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Edge of a knife - Season 1 - Episode 52
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I silently forced the badly scattered car door open, in a way that i wouldn’t alert the police it gave way, but I didn’t know what to do, I was stalked in between, coming out to get arrested, and looking for an alternative on how to run away, an I dear soon crept in I pushed open the other door, and pushed out Felix body, it made sounds in such a way that they all ran and focuses their attention towards that direction, I quickly rolled out of the other side, and roll inside a gutter, I discovered I could not move my legs, but I couldn’t stay all in the gutter, so I started crawling on the stuffy smelling gutter, after crawling a reasonable distance for over 30mins, I manage to come out of the gutter, all stained in mud and smelly. Luckily for me there was an adjourning road, I crossed over with staggering steps, till I feel to my knees again, I crashed beside a fence.

Just when I started savouring the relief of escaping the police narrowly, I heard a voice over my head, I thought I was hallucinating, but no it was real.

Voice: Good boy, Hehehe!!! You will always come to daddy, it said sarcastically, made to look up, but a slap descended right on my bloody and muddy face. It was Oscar! The slap hurts I grind my teeth so hard.

Oscar: I would have shot you dead right now, but I can’t afford the police coming over here to see us, Plus I have something to show to you! He said, he snapped his fingers, and it was then that I noticed he was not alone, he had company, they must have been lurking around, to see what the police were going to do to anyone that came out of the car, and now I have walked into their very hands, I groan in pain as they used a hard rope to tie my body, before they dumped me on the back of a car Boot.

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