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Dial - Season 2 - Episode 29
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Her arms were tight around my waist, and the side of her face was pressed against my back. All in all, having done it all and experienced it all, that particular position at that particular point in time filled me with one of the greatest blissful moments I had ever known.

I could have stayed like that for eternity. Abena Adobea’s arms around me and her cheek to my back was divine. A slight tremor passed through her deliciously when I put my hands on her linked ones across my lower belly.

Her arms tightened when I tried to turn around, and she pressed against me tighter.
“No, no, Yao, please, please don’t turn,” she said behind me, and I smiled to myself when I heard the strained anguish in her voice.

“Why not, Abena?” I asked quietly.
“Because I don’t like the way I’m feeling,” she said, her voice equally soft. “I don’t like it at all.”
“And how are you feeling, Abena?”
“You know, Yao.”

“No, I don’t,” I said as my own heart began to beat in an irregular way. “So tell me.”
“I don’t know what it is, Yao!” she whispered. “Stop teasing me! I know that if you turn something…something I’m not prepared for might happen. Please, would you want me to fix you dinner?”
“No, Abena,” I replied. “I’ll make myself some warm cocoa. Would you like a cup?”
“No, no, Yao!” she said urgently. “I can’t stay here, you know I can’t stay any longer. I’m going to release you, and go and sleep…please, please, don’t turn round until I’m gone.”

“Alright, Maa Abena,” I said softly.
She was quiet for a while, but she still held me, and when she spoke again her voice was extremely emotional now.
“My father used to call me that,” she whispered quaveringly. “Oh, Yao!”
She let me go quickly, and then she turned and hurried toward the front door. I couldn’t help it…I couldn’t help it one bit, try as hard as I could.

So I went after her, and caught her arm just before she could touch the door handle, and when I turned her round her eyes closed as she fell back limply against the wall.

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