro
answered, opening her backpack and she
brought out a small box of cupcakes.
“Mom baked it?” Lizzy asked

“Yes” she replied
“Caroline mom bakes the best cupcakes in
the world!” Angella and Lizzy said in

And they all laughed
“I don’t think these 6 cupcakes will enough
-” Angella said
Lizzy eyed her suspiciously
“I hope you are not trying to swap this
cupcake or make it yours?”
Lizzy asked

“Exactly” Ella snapped her fingers
And Lizzy snatched the pack on the table
before Angella could reach it.
“Hey! Bring that back!” Angella screamed at Lizzy

“I’ll give it to you after striking a good
deal” Lizzy side stepped Angella.
“6 Cupcakes, so we share it equally as 3 for
two since Caroline must have tasted hers at
home” Lizzy opened the box.
“#2000 for the Cupcakes” Angella said
“No deal” Lizzy blurted
“What do you want Lizzy?” Angella said
with a sad face

The girls giggled at the look on her face.
They knew Angella would do anything to
get the Cupcakes made by Caroline’s mom
who was a professional Baker.
“Place an order for it My lady” Lizzy joked
“That would take a while” Angella
grumbled and stamped her feet on the

“I’ll pick two Cupcakes and you’ll take 4..”
Lizzy stopped
Angella smiled brightly
“Deal?” She said
“I’m not done talking..” Lizzy said
“You said 4 and 2 now!”
“Yes but on one condition” Lizzy added
Angella rolled her eyes
“Lets go and watch a movie!” Lizzy said
“I should have expected it” Angella
“Ella you know Lizzy is crazy about
Cinemas” Caro said
“That’s because she’s always expecting to see her prince charming” Angella laughed
“Oh! Yes! That guy who Is always giving
our tickets!” Caroline said
“Exactly! Miss Lover” Angella said
“Na you sabi..Deal or no deal?” She asked
“Deal” Angella agreed
“I won!” She said picking out 2 cupcakes
from the box before passing it to Caroline
to give it to Angella. Angella might try to
snatch her portion.

“Finally!” Angella exclaimed before eating a

“I wish my mom could In our
house would become a Cakery” Angella
They laughed out loudly
“Is there a word like Cakery?” Caroline

“Angella’s home made English” Lizzy said
And they laughed

“I used cakery instead of bakery because
only cakes will exist in our home..No bread
or whatever. I’m enjoying it” she pointed
to her cupcake.

“Eat calmly girl the cake is not running
away” Lizzy said

“Leave me alone oo is it your eat?
Scammer” she pouted
They all laughed again
“Well i have something that might interest
you girls again” Caroline announced
bringing out her cellphone.

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