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Dial - Season 2 - Episode 31
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I’ve handled all the boys in this village and beyond, and none of them dared touch even my toe, but you have broken down all my barriers. We’re different here in the village, Yao. We believe in a girl’s honour, and the joy of going to our marriage bed whole. I beg of you, Yao, please don’t let me do this. Help me, please. Don’t take me. If it is love, let me fall into it naturally, to know you’re the only one for me, and that I am the only one for you. That is all I ask of you!”
Tears came to my eyes. I believed her, because she spoke to my heart. On the surface they were just words, but in a deeper level our hearts and our minds fused, and I understood her so very perfectly.
“I hear you, Maa Abena,” I said softly. “But, you know I don’t have time. I have but a few years, at the most, to live. Every day I age a bit more, under this curse. Before long, I might be too old to even see you.”

She smiled sadly as the tears trickled down her tears.
“I don’t believe love knows time and space, Yao,” she whispered softly. “I’ve known you less than three months, and yet, it seems I have known you for an eternity already. Let’s forget about the curse on you, or the impending death. To me, you’re a most charming man, even with your grey hair. To me, this moment is infinity, and yet it is too short. You affect me in ways no man has ever affected me before, Yao. But when I give myself to you, it will be because my heart is yours, for eternity, and your heart is mine till the last breath. You do understand, don’t you?”
I nodded as I took a step back, and even though I smiled, a few drops of tears fell down my cheeks.
“I understand, Maa Abena,” I said gently. “Go on, go catch some sleep.”
She was still leaning against the wall, and she came forward with a sigh and opened the door. She stepped out onto the porch, and walked slowly away.

My heart screamed for her. It was all I could do to stop myself from rushing at her and begging her to stay. I stood in the doorway and craved for her, wanted her, needed her.

She descended the stairs, and then she stopped.

An angel, a graceful beautiful angel.
Abena Adobea…Maa Abena.
An ethereal beauty, absolutely not of this world.

And as I admired her curves, her rises and valleys, her planes and rounds, I did not do so with the eye of lust, or craving, but I adored her with the beat of my heart, and the craving of the soul.

I did not want to sleep with her, no.
I did not want to have sex with her, or to bang her up, or hammer her.

I wanted to make love to her, and I wanted her to make love to me.
To love, and be loved.

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