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Deborah  - Season 1 - Episode 23
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Andy didn’t like the way Morganna had spoken to Debora, even though she was from a poor home, it didn’t make her less human or less special.

His curiosity for Morganna increased. He was sure, he’d seen her somewhere and he was determined to find out.

‘Wake up sleepy Head, today is the day that Clarabella Brigass would be a runway model. How do you see this dress’? Clara swaggered into his room looking all coloured like some butterfly.

‘You look awful’ he said to her and she threw his pillow at him.

‘So are the others ready?’ Andy asked.
They were all going for the show except Ani whose duty was to put in a good word for him concerning Deborah.

‘Yes, we are all ready, why are you still here anyway’? Clara asked.

‘I don’t know Cousin, I just feel I’ve met Morganna from somewhere, but I don’t seem to remember’ Andy said.

‘Please don’t tell me you had sex with her’ Clara prepared herself for the worst.
‘I don’t know, she’s oddly familiar, I just hope not’

Andy felt frustrated, why couldn’t he remember?

‘Oh my God, you’re not joking are you’? Clara rose to her feet. If Andy had slept with Morganna before, Ani had to be told and that meant disaster.

‘Yes, so what should I do? Should I ask her if we’ve met before’? Andy asked.

‘No, even if she remembers, she would deny, I don’t like her for my brother, I wish she wasn’t pregnant’ Clara sank into the bed.

‘That doesn’t solve my problem’ Andy shrugged.

‘Alright, I have an idea, I watched it in a movie, this may actually work, now close your eyes’ she snapped her fingers. To her surprise, he obeyed willingly.

‘They’re closed mistress’ Andy smiled wondering what she was up to.

‘Push out other thoughts from your mind, focus on Morganna Esio, focus on her pretty face, especially her eyes, eyes always tell the truth’ Clara instructed in a very still voice.
He‘d closed his mind to other thoughts except that of Morganna, but there wasn’t no flash of memory, he was totally blank.
‘Anything yet?’ Clara asked hopefully, in the movies, there was always solution.
‘No, clearly, this isn’t working, now let’s run before we’re late for the show’ said Andy as he jumped out of bed.

Morganna had returned to her house to prepare for the fashion show.

Ani hadn’t told her he wouldn’t be showing up, that would’ve caused a quarrel. He was ready to help his cousin get this girl, Andy deserved some happiness.
‘Can I come in’? Someone rapped on his door.
‘I am fully covered mother’ he smiled knowing she was the one.
‘How are you doing love’ she caressed a side of his face and he kissed her hand.
‘Morning mum, I slept well, how are you’? he asked in return.

‘I am not fine, I had a terrible dream, I keep having these dreams. I spoke with your father about them and he suggested I told you first’ Ekanem Briggas sat on her son’s bed.
‘What dreams’? Ani raised his brows. He’d never seen his mother in that state, whatever was troubling her was big and he was prepared to find a solution.

‘It’s about Deborah, the new maid, she shares a strong resemblance with Ateri, the woman who rescued me from death many years back.

Anytime I see her, I feel we have this strong connection and it scares me because the woman I speak about is dead’ Ekanem paused.

‘Ateri? Maybe it’s just resemblance’ his mother had told them of how she almost died from a car accident but Ateri had rescued her.
‘No, you don’t understand, even your father said this, it’s not a resemblance, she looks too much like her.

I don’t know what to do, maybe I should send her away. I’m terrified’ Mrs Brigass was shaken.

‘Mum, please calm down, I would speak to this girl myself. When you get back from the show, we’ll talk about it okay? I promise to help you out’ Ani embraced her.
‘Thanks son’ she said felling relieved.
‘So about your wedding? Have you chosen your colours for the day? She returned to her old self.

‘Mum! Please hurry for your show’ Ani laughed knowing where she was headed.
‘Alright honey, see you when I’m back’ she said as she rushed out of the room.

Selene joined the others in the car, sex with Teju had given her time to think on her revenge against Debora.

She was going to plant her mother’s necklace in her bag and she would be labeled a thief and sent home disgracefully.

‘Good morning elder sis, you would age hurriedly if you keep wearing that ugly frown’ Clara teased her sister.
‘And if you mind your own business, you’ll live longer’ Selene scowled.
She was in no mood to tease or laugh with anyone, Deborah had humiliated her and she had to pay for her actions.

The hall where the fashion show was to be held was already jam-packed. Fashion designers, photographers, craft makers, models and fashion lovers trooped in their numbers for the show.

‘Are you nervous’? Mrs Briggas asked Clara who was going to walk on the runway for the first time.

‘I don’t know, but the crowd terrifies me’ Clara tried to steady herself as she stepped down from the car.

‘You’ll do just fine’ Andy assured her.
‘Here comes my favorite person’ Selene smiled as Morganna trotted towards them.
‘Morning everyone, I’m glad you could all make it, where’s Ani’? she asked.
‘He was busy with some stuff, I’m sorry he couldn’t make it’ Andy chipped in. It was his fault his cousin had not made it to the fashion show.

‘Oh, but he should have told me’ Morganna seemed disturbed; Ani had never acted that way with her.
‘I’m sure he’ll call, we’re getting late’ Selene reminded her of their purpose, so they all walked into the hall.
The show was colorful and quite interesting, different fabrics and clothes were advertised, shoes, jewelry and cosmetics too.
‘That’s my baby girl’ Mrs Briggas clapped happily as Clara cat walked on the runway, she wore a mini floral dress designed by Inem herself and she was the last model for the day.
‘Proud of you cousin’ Andy fetched his phone and took a picture of her.
‘I never really liked fashion shows, but I give it to Inemesit, she rocks and she is a real talent’ Selene muttered to Morganna who’d been awkwardly quiet.
‘I agree’ Morganna finally spoke; it was time to pay her friend back for what she did to her.
‘Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, I adore you all for coming out in your numbers to support me and this show.
I am so grateful….’ Inemesit paused as the lights went off.

‘Whoa, poor wiring’ Andy snorted.
The crowd became agitated as the hall was plunged into darkness for some minutes, then suddenly, the video monitors and the background projector came alive.
People were initially taken aback by the video that played out, disbelief gave way to stun as they realized they were watching a very graphic sex tape.

‘Christ! What in God’s name is this’? Mrs Briggas rose to her feet disgusted by the video that had been played.

‘You’re such a b---h! Ho!’ some people yelled as they watched the video. ‘Oh my God’ Andy’s mouth fell wide.
The woman in the video was Inemesit.
He’d never been a shy type, asking a woman out was a game he enjoyed.
It always started with the attraction, the interest, then the chase, it always all came to him easily. This time it was different, He had rehearsed the words he’d speak to her many times yet he wondered why he was so nervous.

The signs were evident that he’d somehow fallen in love with Deborah, but there was nothing much he could do about it.

Andy cared deeply for her, this was the first time he’d seen his cousin being so serious with someone and he couldn’t bear to ruin that.

He stepped out of his room ready to go find her and speak to her, but the buzzing of his phone distracted him and he fetched the device.

‘Hello, Ani on the line’ the number was strange but he picked it anyway.
‘It’s me Ani, Inemesit, Morganna has ruined my life, she has ruined my career and for that I’ll pay her back in her evil coin’ the woman broke into sobs.
‘Inemesit? I don’t understand, what happened’? Ani was stunned by her outburst.
He’d slept with Morganna’s best friend by mistake while on campus, but that was all there was to it, Morganna had forgiven him and forgiven her friend too.

‘Don’t worry, don’t tell her a word about this call, meet me at Crescent Moon Bar, there is something about your fiancée I should tell you before you take her to the altar’ Inem replied and brought the call to an end.
Since Morganna had decided to play dirty, then dirty they would play.

Ghen! Ghen! has Morganna gone too far? what secret is she hiding? Anyway, see you at noon tomorrow.

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