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Deborah  - Season 1 - Episode 28
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Inemesit was glad Ani had honored her invitation, Morganna had clearly taken her for a fool and she would soon bear witness to the results.

‘What would you like to have Ma’am’?
a waiter came with the menu.

‘Bourbon only’
Inem said. She spoke in a low tone so no one would recognize her in the bar, thanks to Morganna, she was now the troll on social media and the most wayward woman in the world.

‘Inemesit’ she heard her name, she quickly turned and found Ani standing behind her with another guy that resembled him slightly.

‘You came! Please have a seat’
she offered....

‘Thanks, good evening, this is my cousin Andy, let’s be quick about this’
Ani had no time to waste.

‘Alright then, I really loved Morganna as my friend, though I hurt her, I apologized and I swore never to stab her again, you see, people make mistakes, that’s why we’re human’

Inem paused as she recalled how angry Morganna had been when she discovered her fling with Ani.

‘Please go straight the point, what do you have on Morganna?’ Ani cut her short.

‘I see, you’re in such a hurry, why do I have a feeling you don’t love her anymore’?
Inem sneered at him.

Then she saw the firmness of his jawbone and the dark glare he gave her, she dipped her hands into the purse she carried and gave him some papers.

‘What’s this’?
Ani scanned them briefly not understanding any word that was written on it.

‘A doctor’s report’ Andy replied silently, his father was a medical doctor and he’d seen him issue such reports a thousand times to people.

‘Morganna Esio, the woman you’re to marry was cheating on you back in school but I covered for her.

She later got pregnant for one of her boyfriends and out of panic she took some drugs which turned out to be fake.

Her womb became ruptured and I took her to one Dr Briggas for treatment, this man was sincere and told her she could never conceive as her womb had been destroyed. So with her father’s approval, she was operated upon and her womb was removed,

Morganna Esio has no womb’

Inem dropped her bombshell.

‘That’s my father you just talked about, he is a gynecologist. I knew it, I knew from the first day I set my eyes on Morganna that I’d seen her before’
Andy was stunned by the shocking revelation.

‘How’s this possible? She is pregnant with my child and we’ll wed soon’ Ani scoffed.

‘Funny, pregnant! Is it some miracle baby? Well, I have done my part, if I were you, I’d take her to a standard hospital for a pregnancy test, please excuse me’ Inem dropped more documents and walked out of the bar.

‘Men, this is super story, can someone actually pretend to be pregnant? What does she hope to achieve’? Ani found Inem’s story hard to believe.

‘I told you before man, there was something creepy about that fiancée of yours’ Andy was happy Ani had finally learnt the truth.

‘If you’re still in doubt, maybe we should call my dad, he keeps records’
Andy said.

‘No, I believe it, marrying Morganna would’ve been the greatest mistake of my life’ Ani muttered to himself.

‘So what do you plan to do’?
his cousin asked.

‘I am Calling off the wedding’ he felt relieved. Now he would focus on finding Deborah, the girl who had stolen his heart.

‘Big ups bro, let’s make things spicy’
Andy winked

Morgana was in a dilemma, she’d not slept throughout the night, she couldn’t come up with any plan and that was bad.

Knowing how Slimy Inemesit was, she feared she could unleash her secret to the world at any time, but she couldn’t let that happen.

‘Good morning Morganna, Please try and come over, let’s make plans for the wedding’
she read the text the fourth time as she drove the car.

Ani had not called her in days and she was greatly bothered, but she relaxed as she was on her way to his house and would get to see him that day.

As for Inemesit, she had other plans for her, she would send thugs after her to silence her forever, she realized she had not thought through her plans as carefully as should have, now Inem had the upper hand.

‘Welcome future sister in law’ Selene welcomed her with a hug.

‘Morning Selene, how are you? You look splendid’
Morganna smiled, she inhaled deeply, she needed to be her normal self.

‘Thanks honey, you’re just in time, we’re having breakfast, mum has an important announcement to make’
Selene winked.

‘Well then, let’s hear it’ Morganna felt sick as they both stepped into the sitting room.

‘Look at her, she’s so beautiful, good morning baby’
Ani rose to receive her.

‘Uhmmm, I thought he wasn’t into her, what’s going on’?
Clara whispered to Andy whose eyes gleamed mischievously.

‘Well, it’s a movie, let’s watch’ said Andy and lifted the juice filled glass to his lips.

Clara wondered what Ani was up to.

‘Aww, see the love birds, contrary to some people’s opinion, you guys are perfect for each other’ said Mrs Briggas and stared at her younger daughter.

‘Yes, we are perfect for each other, have a seat honey’ Ani pulled a chair for her.

‘Thanks baby’
Morganna felt more confident.

She had not seen Ani display such affection for her for a long time, it showed his love for her had been renewed, nothing could stop her from getting married to him, not even the darkness of her past.

‘So what news do you have to deliver mother’?
Clara asked eagerly.

‘Give me a minute, let me get something’
Ekanem Briggas was excited, she was happy her son had agreed to marry Morganna.

‘I’m so excited right now, I miss you so much baby’
said Morganna as she pecked him.

‘Go get a room guys, I’m eating’ Selene teased, she had a feeling something weird was happening, Ani wasn’t himself.

‘So have you started going for antenatal? We should even do a scan so we know the sex of the baby’

Ani rubbed her hands gently.

‘Uhmmm, I’ll do that next week’
she became uncomfortable with the topic.

‘If it’s a boy please name him Andy’ Andy winked.

‘And if a girl, Clara’[/b] Clara grinned.

‘That would be nice guys, I have a feeling it would be twins’
Morganna forced a smile that betrayed her thoughts. She was uncomfortable With the direction the discussion was going. Something was definitely wrong.

Before she had time to get her thoughts together, she heard her name being screamed out

Mrs Briggas screamed angrily and stormed out of her room. She’d gone to get the wedding cards, but she couldn’t find them, it seemed she’d misplaced the envelope that contained the cards.

In the place of the envelope, she’d found a file filled with some documents, something drew her to them and she decided to take a glance, as she wondered where they’d come from since she had not dropped any file there.

That was when she saw it, she felt numb, what sort of game was that? Was Morganna truly barren and if she was, why was she bent on marrying Ani? Why was she lying to them and pretending to be pregnant.

Hidden amongst the documents was a confession from Inem’s ex boyfriend on how Morgana had paid him for a sex tape. Apparently, the guy had gotten a change of mind after seeing what Morgana had done with the video and confessed to Inem.

Ekanem was in shock as to what kind of person she wanted to bring into her home. They could deal with the barrenness but the lies and wickedness?

Why would someone go to that length to destroy someone else, not caring that her future sister in law was also involved. If she could do that, Ekanem wondered what else the girl was capable of.

‘Mum what is it’?
Selene could see the woman was infuriated.

‘Yes Mother’ Morganna rose to her feet and wondered why the woman screamed her name in such a manner.

‘Here, read this, I found this in my room, is this true’?
Mrs Briggas placed the file before her.

‘I…I can explain’
Morganna felt weak as all eyes focused on her.

She was taken unawares, even if She’d lied, Mrs Briggas would have asked for a pregnancy test to ascertain that what was contained in the files weren’t true.

But how was she to explain the sex tape and the incident at the launch? How would she explain lying about a pregnancy that didn’t exist. She knew that the die was cast.

‘Go ahead, we’re all ears’ Ani rose to his feet and faced the devil he’d almost married.

Deborah watched as her captor opened the window for the first time and a wave of sunlight hit her hard.

She had grown weaker by the day, her stomach rumbled, if she stayed longer she’d lose her life, the only thing that kept her going were thoughts of him and thoughts of her mother and sister.

‘Please I want something to eat, I am terribly hungry’
Deborah groaned.

The stout young man just stared at her without batting an eyelash, he’d been given instructions and he wasn’t about to go against them.

‘Please, I know you’re not that heartless, I believe there’s still some good in you, please find me something to eat, I am dying’
she repeated.

‘its okay, bring the food, let her enjoy her last breakfast’
said Teju as she trotted into the room majestically.

‘Teju!’ Deborah gasped as she came face to the face with the maid that had kidnapped her.

‘Yes Deborah? Or is it Debbie? That’s what Selene calls you’
Teju chuckled and grabbed her by the hair.

‘Please don’t hurt me, I have done nothing to offend you, please just let me go’ she sobbed.

‘Let you go? You don’t understand do you? Once you get into my trap, there’s no coming out, you took everything I ever wanted. The attention, Andy’s admiration and love, it was so easy to come in there and everyone turned to like you, even the ghoulish Selene.’

Teju bit her lip angrily as she remembered her humiliating dismissal from the Briggas mansion.

‘Teju, I never meant to hurt you, I have no love for Andy, I swear. Please just let me go’
Deborah was amazed at the words that spewed out of Teju.

‘You pathetic liar. You took him from me, but no one dares to harm me and go scot free. Jessica had tried that and I had set her up, I would make your death very miserable.

You see, I had no intentions of killing you at first, I wanted a man to rape you and we take pictures of it so as to discredit you, but I think I’ll do both before squeezing the life out of you’
Teju snapped her fingers and another man walked into the room.

We have the last and our longest episode tomorrow. What happens to Deborah?

What happens to Morgana?

We have just one more twist of this story. Just one more twist and we will leave you alone.

Join us at noon tomorrow.

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