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Dial - Season 2 - Episode 12
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“What does it mean?” King Obiba screamed shrilly with hatred, his eyes blazing at me as I lay in the blood. “Does it mean he goes free?”

“Keep your voice down!” Okomfo Basabasa hissed under his breath furiously. “The Oracle members are here, and angry! Let me handle this if you don’t want a curse on you, my Lord!”
He looked at Abena Adobea, who was still kneeling down at the King’s feet.
“Our custom prescribes one of two punishment for anybody that touches the companion of the king!” he said with a trembling voice. “Either he receives twenty lashes on his back, or death! You have the power now, Princess! I’m sorry we made the choice for you, but as our customs say, which we unfortunately forgot, you shall make the choice, Princess!”

Abena Adobea watched me helplessly, with the lanterns dancing off her face, and then great tears rolled down her face in torrents.
“Let him go!” she whispered in a broken voice. “I’m so sorry! Please I’m so sorry! Please let him go!”

“Abena!” King Obiba thundered with unrestrained fury. “Are you out of your mind? Are you saying you liked this filthy pig’s paws on you?”

“Keep your voice down!” Okomfo Basabasa hissed at the king furiously. “Do you want curses on us?”
He glared at the king with unrestrained fury, and then he turned to Abena Adobea again.
“Unfortunately, we can’t let him go,” he said fiercely. “Either we lash him, or we put his head in the basket of snakes. Your choice, Princess. Now!”

And Royal Princess Abena Adobea only wept bitterly.

“Abena!” King Obiba screamed. “Choose death, choose death, now! Now, Abena!”

The princess only wept bitterly, and could not speak.

“Fine, since you can’t make a choice, custom demands that we give the king the next option to choose –”
“No!” Abena Adobea screamed shrilly. “He lives! I choose the caning!”

There were groans of disappointment from the elders and kingmakers, and then King Obiba reached down, grabbed Adobea by the hair and dragged her up with fury.
“Are you mad, huh, Abena?” he hissed violently. “Are you out of your mind? You let him live, you stupid girl!”

And then the king slapped Abena Adobea savagely across the face, the blow flinging her off the podium and depositing her rather clumsily on the floor where her mother was still kneeling naked.

With a trickle of blood running down her right nostrils, looking like a black line in the inadequate light, the royal princess reached out and touched her mother’s shoulder with a trembling hand.

“Mama!” she wept bitterly, her voice broken, her soul lost. She was no more a sophisticated girl seeking for power. Abena Adobea was suddenly a lost child seeking a mother.

But Maame Ntiriwaa shook her shoulder free from Abena Adobea’s grip.
“Keep your hands off me!” Maame Ntiriwaa shouted at her, causing her to flinch with shock. “Look at what you have caused, Abena! You see the type of men you chose over me? I accept your wish, Abena Adobea! You don’t want me as a mother? I also disown you this night, Abena Adobea! You’re no longer my daughter! Take your hands off me! You’re not my daughter!”
“Mama!” Abena Adobea screamed, her face shattered with pain…

She moved her body and knelt in front of her mother, in the blood, bowed her head, and began to weep silently with a totally shattered heart!

“Forgive me, Mama!” she wept bitterly, from her deepest core, her beautiful face torn to shreds by the depths of her agony. “I strayed when Papa died. It hurt, Mama, it hurt so bad! I wanted the pain to stop…but I’ve wronged you, Mama! Only your daughter will wrong you! Please, Mama, forgive me…forgive me, Mama! Only a child passes stool on her mother, but a mother can’t cut off the flesh, but washes it off! Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me…Mama!

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