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Dial - Season 2 - Episode 14
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And so Abena Adobea continued hitting me slowly and softly, so that I barely felt the lashes, but soon I began to notice something really scary!

With each soft strike on my back the basket containing the snakes shook, and by the time Adobea had counted up to ten lashes the lid suddenly flew off the basket, and four deadly snakes poked their evil heads out of the basket, their evil eyes fixed on me, their forked tongues flashing out disturbingly!

Abobea saw it too, and she paused suddenly, her scared eyes staring at the snakes with terror. The four snakes were absolutely still, their eyes fixed on me with evil intent!

Adobea raised the cane, and brought it down softly on my back, and the snakes immediately slithered violently out of the basket and plodded on the floor with a horrible sound as they splattered in the blood. They remained still again, lying flat on the floor, their dark eyes fixed on my feet, their tongues flickering with evil intent.

They waited.

The princess lifted the cane, and brought it lightly down on my back…

The four black mambas slithered forward suddenly toward my legs, and then they waited, their tongues flickering with anticipation!

My heart was beating with trepidation, and it dawned on all of us almost at the same time…

The princess couldn’t go on beating me lightly. With each soft strike the snakes crept closer! I now understood the dance of the fetish priest, and his reassurance that Abena’s soft beating was indeed something good!

If she continued like that the snakes would soon be on me, and would strike me with their venom…and kill me instantly!
“Oh, no, oh no!” Abena Adobea m0aned with horror and looked at the fetish priest frantically. “What have you done, you evil man?”

Okomfo Basabasa smiled mirthlessly.
“Not me, dear Princess, not me,” he said softly. “It is all in your hands!”
Abena Adobea was on the fourteenth strike, and she brought it lightly down on my back, and the snakes now hissed and slithered forward alarmingly, now only a few inches from my legs.

“You’re going to kill him, d--n you!” Maame Ntiriwaa screamed with terror. “Lash him! Lash him hard now or the snakes would kill him!”

Abena Adobea looked on with horrified eyes, and then she looked at me, and shook her head numbly as tears bubbled down her cheeks once more, her nightmare taking another turn.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t hit him, I can’t hit you, please!” she said in a tortured voice, and then she lowered the cane.

Immediately the huge snakes slithered toward me at top speed…

Sriiish-sriish-sriiiish …came their horrible sounds as they cut through the blood, and then they all reared up their heads to strike me with their deadly venom!

I heard Maame Ntiriwaa screaming, and then Abena Adobea raised the cane and brought it crashing into my back with fury…


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