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Deborah  - Season 1 - Episode 26
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They’d filed a missing person’s case at the police station and were prepared to return home.

The mysterious disappearance of Debora had distracted them both from what they had planned to discuss with each other.

They drove silently for a while, each man to his own thought.

He felt like a coward and would hate himself forever if anything happened to Deborah. From the first day he saw her, somehow his heart whispered that she belonged to him and he had denied it.

He’d thought Morganna was the only woman he could love, but he had been wrong. Now that she was nowhere to be found, his yearning and desire for her only increased.

‘There’s something I must tell you’
said Andy breaking into his thoughts. He had received a memory flash at the fashion show.
It was like a vision, like he was plunged into a trance like state. Maybe whatever Clara had done to him had worked later, but he couldn’t tell her what he remembered.

‘I think Morganna is hiding something from you, it seems she had a medical condition or sickness that may be a problem to you two in future’
Andy said.

His father was a medical doctor, he remembered her face vividly, though she was older now, she’d come to his father at his private clinic and from the way they spoke in hushed tones, something dreadful had happened to her.

‘What’s all these? First it was Inem and now you? Morganna is carrying my baby and soon she’ll be my wife, get that’
Ani snapped angrily at his cousin.

‘Why would I cook up something like that? I’ve told you before that she seems familiar.

I recently recalled where I’ve seen her before’
Andy was annoyed by the way his cousin spoke to me.

‘Maybe you want all the women in my life’ Ani screamed at him and brought the car to a halt.

He knew he was venting all his frustration on his cousin. He didn’t love Morganna anymore, but she was carrying his baby and he needed to do the right thing.

‘Where is this coming from? Do you have anything to say to me? Go ahead, instead of lashing me with your tongue like a two year old’
Andy stepped down from the car.

‘I am sorry for the way I spoke to you, I’m just angry and disappointed at myself’
Ani exhaled.

Andy paused for a while and observed his cousin; he’d never seen him this way before.

‘I let my parents especially my mother control my life, there was a time I loved Morganna, but I don’t feel it anymore.

As the days roll by, I realize just how different we are and she has showed me her true nature, but what can I do? I feel trapped, she is carrying my child, I’m just so frustrated and angry at everyone’

Ani poured out his heart and felt slightly relieved, but he still couldn’t tell his cousin about his feelings for Deborah, it would hurt him beyond reason.

‘Is this about Debora’? Andy asked quietly. He was no novice; he could read his cousin like a book.

‘Man…you don’t have to go there’ Ani avoided the question.

‘You like her don’t you? That’s why you agreed to speak to her for me? I had a feeling you were attracted to this girl but I wasn’t sure.’

Andy felt hurt but not betrayed, only a fool would let a girl like Deborah pass him.

‘I am sorry Andy, I never meant to betray you, I swear, I have not done or said anything to her, when I accepted to talk to her on your behalf, I was honest and sincere, please forgive me’
Ani begged.

‘There’s nothing to forgive, life moves on; it’s not your fault that you fell in love’
Andy elbowed his cousin. He felt hurt though, but he knew he’d bounce back like never before.

‘Sure? So what are your plans’? Ani was surprised his cousin took it easily that he was in love with Deborah.

‘First, there’s no way in hell you’re getting married to Morganna, she’s too saucy and hideous.

Even if she is carring your child, you’ll accept the child and take responsibilities, don’t let anyone manipulate you. Secondly, you mentioned something about Inemesit, who is she’?
Andy asked.

‘One of Morganna’s friend I shagged, the one whose sex tape was leaked, she claimed she knew something dark about Morganna’ Ani explained.

‘I see, maybe we should meet her first’
Andy smiled mischievously, his instincts had never failed him, Morganna was a hypocrite.

Morgana had never felt so excited, she’d put Inemesit in her rightful place and dealt her a blow she wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

Her mother-in law was calling, so she quickly fetched her phone. She hadn’t spoken to Ani that day and that worried her slightly, she needed to know they were good with each other.

‘Hello mum, good eve’
she smiled.

She was glad her future mother-in-law had a warm personality; she couldn’t wait to get married to the love of her life.

Now Inemesit was out of the way, she knew nothing else would stop her.

‘Hello dear, I need you to come over to the mansion, I have a surprise for you’
Mrs Briggas beamed.

‘Wow, I’d be there soon, thanks mum’ Morganna wondered what that was all about.

‘God see me through, this is the only way’ she sighed and rubbed her belly absent mindedly as she remembered her gravest secret, one of the reasons she was in a hurry for the wedding.

Another call came through and she picked it without hesitation.

‘You b---h, you’ve ruined my life, you ruined everything I built, how could you do something like that Morganna? What did I do to offend you’?
Inemesit cried over the phone.

‘Me? I don’t understand you; we all know you were very wayward back in school, so maybe one of your ex-boyfriends had leaked the video’ Morganna hissed angrily.

‘You really think I’m stupid right? I know you still hated me for having sex with your boyfriend, but I promised you it would never happened again and I meant it.

You’ve hurt me before and I forgave you, why did you leak that video?’
Inemesit was sure Morganna had something to do with her scandal.

‘Just stay away from me, I don’t have time for this’ Morganna was about to end the call when Inem’s threatening voice stilled her and she felt a sharp pain in her chest.

‘Since you want to play dirty, get ready, I’m telling Ani everything about you, have you forgotten the night at the doctor’s place so soon?’ Inem could perceive her fear from afar.

‘Don’t you dare threaten me, your words are just baseless, you have no proof whatsoever and if you try anything funny, if you ruin my chances with Ani, I would kill you, now that’s a promise’
Morganna threatened.

‘Do your worst girl, I’m coming for you’. said Eno and hung up.

‘No, no, no, this isn’t happening’

Morganna hit the table angrily. Her hands shook, her whole body was consumed by the fear of being discovered, but she stayed focused.

‘I destroyed everything, the address and the papers, she is just threatening me’
she calmed herself and settled into the nearest seat.

She decided not to meet Mrs Briggas right away, she needed to think. She would pay the woman a visit the next day.

To be continued at noon tomorrow.

hmmmmmm, every day for the thief…. seems like Morgana’s time is up. Also all is now free for Deborah and Any to move ahead. only problem is …. where is Deborah, is she still alive….

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