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Empire High School  - Season 1 - Episode 76
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“Are you sure?” Cynthia asked
Caroline nodded

Cynthia picked a notepad and pencil from
the drawer and she gave it to Caroline.
“Sign on it” she instructed
Caroline rolled her eyes
“I’m serious” she said
“Sign please..”

“Okay..what should I write?” Caro asked
“#3000 and stiletto heels” Cynthia said
And she wrote down on the pad and then
signed on it.

“Good girl go and bring the money..”
Cynthia snapped it on her phone.
Caroline went to her wardrobe and gave
her the money
“Deal?” She asked
“Deal!” Caroline replied
“Switch on your Xender, lemme transfer it
to you” Caroline did as Cynthia instructed.
She transferred some pictures to her.
“Done” she said

Caroline scrolled to her gallery and her jaw
dropped widely on seeing the first image.
“Unbelievable!” She gasped
“It was a little dark in there but am sure
you can do picture reading. Telling the
scene by the picture..” She said
“Are.. Are..You sure -” Caro paused
“Are you blind? Or am I the one in the
picture?” Cynthia questioned with a frown

“No” she said
“So use the pictures wisely to get what you
want” Cynthia said

Caroline answered with a nod
“Oh girl its nice doing business with you.
Call me anytime you need my help”
Caroline said falling back on the bed
“Good..Night” she yawned loudly. Caroline
was stunned. She wondered if it was truly
Katherine Adebowale in those pictures.

Minutes clicked by, and she thought if it
was really sensible to show the pictures to

everyone at school.

She thought deeply
It struck her seconds later, that she needed
to get Emeka for herself and this would
also make Angella forgive her for the bad
words Cynthia said to her. She was 100%
sure that Angella would be interested In
these pictures.


Caroline is in love with Emeka! now
she’s ready to destroy another person to
win her love who doesn’t even love her
I didn’t suspect this..!

I think the suitable title for this story
should be:
“Love look what you make me do”

The story continues! Remember we still
need to find the anonymous poster
Or are you not getting it now?

Don’t get confused oo
Hmm sorry this is coming late. I got
stucked with work

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