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Deborah  - Season 1 - Episode 24
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‘Don’t worry, don’t tell her a word about this call, meet me at Crescent Moon Bar, there is something about your fiancée I should tell you before you take her to the altar’
Inem replied and brought the call to an end. Since Morganna had decided to play dirty, then dirty they would play.

‘Women’ Ani rolled his eyes; he wondered what that was all about.

He knew girls like Inem, desperate and mischievous and he wasn’t going to give her any audience, she probably heard he was getting married to Morganna that was why she called to lure him back to her bed.

‘Now we get to do business’ he winked at the mirror once more.

Deborah had never really walked round the mansion; it was a huge place where one could easily get lost.

Her encounter with Selene still haunted her like a bad dream, how could one be so perverted? She prayed and hoped Clara was nothing like her demented sister.
She realized how happy she’d become since she came to the mansion, though his silence was killing her, she loved to be around him.
Occasionally, when she was sure no one was around, she’d sneak into the living room and stared at his picture, Ani was a very handsome man.

She heard it lightly, then it increased as she neared the garden, someone was crying.
‘Oge, are you okay’? she rushed to the girl’s side.

‘Debora, what are you doing here’? Oge wiped her face with the back of her palms.
‘Talk to me, what happened to your face’? Debora wondered who’d do something so hideous to another person.

‘Teju, she used up all my lotion and when I confronted her, she did this to my face, she’s so evil’ Oge cried.

‘I’m so sorry, where is she? She needs to be put in her place, why is she so evil’ indignation coursed through Debora, it was time to put Teju where she belonged.

‘I don’t know, but stay away from her, there’s something really dark and eerie about that girl and trust me, it’s more than just her ugliness’ Oge cried.

‘Why? But she hurt your face, we should teach her a lesson’ Debora was insistent.
‘No, let’s leave her for God, she was the reason behind Jessica’s sack, just forget her’ Oge replied.

‘No I won’t, she has to pay, which way did she go’? Debora asked and Oge pointed the direction with her hands.

‘Teju! Show yourself’ Deborah called angrily.

She had never been to that area in the mansion, it was filled with broken balusters, rods and iron bars, but she wouldn’t turn back, Teju had stepped on her toes before, it was time to caution her.

‘I am here’ Teju appeared with a crooked smile and a club in the other hand, before Deborah could say another word, the club came crashing on her skull.

‘Time for you to go’ Teju smiled. Now nothing would stand between her and Andy, she knew Seline would be pleased; she couldn’t wait to teach the b---h a lesson.
‘Teju, I’m only doing this because of the money you promised me, please don’t kill her’ Oge rushed to the abandoned area.
‘Sure, I’ll pay you’ Teju replied.

‘Someone’s coming, take her and hide her somewhere’ Teju ordered Oge, she took a deep breath and was surprised to see Madam Ekanem’s son. ‘Good afternoon sir’ she bent her knee.

‘Afternoon, have you seen Deborah today? I’ve searched everywhere for her’ he asked.

‘No sir, maybe she went to buy something outside the mansion. Can I help you with something’? Teju asked nicely.

‘No, just tell her to meet me once she returns’ he said and left immediately.
‘Wow, I see you were getting many admirers, goodbye to them’ Teju smirked.

The streets of Uyo were crowded with people and cars, the fashion show had come to an abrupt and scandalous end, most fashion designers left angrily with their fabrics and models.

The news spread like wildfire about the woman who flaunted her own sex video without shame, even the hawkers were not left out of it.

‘Una don hear wetin happen’? Pappilo had gone to the hall were the show held to sell some stuff.

‘Amebo telephone wire, so the only thing wey you bring back nay eye talk abi? You see your life’?

Sara hissed and the rest laughed.

‘Na real serious mata o, person act blue film for dia’ Papilo explained to them and they all looked shocked.

‘Una go excuse me small, I get small job wey I wan do’ he fetched his buzzing phone and shifted from the others.

‘Papillo! Papillo! Remember us in your kingdom o, e be like sey alert don enta your phone’ Sara called after him.

She fell quiet for a while and wondered when her life as a hawker would end. Her friend was lucky to serve as a housekeeper, and they took good care of her.

‘No be Mama Sweet chocolate and Eno be dat’? one of the hawkers pointed towards Debora’s mother.

‘Chai, see gbege o, why u no tell me quick na? shoo’ Sara knew it was too late to run as the woman had sighted her.

She didn’t know why Deborah was avoiding her own mother but she chose to stay out of it, one look at the woman’s face scared her and she knew she would betray her friend.

‘Good afternoon Ma’ Sara smiled as the woman reached her stand with Eno.

‘Save your breath Sara, please tell me where Deborah is, I need to see her right away, something urgent has come up’ the woman said.

‘You’ve been avoiding my calls, why Sara? What have we done to you? We haven’t set eyes on Deborah for some time now and you’re making it more difficult for us to see her’ Eno spoke with determination.

‘Okay, Deborah is safe, she begged me not to let you two know her whereabouts, it’s not really my fault, I had to keep the promise I made to her’ Sara explained.

‘Look here, I don’t care about your promise with my daughter; just take me to where she is right now’ the woman insisted.

‘Okay then, but I’ll have to call her employer first to know if it’s right we come’ Sara decided to call Andy.

‘Employer! So she has a job’? Mother and daughter exchanged glances.

‘His number isn’t going through, I would have to take you there myself’ said Sara as she begun to gather her wares,

Deborah was going to be angry with her for a long time, but she felt she was doing the right thing.

‘Someone must have leaked that video and that person is a devil, they ruined my first experience on the runway’ Clara seethed in anger as they arrived home.

‘Maybe you shouldn’t blame the person, why should one even keep sex videos of themselves? It’s risky’ Andy cut in.

‘That lady is immature and very irresponsible, for that reason, I shall not support your dream Clara, too many escapades in the fashion world.

Those people are wayward, I don’t know what I’ll do if you turn out like that’ Mrs Briggas said to her daughter.

‘Mum, you can’t possibly mean that, that Inemesit who’s a fashion designer made a mistake doesn’t mean I would turn out like that’

Clara shook her head in disappointment, how could her mother reason like that?

‘I’m sorry honey, but I wouldn’t go back on my words’ Mrs Briggas reaffirmed her statement.

‘Who are all these dirty and wretched looking people and what could they possibly want’? Selene was the first to notice the three women that stood by the gate.

‘I hope everything is alright’ Andy muttered to himself and quickly got down from the car as he sighted Sara, Debora’s friend.

‘Who are you and how can I be of help’? Ekanem Briggas wondered who the strangers were.

‘Mum! Thank God you’re here, there’s a little problem’ Ani rushed to meet them.

Hours after he’d told the maids to search for Debora, they’d still not found her and coincidentally, her relatives came looking for her.

‘And what could that be’? the woman faced her son.

‘It seems Deborah is missing’ Ani replied and watched his mother’s features contort first into a frown then worry.

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