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Dial - Season 2 - Episode 35
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And, perhaps the happiest day of my life in that new town was the day Abena Adobea washed my hair, and styled it beautifully into new cornrows.

Sitting in front of her, with her head back almost on her lower belly as she plaited my hair, I found the passion and the love bubbling in me, and I guess that was the day I admitted to myself, that I might be in a spot of trouble.
I had fallen in love, deeply and unreservedly, with a village girl.


I began to teach Abena Adobea how to drive the car, and she surprised me with her natural acumen and intelligence with the automobile, and before long she was cruising around with sheer happiness on her face as I relaxed in the passenger seat just staring at her with a mixture of love, happiness and amusement.

Our evening walks became something of a regular moment for us, taking us farther into the surrounding forest. We found a favourite spot, near the edge of a sparkling brook, where we spread a blanket on the ground, most times, and enjoyed a snack as we chatted softly.

And that was how Okomfo Basabasa found us.
Maybe he set spies on me, or maybe he just knew my movements because of that d--n powers they had, he and Nana b0s0mba and people like him. Whatever it was, he found us that late evening by the brook.

Abena Adobea popped the last bit of shortbread biscuit into her mouth – she had become quite fond of that biscuit – and smiling contentedly at me, she slowly lay down on the blanket and closed her eyes.

Sitting with my back propped up against a tree, I looked at her with a slight smile on my face. I never get tired of looking at that lovely and cherished face. Suddenly, a smile broke fully on her face, and she reached out her right hand toward me. I took her hand, and she dragged me down to the blanket.

I chuckled and lay on my back beside her. Suddenly she turned on her side and then draped the loveliest thigh in the world across my thighs. I gasped, my whole body experiencing that electric moment of unexpected pleasure, and then she reared up above me and looked down at my face.
And on her face was an expression I had never seen before, and one I wished I would always see. It was a divine look, a breath-taking look of tenderness, of passion, of infinite bubbling emotion from the very core of her heart…the sort of look every man would never get tired of seeing on his partner’s face.

This, indeed, was the expression of love.
My heartbeats quickened as her head dropped, and then she kissed me…slowly, tenderly, oh, so sweetly. I didn’t touch her, but just relaxed and enjoyed that heavenly feeling of those sweet lips on mine. So soft, so dizzying, so amazing, making my heart race and my pulse hammering so wildly that I could hear it in my head… kpum, kpum, kpum, kpum!

It was a most rapturous moment for me, one I could have revelled in for eternity.
But then, the growls came!

At first I thought they were coming from her, but then they got fiercer and more closer, and then Adobea lifted her face off mine, and both of us looked around with alarm, and then terror slammed into me at the sight that met my eyes.

We were surrounded by about ten royal palace guards dressed in red war regalia. About six were holding double-barrelled guns pointed at us, and four were holding four straining beastly dogs on leashes, straining to get at us and tear us to pieces.

Adobea screamed, but I held her tightly and whispered into her ears.
“It’s okay, my love, it’s okay,” I said gently. “Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen to you.”

I got up slowly and dragged her to her feet, but she kept her arms around me, still trembling with fear. We were quite far from the main community, and I knew there would be no help from that quarter. If I had been alone I could have tried to fight my way through, but the wild dogs were the menace, and it would have been quite deadly.
But I wasn’t alone. I had a most cherished girl in my arms, and so there was nothing I could do if I wanted her not to get hurt.
Then four men emerged from the trees behind the others.

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