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Deborah  - Season 1 - Episode 18
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Her insides trembled and her hands suddenly went soft, she almost dropped the tray when shespotted him… he was so awesome to behold in his pajamas….

Their eyes locked together for a moment…one swift moment before he looked down and focused on the table top designs….

‘good morning’
she greeted….it almost sounded like a whisper….

Not still able to make meaning out of all these….Mrs Briggas forced a smile…the girl still bothered her….the resemblance was too close…. Was she a ghost or something?

she called softly but forced her eyes shut….she was mistaken…

‘ I’m sorry, Debora good morning….hope you’re enjoying your stay’
Mrs Briggas continued…

‘what’s going on here’? Clara was forced to ask….

First, Selene just walked out of the kitchen when she rarely went there….and now her mother was smiling at a maid….

‘ I’m surprised too’
Andy concurred…

Their mother ignored them, she knew where they were coming from but nobody understood….

yes, she had told them the story severally, how she almost lost her life but was saved by a stranger…

But they didn’t know that this new maid shared a strong resemblance with Ateri her savior….

Deborah nodded and lowered her eyes not knowing what else to say…

She dropped the tray and walked out….

Ani wasn’t able to look up till he was sure she was completely gone…. His heart had beat uncontrollably at her sight…

She stirred something strong in him….her weak eyes made her more fragile this morning and he was fascinated by them, by her….he was curious…

‘Are you okay’?
his cousin suddenly asked….

Andy was bothered by Ani’s behavior ….he had put up barriers all of a sudden…blocking everyone out.

‘ I’m fine’
he replied roughly…nobody understood him neither did they know the burden he carried…

‘Mom I am amazed’
Selene closed her eyes as she savored the food….

‘Truly it’s delicious’ her mother replied….the girl was a wonderful cook….

‘When I first saw her I didn’t think she could compete with Jessica but I think she actually beat her’
she gave her nephew a knowing look…

‘I guess that’s a ‘thank you’ from my dear aunt’ Andy teased….his angel was a good cook and he was proud she hadn’t disappointed him….

‘Thank you’ Clara winked at him as she picked some chips from his plate…

Deborah sat on the floor and released her breath slowly…. She had to ask questions… he was married alright, but what was he doing here?

‘Get up ….you fool, you need to start working for lunch’ Teju had returned to the kitchen….

Deliberately she fetched all the chips in the pan and left….so Deborah could stay hungry…

‘Why are you doing that….that’s my share’?
Deborah walked towards her but Teju was faster….she left immediately….

Frustration washed over her anew…

frustration from Teju’s horrid behavior and what pressed her mind heavily…him…

a voice called to her….

‘Clara….you didn’t have to do that…you should’ve just called me’
she made to get the tray from Clara…

‘I can do this’ Clara dodged her and she laughed….she actually laughed!…

‘I like that’
Clara smiled at her but she was confused….

‘You like what’?

‘That you just laughed’
she replied….she had noticed earlier the uncertainty that shone in her brown eyes…

‘I want you to be as free with me as possible cause I want us to be good friends’
she gestured to the stool beside her and Debora obliged….

‘You have to know this about me, I don’t discriminate….so let down your guards’ she continued…

Deborah was quiet all through as this was new for her, a rich girl trying to be friends with her?

‘Okay. I’ve heard you’ she returned Clara’s smile;

‘by the way, your food was delicious’

‘Thank you’
Debora was glad her food tasted nice….

‘So what would you make us for lunch’? she couldn’t wait to taste another meal from this beauty…

‘Let me see…moi-moi and stew’
she finally settled for that…that was her mother’s specialty, of which she was an assistant.

‘ I’m going shopping with Ani….what should I get you’?

Debora was startled, ‘Nothing I’m fine’

‘But you just agreed to be my friend’
Clara felt a bit hurt…

‘Ummm ….anything you get me, I will accept gladly …thanks’ she smiled…

‘Okay dear…have fun’…

Unknown to them, Teju had been listening from outside…the girl was really getting on her nerves…Teju walked away feeling hot all over….

‘look who’s here’
Andy came into the kitchen leaned close to her…

‘Hi Andy, good afternoon’
she greeted and continued with her cooking…

Teju who’d kept to herself the whole time was all smiles as she greeted Andy…

He replied simply…..he had never liked Teju; for one she was as unattractive as they came and
Jessica had complained to him about her arrogance.

‘I thought you went shopping’ Debora asked…she was surprised to see him…

he was glad she was now free with him…

‘Clara told me’ she continued…

‘She told you wrong…she was going with Ani not me’
he replied focusing on her slender fingers as they picked the bean seeds…

‘Ani?’ it sounded so much like ‘Andy’…

‘That’s her elder brother, my cousin…you know him’
Andy described as she looked confused earlier…

‘oh…’ her heart ached for his attention….but her head told her she was a fool…

‘can I help’?
Andy teased as he grabbed a seat…

Teju watched angrily this display of affection; here she was , doing all she could to get him on her side while he fawned over some stupid girl….

‘Andy please leave…you’re distracting me….’
She begged softly…who knew she could be this free with him?

‘That’s harsh’
he winked as he felt his pocket for the phone that buzzed…he’d a message…he was quite sure of that….

‘Excuse me…see you later’
he left for his room…

‘Prostitutes’ Teju hissed and left for the garden she had to prune….

‘God help me’
Deborah prayed…she chose to ignore Teju’s statement….she didn’t have time for that ….

She had finally sent him a message….after the long wait, this was his opportunity to find out more….who was Morganna Esio and why did she look so familiar?

‘Hello darling’
Morganna typed… He rolled his eyes…

‘Hello Morganna…sup’?

To be continued tomorrow at 12noon

Hi guys, yeah, yeah, yeah!! this episode was short. we will compensate with a longer episode tomorrow. We just had to stop at this point.

So, Andy has stirred the nest. What would happen next? the next episodes take new turns that you likely never ever thought about.

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