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Dial - Season 2 - Episode 24
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There was a central modern pump-operated borehole. The floors were cemented. They had created a superb garden toward the end, with both natural and artificial flowers.
“We put in a plant to provide light at nights, Yao,” Kuuku said proudly. “We’ve harnessed water from the borehole that pumps into the polytanks on the roofs, supplying water into the rooms.”
My face split open in a wide grin.
“So I can take a shower now?” I asked, awed.

“Right on, boss!” Brian said, obviously happy at the expression on my face.
“You guys just earned yourselves salary hikes!” I said with pride. “And vacations with your families, all paid. Give bonuses to the boys, to make them finish with the other houses quicker.”

I saw the stunned looks on their faces, and I nodded to myself.

“Your house is the one down there,” Brian pointed to the bigger building.
“Yeah,” I said, nodding. “See, we have a prince here too. Now I’ve got another plan, guys. A d--n wicked king and his cohorts got ugly with me. And it is payback time. I want you to build a palace down there in the center. We’ll build a hospital, an entertaining center. Bring in television. The prince will take the palace, and we’ll build more houses, for every citizen in that d--n village. I want all th people to migrate here, live in comfort, and leave that crumbling village for the king and his fetish priest alone to live there.”

They looked at each other and nodded.
“Free?” Brian asked softly.
“Free, my brother, free,” I said softly. “Unlimited budget allocation, bro.”
“Ei, Awurade Nyankopon!” Kuuku shouted. “Am I listening to Yao Biko? Somebody hit me with an iron and wake me up!”

We all laughed, and then I heard the strangled gasps behind me, and I turned.
They had come out of the forest with great fear on their faces, but when they saw the incredible sight below, they all came and stood by my side, gaping with mouths wide open.

“You did this?” Maame Ntiriwaa whispered, barely above a whisper, her eyes almost popping out of her face.
“The big house is mine,” I said in a happy voice. “The one next to that is for Maame Ntiriwaa and her daughter. We’re going to build a palace, but for now the prince can select a house for himself and his mother and live there temporarily. The other houses would be first come, first served, so Tawiah and the guards can have whichever they want. Prince, since you’re going to be the king here, you can name the town, but please, I beg of you, don’t use any Etwe or Kote, abeg!”

In a flash Tawiah and the guards began to run toward the amazing place, followed by the king and his mother. Maame Ntiriwaa and Aba followed at a more leisurely pace, their fear forgotten, their faces split with great happiness.
“Hey, Tawiah, d--n it, take care!” I shouted. “If you spill the mpotompoto I swear I’ll skin you alive!”
Their cries of happiness drowned me out.
I remained still as Abena Adobea came and stood by my side. I looked at her, and there were tears in her eyes.

She reached out suddenly and took my hand in her soft one.
“Can I call you Yao?” she asked softly.
“Won’t have it any other way, Adobea,” I said softly.

She brushed tears from her cheeks and nodded.

“I’m very sorry for what happened, Yao,” she whispered quaveringly. “For every little bit of pain you felt. If I hadn’t hit you, the snakes would’ve killed you.”
“I’m not holding anything against you, Abena,” I said gently.
“But I want to hear you’ve forgiven me,” she said, her voice lost, like a little girl.
“Yes, Abena Adobea, I’ve forgiven you,” I said gently. “I’m happy I brought you down a peg or two, you d--n beautiful, haughty witch!”

She stood by my side, and she smiled.
It was a fine day.
Yes, indeed, it was a pretty fine day.

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