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Dial - Season 2 - Episode 25
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Abena Adobea took the food to my dining-room.

She entered the new house and just came to a stop, looking around her with an expression so startled that I almost laughed, but I restrained myself. The gadgets, furniture and sheer finery of the room knocked her down for six, but she was a very strong girl and managed to compose herself after the initial shock.

As I ate she moved around the house, looking intently at everything, reaching out to touch some of them tentatively with a little scowl on her face. Her food was delicious, and I wolfed it down.

Afterwards, I took her to the kitchen, opened the tap in the sink, and as the water began to flow she gave a startled yelp and jumped back, colliding into me. This time I laughed as I held her to steady her. She smiled ruefully as I showed her how to turn the tap on and off.
The power plant was on, and I got myself a bottle of iced water from the fridge. She washed, and I rinsed and cleaned. At first she didn’t want me to do that.
“It is a woman’s job, please,” she said with a scowl.
“No job is marked as a woman’s, Adobea,” I returned. “It is fun if we do it together.”
She frowned again, slightly, and then she turned to the chore of washing up.
When we were done she looked at me with eyes that seemed a little bit troubled, and then she informed me she needed to check in on her mother.

Just then I heard a scream in the yard, and I looked out the window. I saw that, getting to the centre of the establishment, Brian was showing the men how the pump of the borehole worked, and as the water began coming out Tawiah and the former guards started screaming with glee.

When I turned Abena Adobea was looking at me in a funny kind of way.
“What’s wrong, Abena?” I asked quietly.
She sighed and looked down for a moment, and then her eyes came up slowly.
“Why are you doing this?” she asked quietly.

“Oh, it’s nothing, really,” I said with a little sigh. “Initially I wanted it to be just a small settlement for your mother, because her house in the forest was really a terrible place, and her daily battles with snakes were unacceptable. And I thought others might come and live with her. However, I’ve changed my mind about all that. I want this place to be a full village, so that people around can come and stay here, and leave that village for the king and the priest all alone.”

“Your own revenge,” she said hollowly.
I didn’t bat an eye.
“Yes, my own revenge, but not for what they did to me, no. But for what they did to your mother, to the prince and his mother, to a lot of people they have ruined one way or the other. But, most of all, I want to see the people happy, and comfortable.”
She frowned.

“These things you have done,” she said slowly. “They must have cost an awful, awful sum of money, Yao. Why? What do you expect in return?”

I looked at her for a long time, and then I beckoned to her.
“Come and see something, Abena.”
She walked to my side almost timidly, and then I pointed out of the window.
The prince, his mother, Aba and Maame Ntiriwaa had joined the men near the borehole, and they were taking turns at the hand-pump, just screaming and laughing with uncontrollable pleasure as the water gushed out, clean and pure and free.
“You see that, Adobea?” I asked quietly. “That is happiness. There was a time I only thought of what I would get out of everything I did. I was motivated by profit, and profit alone. But, being able to fill someone with that kind of happiness, outweighs any profit I could’ve made here. Do you understand that?”

She didn’t speak, but she nodded once, and then she turned away abruptly.
“I’ll check on my mother then,” she said hurriedly.

“Would you come back?” I asked when she neared the main door.
She stopped without turning to look at me.
“Do you want me to come back?” she asked in an unsteady voice.
“Yes, Abena,” I answered. “I always want you to come back. Always.”
She stiffened, and then she quickly opened the door and went out. I stood looking at the door for a long time, and then I sighed. I went to the bathroom, filled the tub with cold water, and slipped in.

It was a most glorious feeling indeed after the slight jolt of pain that flashed across my still tender back. Afterwards, back in the bedroom, I slipped into the huge, comfortable bed, and the sleep just knocked me out.

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