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DESPERATE PLIGHT (Travails Of a hero ) - Season 2 - Episode 13
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* * *

Jane felt very frightened but she just had to be strong for her children. “Who’s there?” she asked for the umpteenth time looking around the dark room.

Just then a huge hand covered her mouth while another pulled her shouting children away from her.
“No one dares me and go scot free,” a hoarse deep voice said and dragged her out of the house amidst her screaming…
* * *

Thelma sat on the couch with her head buried in her palms. Then Raymond came and sat beside her with a glass of water.
“Here!” Raymond smiled and stretched out the glass of water to her.

Thelma raised her head and collected the glass of water, “Thanks dear,” she smiled and drank from the glass. They had gotten home minutes ago because the doctor asked them to return and come back the next day.
“How do you feel now?” Raymond asked as she dropped the cup on the side stool.
“Much better,” Thelma breath in and out deeply
“I’ve missed your cheerfulness, please don’t worry, everything will be alright,” Raymond smiled and pulled her into his arms.
Thelma just nodded and held him tight…

* * *

Tega and his uncle were still sitting on the settee when the female doctor walked in again and they stood up to meet her…
“What’s the situation at hand doctor?” Tega asked.

“I’m sorry, we tried our possible best but we couldn’t help it and her condition was worse before you guys got here,” the doctor explained.

“What do you mean by that?” Mr Wan asked.
“I’m sorry, we lost her.”
“And the baby?”
“Gone too,” the doctor said, then excused herself and left.
Tega couldn’t believe his ears, he quickly left his uncle and ran to the ward Lucy was…


Lucy lay straight while a green cloth covered her whole body including her face. Tega walked up to her and uncovered the cloth from her face.

“I love you Lucy and I will make sure I kill those that are the reason behind our coming to America that led to your untimely death,” Tega vowed.

“What are you planning?” his uncle asked as he entered the room and walked up to him.
“Return to Nigeria to complete my mission,” he said with all seriousness.
“And What is your mission?” his uncle asked.

“To wipe out my enemies from the entire surface of the earth.”
“Hmm!” the Uncle sighed.
“Are you on my side?” Tega asked.
“Yes son, always on your side,” Mr Wan smiled and placed both hands on his shoulder.
Tega smiled painfully, “Please prepare the guns and explosives for me.”
“Sure, I will come with you to Nigeria tomorrow,” Mr Wan gave him a reassuring smile.

“Thanks sir,” Tega appreciated and glanced back at Lucy who lay lifeless. “I will revenge your death Lucy, I cross my heart,” he said bitterly..

* * *

The Army General sat speechless as staring at Richard. “Do you really mean you’re deaf?” he asked forgetting that Richard couldn’t hear.
“Please sir, write everything you are saying down on a paper,” Richard pleaded.
“This is serious!” The Army General exclaimed. Just then, the door opened and Mike walked in.
“Hello, a very goodevening to you two,” he greeted and moved to sit on the couch, then crossed his legs.
“Who are you?” the army General asked.
“I’m one of those that’s on a deadly mission,” Mike smiled wickedly.
“Are you not the guy that was arrested for trying to molest Mr Richard’s wife?” the General asked and stood up.
There was a little moment of silence and the only thing that could be heard in sitting room was the ceiling fan swirling in the air.
Then Mike stood up too and stood face to face with the Army General. “This mission will be completed tomorrow and then I will get the woman have always loved which is Jane, goodbye and prepare for tomorrow,” Mike said, turned and walked out through the open door.
The Army General stood staring at the open door while Richard moved closer to him.
“Please sir, I need to know what he said,” Richard pleaded.

The Army General stared at him in pity, then picked up a newspaper from the centre table, brought out a pen from his jacket pocket and wrote down something, then handed it to Richard.

Richard collected the newspaper and stared at the empty space where the General had written down something. “Deadly mission to be completed tomorrow,” he read out aloud. “What does this mean?” Richard questioned…

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