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Deborah  - Season 1 - Episode 27
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Eno lay on the mat and rubbed her belly affectionately, Deborah was the reason she had not aborted the pregnancy, her sister always wanted the best for her, but she’d been too blind, too stubborn to see that.

She was worried about Deborah, she’d cried her eyes out, she’d prayed to God to save her sister from danger, she was even more worried for her mother who’d been unusually quiet since their return from the mansion.

‘Mother, why are you so quiet? You worry yourself over nothing, God wouldn’t let harm come to Deborah’
Eno comforted the woman with her words.

‘My child, it is not your sister I worry about, my instincts tell me she’s alive and she would return to us, something else disturbs me’
the woman answered.

‘What could that be’?
Eno raised herself slightly.

‘I think your sister must have been very happy at the mansion, the way her boss gushed about her, the woman was really fond of her’ her lips curved into a proud smile.

‘So is that why you’re worried? Now, that’s a good thing’
Eno shared the smile, she was proud to have such a person as Deborah for a sister.

‘Not at all, the woman seems to know something about Debora; she asked me a question that scared me.

She told me of a woman that saved her life, the very woman whose baby I had stolen, Ateri, Debora’s birth mother’
she replied.

‘My God, how?’
Eno looked puzzled.

‘I don’t know, but she quickly saw the resemblance between Debora and Ateri.

I couldn’t answer her question, I couldn’t face the truth even when it looked me in the face, I lacked the courage to admit my evil doing.

I am in so much fear, what if Deborah hates me? What if she abandons me forever? I could never live with that’
the woman sobbed.

‘Mother, please don’t do this, stop killing yourself with worry, all our focus now should be on how to find my sister.

You said yourself this Ateri woman was wayward and lived a carefree life, maybe you taking Deborah away was the right thing to do for her.’
Eno sq££zed her shoulders.

‘You think so? I pray she understands and feels same’
she sighed.

‘Yes. The Deborah I know would be angry with you, but she adores you so much as her mother and would do anything to please you. She would eventually come around

Just be patient, everything would work out fine’
Eno said.

‘How did you become this wise’?
the woman was amazed at her daughter’s change.

‘I don’t know, maybe I learnt to become my sister’ Eno lay her head on her mother’s shoulder.

Dinner in the Briggas mansion had never been this quiet, dinner was usually a time where they teased each other and went through each other’s day’s events, but this dinner was quiet, almost awful.

‘You guys are totally creeping me out, why the silence’?
Selene rolled her eyes.

Andy, Ani and Clara were particularly not excited; it was only her mom who seemed undisturbed about the recent disappearance of the maid.

‘Selene, let them be, Deborah is missing, it’s affecting everyone, I thought you liked her’
Mrs Briggas said.

‘Yes I did, she was a beautiful soul, same can’t be said about Teju’ Selene clicked her tongue.

‘I still don’t understand why you sent my maid away without my permission; care to fill me in on it’? the woman asked.

‘She was becoming a nuisance, I did the right thing, you’d thank me later’
Selene answered and quietly returned to her meal.

‘Oge! Fetch me a glass of water; you added too much pepper to this food’ Mrs Briggas screamed angrily.

‘It’s almost 9P.m, we should leave for the Crescent moon bar’ Andy whispered to his cousin. They were going to meet Inemesit .

‘Alright then, mum, you’ll have to excuse us, we are going somewhere’
Ani pulled his chair backwards.

‘I’m coming along with you’ Clara jumped up.

‘No you aren’t’ Ani replied.

‘Where are you guys really going’? Mrs Briggas asked.

‘There’s someone very important we have to meet, we’ll be back early’ Andy answered and they both rushed out of the house.

‘You don’t have to be sad, your brother isn’t running away’ her mother said to Clara who was pouting like a pampered child.

‘Meanwhile, I have good news to share, I didn’t want to tell your brother just yet, I want Morganna to be here with him’
she rubbed her palms eagerly.

‘Is this about that stupid wedding that’s never going to happen’? Clara scowled.

She wondered why her mother was so blind, why was she trying too hard to get Ani hooked up to the wrong woman.

‘Shut your mouth Clarabella! Why would you say something like that about your brother’s wedding’?
her eyes flashed angrily.

‘Mum, it seems you don’t notice things, but I am quite sure of this, even if Ani goes ahead with this marriage thing, he’d never be happy, I can see it in him, I still remember the look in his eyes when I told him Morganna was carrying his child, he wasn’t excited.

Mum, please have a rethink, it’s not too late’
Clara poured her mind and left for her room.

‘Someone’s in a bad mood’ Selene scoffed, then thought about what her younger sister had said. Was Ani truly unhappy about getting married to Morganna?

‘I don’t know what has come over your sister, Ani has never complained about Morganna to me, I don’t have a clue where she got this from’
said Ekanem exasperatedly.

‘Well, if they’re meant to be together, it would work out eventually’ Selene replied coolly.

‘I love you so much, I loved you from the very day I set my eyes on you and right then you stole my heart away’
Ani bent his head and fetched her lips with his.

‘I loved you from the start, there’s just something in you that draws me, like a butterfly to a flame’
Deborah whispered shyly.

‘So what would you like to have for breakfast’? he asked her.

‘Anything, but I’ll love Tea first’
she replied and he made her some tea and offered her to drink.

‘Wake up b---h’!

She shuddered and gave a loud cry as she realized she’d been dreaming, her captive had not fed her anything and she grew weak by the hour.

Her body was drenched in the dirty water he had poured on her.

‘You think this is your house eh? Sleeping like some fairy princess? Let me tell you something b---h, you are no princess, wake up’
he said as he poured some more water on her.

‘Please, please…’ Deborah shivered. She’d lost count of how many buckets of water he had poured on her, time had lost meaning, only darkness surrounded her.

‘Ekemini, come over here’!
she heard a voice call the stout young man who’d been tormenting her.

‘I’ll be back for you’ he snapped his fingers and left the room.

‘Jesus please help me, make a way of escape’ tears streamed down her pretty face as she scanned the dimly lit room.

It seemed it was night, the young man had bound her legs and hands together, ensuring there’d be no chance of escape for her.

She paused and wondered who had called the young man, she closed her eyes and strained her ears to hear whatever was being discussed.

‘How long has she been here’?
the other man asked Ekemini.

‘Two days now, any instructions on what we’ll do next’? Ekemini asked.

the other man responded.

Deborah whispered fearfully. There was something strangely familiar about the other voice, she’d heard that voice before, but maybe her senses were playing with her.

She scanned the room where she was being held frantically this time, she was not going to fold her arms and wait for some miracle, she had to run.

Thank God that Deborah is still alive. while there is live, there is hope. Is Teju working with Morgana? Remember that Morgana said her only problem was Inemesit,
Why didn’t she see Deborah as a problem?

hmmmmmmm. We have just tow episodes to end this story. Tune in at noon

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