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DESPERATE PLIGHT (Travails Of a hero ) - Season 2 - Episode 14
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The army General was lost on what to say, so he just patted Richard on the shoulder and left the house while Richard just stood staring at the paper…


Richard woke up and yawned widely. He looked around and realised he had slept on the couch in the sitting room, then he glanced at the wall clock and the time read 11:45AM. He couldn’t believe he had slept that long, that was the very first time he had slept that long ever since he returned from the war.
He stood up and walked to the window to open it but then sighted his wife, children, Thelma and anothr familiar face. “They must have been here for a long time but its unfortunate I didn’t hear when the knocked,” he thought as he moved and opened the front door.

Immediately he stepped on the varenda, before Jane or their children could run to him, Mike and Tega rushed to him and dragged him to the middle of the compound. Then Tega pulled out a gun and pointed it at him. Richard stood and scanned around his compound, looking for any possible place that could cause immediate injury if one fell on it. But there was no place.

“This deadly mission has succeeded in killing Lucy and her unborn baby, so now am going to kill you,” Tega barked and made to pull the trigger but Richard quickly jumped up and pushed them down with his two legs.

Thelma who stood beside Raymond ran to the fighting scene and pulled Tega up for a fight, leaving Richard to handle Mike. Suddenly a car drove in and Mr Wan got out almost immediately before the car could even stop.

Richard smiled and nodded at Thelma. “Wow! Two against three, let the battle begin!” he said and advanced towards Mike, then threw a punch to his face while turning round to give Mr Wan a sidewards kick which left him reeling to the ground.

Thelma struggled on and on with Tega but she was no match for him, she screamed in pains as she landed on the hard ground while Raymond rushed forward and threw Mike a punch.

Jane who had been watching all along quickly shoved her children into the house and ran to their room. Coming out again, she held a long sword that had a curved shape which was given to her husband as a gift by the current Army General. She unwrapped the sword and ran to the fighting scene, Just as Tega was about stabbing Raymond with a dagger he had brought out, she ran behind him and with the swiftness of an eagle, sent his head flying towards Raymond thus splashing his blood everywhere while Tega fell down headless with blood oozing from his neck.

Without a word, Jane ran to Mike too and kicked him down, then chopped off his right hand with the sword.

Seeing this, Mr Wan turned and ran, but Richard quickly took Tega’s gun and shot him dead before he could get to his car.

Raymond ran to Thelma’s side and carried her up from the ground while Jane took Tega’s dagger and stood over Mike
“How dare you try to ruin my happiness?” she asked and raised the dagger up..

“I’m so…sorry,” Mike stammered but Jane brought down the dagger and before Richard could get to hold her, she drove the dagger deep into Mike’s stomach and left him bleeding in pains with one hand.

After Mike had breath his last, Jane stood erect and threw herself on Richard in a tight hug while Raymond also hugged Thelma.
“Thank you, I love you so much,” Richard breath as he held Jane tight.
“You are my hero,” Jane smiled though Richard couldn’t hear her…

Minutes later, the army General drove in with a truck load of soldiers only to realise that his work was already done. He smiled and appreciated everyone especially Jane who was bold enough to chop off a human head without blinking the eye. After all the talking, the dead bodies were taken away and everyone moved into Richard’s house to discuss…

Months later…

Thelma and Raymond got married while Mrs Davidson was discharged.

Richard reunited with his family though he still remained deaf as a price he had to pay for cheating on his wife.

Mr Davidson, Tega and Mike lost the battle and died an untimely death.

Lucy became past tense but till date, the reason for the hatred and fights still remains a secret. (me sef I don’t know but when I find out, I will tell you all, lol)…


Wow, see as story turn Noblequeen into a killer, lol.

Please this story is an entire fiction o and its only the love part that I can act very well not the killing part, biko nu…
Much love from my heart of hearts…
Still ur special girl
# Noblequeen saying stay calm, stay blessed and keep doing good..

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