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Dial - Season 2 - Episode 28
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“There was a time, before I came here, and even after I came, when thoughts of her filled my head every second,” I said carefully. “I couldn’t breathe, and I just felt this ache deep inside me that just wouldn’t go away. I missed her so, and I needed her so!”
Her lips trembled, and her face looked troubled for a moment, and her eyes became dark and unfathomable.
“And now?” she asked in a quavering voice. “You still feel…feel those strong emotions for her?”
“The pain is less, Adobea,” I said quietly. “I haven’t thought of her for a while. Moreover, her brother said she would marry a white man. And she told me she would not come back again. However, one thing is for sure, Adobea.”
“And what’s that?” her voice was very small indeed, and that incredibly-beautiful face looked troubled, and suddenly I didn’t want her looking anything but happy.
“Ever since I kissed you…I haven’t felt the pain again, Adobea,” I said.
She looked at my bare chest then, dropping her eyes from my face.
“Don’t lie, please,” she said softly. “You kissed me to teach me a lesson. It didn’t mean anything to you. You just toyed with me. Maybe, it just gave you an urge to add me to this…this awful list you have.”
“Breaking away from that kiss that day, was the hardest thing I have ever done my whole life, Adobea, you d--n witch!”
She looked up at me, startled.
“I’m not a witch, you silly bastard!” she whispered fiercely. “That is what you want, isn’t it? To write my name down in your list…number what, forty-seven? Abena Adobea of Etwe-Pe-Kote!”

And just about that moment the air changed around us, and became colder and sweeter and so very tense.
“When I get to the city, the first thing I’ll do is delete that list, Adobea,” I said quietly. “It doesn’t mean crap to me anymore. In actual fact, it sickens me now, and I wish I can make it right, somehow, by reaching out to all of them, those I can get, and saying sorry.”

Her eyes searched my face frantically.
“And when did you make that decision?” she asked softly.
“Right now,” I said without batting an eye. “Right now, Adobea. Just imagining your name on my Dial List fills me with the utmost disgust, for myself!”
And it did.
For real.

I had never felt so sickened in myself as I did that moment. Suddenly, I saw the Dial List in another different angle. I saw it from the point of view of finding the name of someone you loved on a list like that!

I saw it from the point of view of Nana b0s0mba, seeing the name of his beloved daughter on a shitty list like that! And I saw it from my own point of view…wondering how I would react if I learnt that Abena Adobea, of Etwe-Pe-Kote, was on the Dial List of someone like the King of Etwe-Pe-Kote.

It was absolutely the first time I had viewed the Dial List from the eye of someone I cared for, really cared for. Putting Dede’s name on it had been a war, but the thought of putting Abena Adobea’s name on my Dial List so repulsed me that it took my breath away!
Finally, staring at her, I knew the difference between her and Dede.

I turned away from Abena Adobea, filled with shame and self-disgust, and as I made to walk away she sighed, and suddenly she wrapped her arms around my waist, from behind, and pressed her cold face against my back.

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