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Dial - Season 2 - Episode 34
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A month passed in a blur.

The citizens threw themselves into their new vocation with ferocious zeal. They were strong, and the fact that they were working to build homes for themselves served as the catalyst that galvanized them on.

The community began to expand beautifully, and it pleased me very much. They adored me, that much I knew as soon as I stepped into their midst. It was a whole new level of being needed, of feeling a part of a thriving community, and of being loved.

Then there was Abena Adobea.

We became absolutely inseparable.

We went for walks together, and explored the forest around us. She was a bundle of delight for me, and my days only began when I set eyes on her. The nights we parted started to become my worst moments.

I wasn’t very much surprised, when I began to realize that my sleeping moments ended with her, and my waking thoughts began with her. I didn’t try to kiss her again, though, and it was alright with me.

We enjoyed the company of each other, and slowly our awareness of each other became something beautiful and precious. Taking her hand, or feeling her arm slipping around me became electrified moments that I simply couldn’t have enough of, and as the days slowly rolled by, it soon began to dawn on me that there was something that needed to be done soon.

She began pressing me to go to Wowo with her because she wanted to speak to Nana b0s0mba. At first I used to tell her that she shouldn’t worry because the man himself would put in an appearance very soon, like he had been doing.

But somehow, Nana b0s0mba didn’t show up again, and I began to realize that indeed I might have to go and seek him out very soon.
Brian and I went to the village where I had left my Regera with the local police for safe-keeping. I thanked them, gave them money, filled her up with petrol, and then I drove the powerful, beautiful car back to the community. The road was bad, and I made a mental note to have it fixed. The Regera couldn’t have made it on that road if it hadn’t been the customized tyres and suspension adjustment that enabled me to suspend the mainframe up a bit, so that the underbelly of the car wouldn’t scrape the ground.

And when we got to the settlement, almost everybody came around to stare at the extremely luxurious car.

And it was that day, as I stood chatting to Maame Ntiriwaa, that Prince Kwamepia informed me that they wanted to call the new village YAO-BIKO KROM.

I protested, but they wouldn’t listen. And that was the name they gave to the settlement.

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