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Deborah  - Season 1 - Episode 21
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Andy watched as she got closer…she was breathtaking, even in that state… tendrils of brown hair fell on the side of her face…
Trickles of sweat glided down her face….but she still was attractive….

Deborah looked away as she entered the kitchen, uncomfortable by the way Andy gazed at her; heaven knows what went on through his mind…

Something else bothered her… were they really married? She really needed to ask but she felt foolish, so she dismissed the notion…

‘ I’m hungry’
Andy rubbed his belly, he’d had a long sleep dreaming about her…
‘okay… should I serve you here or the dining’? she made for some plates…

‘Nope, my bedroom…I like to eat there’
he lowered his voice and walked closer to her…

His bedroom? This guy was obviously up to something…

He saw the look on her face…raw fright! He said that deliberately…

he loved it when she looked afraid…it made her look more beautiful, more fragile and he wanted to be her only protector…

‘ I’m kidding…your thoughts are in the gutter’
he waved his hands…

she swallowed not liking his jokes…

She offered him the tray, expecting him to leave…he settled on the stool next to her…

‘Loosen up…I’ve told you many times I can’t hurt you in any way’
he offered her some food…it really tasted good…he was glad she had proved herself worthy before his aunt…

She declined…was he flirting with her?

‘Andy, I have to go clean out the store…see you later’
she needed to be alone…to think; she had to clear her head…

‘No…stay with me, I enjoy your company’
he dragged her gently.

Teju watched angrily the show of love between the lovers… she had to do something, she had to tell someone…

Deborah was a fool and needed to be taught a lesson…

A shadow passed her and she turned to find Selene gazing at her with disgust, Teju lowered her eyes to the ground…

‘What are you doing here? we need fresh glasses and you’re fooling around’?

for no particular reason, Selene had strong aversion for this maid in particular…one, she was ugly and very undesirable…she looked a bit troublesome and lazy…

‘Deborah is in charge of the dishes this week but she’s busy with other things’
Teju stressed the last word…

‘what are you trying to say’?
Selene narrowed her eyes…

‘She’s in the kitchen with Brother Andy…’

It took a while for the words to make meaning to Selene…immediately it did, she almost screamed the roof off with her shouting…

Andy couldn’t lure the girl away from her…nobody could…Debbie was hers for the keeping…

Teju felt victorious…that would keep her low for a while…Selene was a vicious tigress when she was angry…

Selene screamed as she forced the door open…

‘Where is she’?
Selene was surprised… Debbie wasn’t with Andy, that fool had told her lies…

‘Who? And what’s that about’?
why did she have to scream his name, he wasn’t deaf yet…

Selene answered coolly…

‘Clara called her upstairs’

‘I hope so’
she gave her cousin that knowing look…

‘What now’? he rolled his eyes…his family never ceased to amaze him…

Selene ignored him; she didn’t trust Andy around girls especially pretty girls…Teju was going to pay for her lies…

‘You look troubled, is something wrong’?
Oge walked into the kitchen and found Deborah lost in thoughts.

‘Uhmmm, I’m fine’
she lied.

She couldn’t stop thinking about Ani and his wife, it felt so wrong to desire a married man but she couldn’t help herself.

Many thoughts had crossed her mind, she had thought of returning to the house, as she could no longer face him, but what about Eno? What about her mother? They needed this money to survive.

Deep down she couldn’t blame her mother much for having an affair with the landlord.
Whatever she had done, she’d done to provide shelter and food for her kids, she had realized she was being foolhardy and difficult.

‘I’m really sorry about the way Teju treats you, she’s always rude and angry, don’t feel bad okay’?
said Oge offering her a smile.

‘Thanks Oge’ Deborah smiled. Oge reminded her of Sara her best friend, whom she had not spoken with in a while.

‘I am really happy for Madam’s son, his fiancée is pregnant and wedding plans are in motion, I can’t wait to witness their wedding’
Oge was in the mood to gossip.

‘Wedding? I thought they were married’ Deborah was surprised.

‘No, they were just engaged, but now she’s pregnant, they will definitely get married’
Oge replied.

Deborah pressed on her left palm to calm her beating chest.

She was trapped by a new wave of emotion, how could she think about one person all the time when she knew next to nothing about him?

Butterflies danced in her stomach and she was repulsed by the feeling of not being able to control her thoughts.

‘I see, you two have nothing better doing than gossiping’
said Teju who had just walked into the kitchen angrily.

‘I was just about leaving’
Oge forced a smile and scurried off.

‘And you? What are you up to’? Teju eyed Deborah disgustingly.

‘Waiting to serve dinner’ Debora sighed and rose to her feet.

She knew girls like Teju, troublesome and overconfident, she made a mental note to avoid the girl or anything that had semblance to her.

She had enough on her plate already.

‘How do you feel now? Having knocked your baby up? I bet she’s going to give birth to a son’
Andy teased his cousin as they all gathered for dinner.

‘No Andy, I want a beautiful baby girl, just like Seline here, so I could rub her head and play with her ribbons’

Morganna winked and they all burst out laughing.

‘Are you okay’?
Clara whispered to Ani, she knew when her brother was happy, and when he was down.

She had noticed a change in him, even when he laughed, his eyes lacked their sparkle and it only confirmed her fears, he wasn’t ready for this marriage.

‘I am fine, where’s mother’?
Ani changed the subject; he couldn’t have his little sister thinking about him.

‘She’s on a call with dad and may not join us for dinner, you know how those two could get’ Clara rolled her eyes.

Her parents were romantics, it surprised her, the way they loved each other even after so many years.

‘I know someone who feels like getting married right now’
Andy winked.

‘Don’t even go there, I’m not prepared to marry now, I have a modeling career to build, I wish to be like Oluchi Orland, she’s so pretty’
Clara laughed knowing he referred to her.

‘About your modeling Clara, I heard from Seline you’d be modeling for House of Moqums’ Morganna started.

‘Yes, Miss Inem is a very nice person and I’d do anything to promote her brand’
Clara smiled and caught her brother frowning. Did she say something bad?

‘She was once my friend you know, I could call in special favors for you’ Morganna said. Inem had betrayed her by sleeping with Ani and she would pay her back soon.

‘Thanks but I want to earn my progress, the show is set for tomorrow, I can’t wait, I’m so excited’
Clara beamed.

‘Just don’t fall on stage in your heels’
Seline scoffed and provoked another round of laughter.

Suddenly, they all grew quiet as she stepped into the dining room with a tray filled with steaming bowls of pepper soup, all eyes were focused on her, some full of pure admiration, some of raw lust and others of envy and unexplained hatred.

‘Good evening’
went Deborah and dropped the tray with shaky hands. She couldn’t face him but she had this feeling he was staring at her, but she wouldn’t dare look at him.

‘How are you doing Deborah’ Clara pinched her and she smiled.

‘I’m fine’ Debora whispered and was about leaving when Andy dragged her back.

‘Fine girl, didn’t you see me? Why do you look so afraid’?
he caressed her face and she blushed.

‘I…I have something doing in the kitchen’ Debora replied and he let go of her.

‘Debora…’ Seline’s stern voice stopped her. ‘Yes Ma’ she moved towards her.

‘Go to my room and wait for me, I want to show you something’ Seline couldn’t hold her desires down anymore, she needed to show her what love meant.

‘Your room? Why would you send a maid to your room’?
Morganna scoffed and met Clara’s and Andy’s angry gazes, Ani’s face was neutral.

‘Okay Ma’ Debora bent her knee and rushed to Selene’s room, minutes later, Selene excused herself and left for her room.

‘It’s about to go down’
Clara grinned.

‘Seline is acting weird, I’ve never seen her buy a maid stuff’
Andy shrugged.

‘Me too’
Ani replied quietly. He was filled with jealousy and desire, he wondered if the girl liked his cousin ; that bothered him and got him more confused.

‘Guys, I need your advice, I like Deborah so much, I’ve never felt this way towards a woman, but I don’t want your mum to have ill feelings about it, just like what happened with Jessica.

This one is totally different, I want something serious with her’
Andy felt relieved as he la!d his intentions before them.

‘I don’t know…’ Clara quickly gulped some water.

This was what she feared, she knew her brother loved Debora though he acted indifferent, now Andy was coming forward, she feared a clash between them.

‘A maid? How could you even consider that’?
Morganna rolled her eyes then later excused herself to receive a call.

‘Ani, you should really talk to your future wife, I don’t like the way she reasons’
Andy was offended.

‘I’m sorry bro, so have you told the girl about your feelings yet? What’s her response’? Ani asked eagerly.

‘I have not, I’m scared she’d reject me’
Andy pushed his plate away as his appetite fled.

‘Scared? But you were never scared of women’ Ani smirked.

‘I’m serious Ani, what if you help me talk to her’?
Andy begged.

‘Me? What makes you think I can do the magic’?
Ani laughed. He’d never really spoken to the girl; he wondered what staring into her brown eyes would be like.

‘Please for the sake of our brotherhood, and you should do this when I’m not around’
Andy added.

‘Andy are you sure that’s a good idea’?
Clara was skeptical.

‘Yes it is’
Andy replied.

‘Alright I’ll try, I’m not promising anything’
Ani replied coolly.

Deep down, he was very sad. He couldn’t lie to himself anymore, he was in love with this girl, so was Andy and he didn’t ever want to hurt his cousin.

‘So what were you guys talking about’?
Morganna returned. She had just ensured that her plans for the House of Moqums fashion exhibition wouldn’t fail, everything was in place.

Ani replied firmly.

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