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DESPERATE PLIGHT (Travails Of a hero ) - Season 2 - Episode 12
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* * *
6th avenue, park lane

For a moment, Tega looked lost on what to do. Then when it felt like his senses had returned, he quickly removed his phone from his pocket and dailed his uncle’s number since he didn’t know anywhere around Washington DC except for the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION(ISS)…

By the time his uncle arrived, Lucy had lost so much blood and looked weak like she was going to die anytime soon. Soon, with the help of his uncle, Lucy was rushed to the nearby hospital…

The well trained medical personnel’s were seen trying every possible best to revive Lucy who had automatically stopped breathing.
Tega and his uncle, Mr Wan, sat restlessly on the long settee inside the hospital’s reception.

An hour later, a tall light skinned doctor walked into the reception with a smile which made it look like she wanted to break bad news to a patient with a smile. On her neck hung a stethoscope and on her hands were white gloves which indicated that she was just out of the theatre.
“Please, how’s she doing?” Mr wan asked.
“She’s been placed on a life supporting machine now and she will also be needing blood transfusion but not to worry, we will try our possible best to save her,” the doctor said with a smile still on her face and then excused herself and walked away.

“Oh no! I’m finished!” Tega cried and placed his hand on his head.
“Stop behaving childlike son, we have the best medical facilities here and be rest assured she will be bouncing back in good health in a short while,” Mr Wan said soothingly as he led him back to sit on the settee.

“What if she dies or loosesthe baby?” Tega questioned in fear.
“Oh come off it and don’t talk nonsense,” the uncle rebuked…
* * *

Thelma and Raymond now sat close to each other looking after Thelma’s mum while Thelma rested her head on Raymond’s shoulder, Raymond’s hand was behind her back, romancing her gently through her cotton top.

“Baby please, you know we’re in the hospital, you are making me feel…” Thelma began but Raymond hushed her and placed a hand over her mouth.

“Say no more, I understand you perfectly well,” he smiled and kissed her hair softly…
* * *

As Richard sat on the couch, the door pushed open and the Army General walked in.
“Mr Richard, I’ve been knocking for almost an hour but it seems you didn’t hear me,” the army general said and walked to sit opposite him but Richard only greeted him and smiled.
“Where’s your wife and children?” the General asked.
“Please sir, can you get a pen and paper, then write all wat you say to me because I’m now deaf,” Richard pleaded soberly.
“You are deaf? Impossible!” the army General retorted in shock as he couldn’t believe his ears…

* * *

Jane’s car pulled to a stop infront of the apartment, then she and the children got out. She was actually surprised cos the normally sat on the settee infront of the house but tonight, the settee was empty.

“Grandma and Grandpa,” Ella and Emmy called out excitedly and ran into the house because they door was always unlocked till about 10pm at night.

“Grandma,” the both called out again in unison but there was no reply which was very unusual.
“Ella, Emmy,” Jane called and joined her children inside the sitting room.
“Mum no one is here,” Emmy complained and frowned.
“Check all the rooms and backyard,” Jane smiled, trying to hide her fears while the children did as they were told.
They trio searched everywhere but they couldn’t find anyone.
“Mum, they ain’t here, everywhere is empty and quiet,” Ella said while Emmy began to cry…
“Don’t worry, they might have gone out,” Jane said trying to sound calm.
“But they always lock everywhere when going out and we are always informed.”
Jane kept mute as she didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want to believe what her mind was telling her but suddenly the sitting room light went off but surprisingly others were still on.

Jane shivered in fright and held the children closer to herself. “Who are you? Switch on the light now,” she ordered but got no reply.
“Mum!” Ella and Emmy shook in fright and clutched more to the mother.
“Switch on the light now,” Jane ordered again but then she heard faint voices nd footsteps which almost made her jump out of her skin…

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