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Empire High School  - Season 1 - Episode 75
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They are not in Nigeria. So tell me what is
Bens Oil beside Adebowale’s Wealth” she
said furiously

“Katherine? Adebowale? How do you know
her?” Caroline asked
“She was a Student of Linda Girls College
before I sent her packing so I could have a
breathing space”
“What do you mean?” Caro asked
“Actually i wanted the post of Headgirl but
I didn’t see myself getting it because of
Katherine. She was the best student in our
class. A genius.. So I did one funny on her
and she left our school and I became the
head girl of Great Linda Girls College”
Cynthia said within herself
Caroline waited for a response
“Never mind..” She shrugged
Caroline recalled that Katherine told Mr
Danny that her previous school was Linda
Girls College. She wondered if Katherine
was the same girl.

“Wait..Cynthia describe Katherine to me”
Caro demanded

“It seems I know the Katherine you are
Cynthia took out her cellphone
“She’s the one!” Caroline gasped in shock
after viewing Kate’s picture on Cynthia’s

“Do you know her?” Caroline asked
“Yes! She’s my classmate!”
“Are you kidding?” Cynthia asked in a
surprised tone
“I’m serious! she’s attending EHS. Kate is
every boy’s crush. As in they are dying for
her big time. Even Angella’s boyfriend who
is the most popular boy in school..”
“Seriously? Ehn! Am surprised o. Jesus!
Everybody must hear this latest gist on the
school page!” Cynthia started to type on
her phone.

“What are you doing?” Caroline asked
“Informing my godmother that I have
found our old prey. Cousin gist me about

“Actually you were right about her. Her dad
is super rich!”

“How do you know?” Cynthia said without
look at her

‘I’ve found Katherine Adebowale! It turned
out to be that, she’s my cousin’s classmate’

Cynthia typed on her phone and sent it to
Tola on Whatsapp.

“Angella couldn’t stand her so we did a
check on her” Caro explained
“I’m sure there will be a big problem.
Angella won’t let Kate take her shine like
that..” Cynthia laughed
“You’re right..”

“Gist me”

Then Caroline told her everything that has
been going on at EHS.
“Angella is determined to treat her f--k up
like she did to Adesewa” Caro said
“So what’s her plan?”
“I don’t know what she’s planning but I’m
sure she has something in mind” Caro said
“Its easy to make those boys hate
Cynthia said

“I’m not going to tell you because Angella
is involved. I hate her now for kicking us
out of her house ” Cynthia Said
Caroline thought for a second
Cynthia knows a way to getting rid of
Katherine. A way that will help Angella win
Joseph again and also favour her too.. In a
big way. Maybe she would finally get what
she desired.

She used to like Katherine but she started
to hate her when Emeka became close to
Katherine. And she knew Emeka also liked
Kate. Caroline had been nuts about Emeka
since Junior school but he didn’t like her
and he already made it clear that she
wasn’t his type the day she wrote him a
love note online in SS1.

“You have to help me” Caro Said with a
serious look on her face
“You?” She said raising up her brows
“Yes..Oh well how do I explain this to
you..?” Caro sighed
“.. Just say it” Cynthia encouraged
“A guy I love is in love with Katherine” she

Cynthia listened and arched her brows
“He doesn’t even care about me again ever
since Kate joined EHS” Caro lied
“Who is this guy?”she asked
“He is a guy in my class” Caro replied
“Oh! The one on your screensaver?!”
Cynthia said with a wide eye
“” Caro muttered
Cynthia laughed
“You love him?”
“Deeply but I can’t be with him because of
Kate” she explained soberly
“If you tell me what to do to make boys
hate Kate then I’ll be grateful to you..For
life” She said
“Actually, everyone will hate Kate once
they find out who she really is..” Cynthia
said with a wicked smile
“Will..Will you help me?”
She asked

Cynthia nodded
“#15,000 and I’ll transfer some files to
you” She said

“What?! 15k? Where do I get such
money?!” Caro said
“You can use your allowance” Cynthia
“I don’t have money Cynthia -” she said
shaking her head
“Okay..I’ll keep my plan to myself. So my
cousin, just sit back and watch Katherine
Adebowale take the love of your life away”
She said in anger before throwing the
bedcover over her body in an attempt to

Caroline grumbled for seconds before
releasing a loud sigh.
“#2000” she offered
“Make it 7k cousin” Cynthia said
“#3000 and I’ll give you that heels you
like..” Caroline bargained

Cynthia flared up immediately with a huge
smile on her lips. She had loved the
crimson stiletto heels on Caroline’s shoe
rack. She had asked Caroline to sell it to her
but she declined. But now she was offering
it to her for free in exchange of files to ruin

“Are you sure?” Cynthia asked
Caroline nodded
Cynthia picked a notepad and pencil from
the drawer and she gave it to Caroline.
“Sign on it” she instructed
Caroline rolled her eyes
“I’m serious” she said
“Sign please..”

“Okay..what should I write?” Caro asked
“#3000 and stiletto heels” Cynthia said
And she wrote down on the pad and then
signed on it.

“Good girl go and bring the money..”
Cynthia snapped it on her phone.
Caroline went to her wardrobe and gave
her the money
“Deal?” She asked
“Deal!” Caroline replied
“Switch on your Xender, lemme transfer it
to you” Caroline did as Cynthia instructed.
She transferred some pictures to her.
“Done” she said
Caroline scrolled to her gallery and her jaw
dropped widely on seeing the first image.
“Unbelievable!” She gasped
“It was a little dark in there but am sure
you can do picture reading. Telling the
scene by the picture..” She said
“Are.. Are..You sure -” Caro paused
“Are you blind? Or am I the one in the
picture?” Cynthia questioned with a frown
“No” she said
“So use the pictures wisely to get what you
want” Cynthia said
Caroline answered with a nod
“Oh girl its nice doing business with you.
Call me anytime you need my help”
Caroline said falling back on the bed
“Good..Night” she yawned loudly. Caroline
was stunned. She wondered if it was truly
Katherine Adebowale in those pictures.
Minutes clicked by, and she thought if it
was really sensible to show the pictures to
everyone at school.

She thought deeply
It struck her seconds later, that she needed
to get Emeka for herself and this would
also make Angella forgive her for the bad
words Cynthia said to her. She was 100%
sure that Angella would be interested In
these pictures.


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