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Dial - Season 2 - Episode 37
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Abena Adobea rushed forward with absolute terror on her face and knelt in front of King Obiba, and held his leg.
“Please, I beg of you, spare his life, please!” she wept bitterly. “If you do, I’ll marry you willingly, please, My Lord!”
And that seared me to the heart, and my face expressed my absolute wrath as I moved forward too, disregarding the guns and the dogs. The king looked up and saw my furious visage. He reached down quickly, lifted Adobea up, and then pressed the wicked knife in his hand to her throat.
“One more step, stranger, just one more step, and I slit her throat!” he said viciously.
I stopped, impotent with rage. I didn’t see one of the royal guards coming from behind with his rifle reversed. He crashed the butt of the rifle into the base of my head, and a million stars exploded in my head.

I crashed to the hard ground, and darkness found me as I became unconscious.
I never knew how long I stayed in that dark state, but when my eyes opened I found solid earth on each side of me!

And I was totally naked, and my hands had been tied with cords across my chest, and my feet were also bound together. I looked up, and I saw that I was still in the forest, and people were standing above me.
It took some few minutes for the awful truth to dawn on me.

I was lying in a freshly-dug grave!
My body was wet, and so was the earth around me. It took me a second longer to see that a guard standing up there on the side of the grave, had poured a bucket of water on me, the icy coldness forcing me to full wakefulness.

“He’s awake, Nana Komfo!” the man shouted.

I could hear Abena Adobea screaming somewhere out of my vision. A moment later more men came to the edge of the grave to stare at me. I recognized the mean face of Okomfo Basabasa and King Obiba.

The fear was a cold knot in the bottom of my gut!

Dearest me, these wicked people were really going to bury me alive!

I struggled furiously against the cords tying me, but to no avail. I dug my heels into the earth and leveraged my upper body up into a sitting position.

“You have angered the gods by desecrating the sanctity and holiness of the nsamanpowmu, stranger!” Okomfo Basabasa screamed down at me with unrestrained hatred. “And for that you will die in your natural state! Cover him up!”
I screamed with a mixture of fury and fear as four royal guards began to scoop loose earth with shovels and threw their loads down into the grave…on top of me!

I tried to stand up, but to no avail!
Great shovelful of earth rained down on my head and my naked body.

Fluuuuaaam, fluuuuaaam, fluuuuuuuaaam, fluuuuuaaaaam!

I had been in many sticky situations, and had some near-death experiences in my life, but this moment was the most horrific time of my life! The claustrophobic effect, the thought of impending suffocation and horrible death almost made me pass out!

This was the epicentre of all fears, of all horrors!

I was being buried alive…oh, my Pappy!
I was weeping and coughing dirt, unable to breathe…waiting for death, crying for my love, Abena Adobea!

Madness was a real threat at that particular moment. The heaps of dirt had now totally covered me up to my lower belly. Still I could hear Abena Adobea screaming.

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