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Dial - Season 2 - Episode 30
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My hands encircled her, and I drew her close. Her hands came up against my chest, as if to push me away, and then they spread almost with a will of their own and encircled my neck. I could feel her trembling against me. She looked so young then, like a girl in her teens, and her lovely lips trembled as I looked at them.

I couldn’t stop myself.
I kissed her.

Her lips were so soft, so pure, and so innocent. They opened for me, and her tongue met mine shyly, so poignant and sweet that I felt my nerve endings jangling rather violently through my body. My arms came higher up her back, and I drew her closer, as if I wanted her to disappear right into my body.
Her heart thundered like a million galloping hooves, and mine roared like a burning deranged and derailed train! It was a magical piece of time, a sweet slice of paradise that belonged to only us, where no one and nothing else mattered.

She was a bundle of bliss in my arms, a quantum of eternal joy that I just didn’t want to go, and as I kissed her she became more and more pliant in my arms, and I lived for that moment, existed for that brief space of air that embodied the joys and cravings of my heart.

I desired her, yes, but in a total way. I craved and lusted for her, but not for my personal gratification, but for a deeper meaning, a wholesome craving of my soul…to please, and be pleased, to cherish and be cherished, to love and to be loved.

Indeed, I was lost in the arms of this girl, pleased beyond compare in the sweetness of her lips. Her arms came down slowly, and she put her hands flat on my chest, and then she pushed me back gently, as loathed as I was to let go.

But she was insistent, and slowly I lifted my lips, reluctantly, and looked at the face of a real angel.

Her eyes were open, and her head was slightly turned to one side as she looked intently into my eyes with her heart open on her face.

“Yao,” she whispered.
“Yes, Maa Abena?” I said in a very dry throat as I swallowed my desire like a physical timber log in my throat.
“You’re a handsome man, Yao, and you’re rich and powerful,” she said softly, reaching up to put a small sweet hand on my cheek. “You’ve known sophisticated girls, and you’ve been with a lot of them. You’re charming, assertive and positive. In a nutshell, Yao, you can have me easily, because you know all the buttons to push, and you can sweep me completely off my feet.”
My face was pained as I looked at her, and I could feel the horrible cringing of my body, the first of its kind I had ever felt, as I felt her about to drop me like a bomb.
“Maa Abena, wait…”
She placed a hand across my lips, and shook her head as tears bubbled in her eyes.
“Please hear me out, Yao, I beg you,” she said tremulously. “I’m a village girl. Your ways are not my ways, and I don’t have much education. You can sway me, and in fact you have swayed me. You can lift me up right now and take me to your bedroom and take my virginity and I can’t resist it. But that is not the way I want it to be, Yao.

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