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Deborah  - Season 1 - Episode 17
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‘What is your name’?
Ekanem Briggas finally asked…

‘Deborah Ma’ she answered fearfully…was the woman not pleased with her?

‘Deborah…are your parents aware of this arrangement’?

‘Yes they are’
Debo nodded quickly and dropped her gaze…

‘I hope you cook well….I hate eating trash’
Selene asked and rose up not waiting for an answer….the girl had an effect on her…she was very pretty but lowclass, that didn’t really matter to her…

‘We shall discuss terms of payment later…allow Clara to show you around’
Ekanem smiled at the girl who looked scared to death…

‘Thank you ma’
Debora finally released the breath she had held since the woman walked in to the parlor….

‘I think she likes you’
Clara whispered and led her away to another part of the house….it was quite strange, she knew her mother very well. Ekanem Briggas rarely smiled at the help….something wasn’t right….

‘I pray so’
said Deborah and they both walked into the kitchen…

‘Mother, what really happened between you two’
Eno hadn’t seen her sister for days…

‘nothing happened….you know how stubborn Deborah can be when she makes up her mind’
her mother replied.

She sounded cheerful on the outside but deep down she feared the worst, this was all her fault….what if something happened to her? She was never going to forgive herself…

‘Nothing happened? And you don’t even care about her whereabouts…you amaze me sometimes, you think this is part of discipline right?’

‘Shut your mouth, you wayward child, look what you’ve brought upon yourself’
her mother cautioned…she was done tolerating Eno…

‘Are you even sure you gave birth to us? Because if you did…you would be more concerned with Deborah’s wellbeing’
she hissed furiously and walked out on her mother…

She had her own problems, they were right. Her family was right, she had brought this upon herself and she had to fix it…

‘God take all this pain away’
she sobbed…Eno had hit a nerve…her words cut her deep and reminded her of the past…and the secret which haunted her everyday…

The secret she would die with….she was desperate back then but the sins of the past were to be paid for, forever, as long as one lived.

Her daughter was right, she hadn’t cared enough…

She needed to speak to Sara, that was the only friend Deborah had….she trusted her instinct…Deborah was definitely lodging with her friend…

She walked carefully into the kitchen filled with anxiety…she hadn’t slept much, still trying to adjust to the new environment.

It was unbelievable, it was like her luck had changed overnight…but it was real…

‘so real’
she felt the fine ceramic plates that lay on the cabinet…she had been introduced to two other girls…but they seemed unfriendly for whatever reason…she wasn’t bothered either, she was used to that kind of treatment.

A roster had been drawn up with immediate effect and she was to handle the culinary duties for that week….she hoped to please her boss who had acted strangely earlier…

She was still curious about him….but there was no one she could talk to…she desired to see him…

‘Good morning Teju’
she greeted one of the girls who had just walked in…

she replied tightly wearing a big frown….

That was going to be difficult….staying with these people….

‘So can you tell me how madam likes her breakfast and other meals’?

Teju paused and assessed the new girl for a while….she didn’t like her…and she had seen the way Clara warmed up to her…who did she think she was anyway?

‘You should’ve asked madam yourself…excuse me’

‘ I’m sorry, have I offended you in any way’?
she couldn’t bear facing another set of enemies here…for God’s sake she had just begun!

Teju hissed and walked out of the kitchen…. She had enough of maids who tried to rub shoulders with the Briggas family; that wasn’t her only problem, she had admired Andy for a very longtime and he seemed not to notice her, instead he went for that stinky Jessica.

‘Served her right’
the untimely dismissal of Jessica had brought her great pleasure…she was the one behind the whole thing…she had orchestrated it all.

Jessica had been a naïve fool who’d confided in her for every relationship advice and she was stupid enough to let her in on the affair she was having with Andy.

Teju smiled mischievously….she was a master planner….that night she’d asked Jessica to take a bolder step by inviting Andy to her room….it was a trap, a big one…and that was how Mrs Briggas caught them red handed.

‘Why are you smiling’?
the drycleaner asked….

she had lived in this house for seven years, never for once did she have any room in her heart for Tejuola. She was a very arrogant and malevolent being….but she was too scared to go against her as that would mean drawing the battle line.

Oge became more afraid after Teju manipulated Jessica to make that mistake which had caused her to lose favor before their boss.

‘ I’m thinking about that new girl’
Teju replied…

‘Deborah? What has she done to you’?

Oge dropped the buckets she held, ready to listen….she knew about the new girl…she wasn’t overly friendly towards her…being a reserved person and a closet introvert, she just exchanged greetings with Deborah.

‘I feel there’s something off about her… I don’t like her’
Teju replied….

‘That’s too early for you to decide’
Oge was amazed…

‘I think she’s dating Andy but am not too sure…. I would watch her very closely as from today’

‘You are not her boss anyway, so your opinion about her doesn’t count’
said Oge as she quickly resumed her duties….

‘You think’? Teju eyed the foolish girl who’d just walked out on her….

‘Good morning’
went Selene to Deborah as she walked into the kitchen….it’d been long she stepped her foot there…

The aroma of tomato gravy and fried irish potatoes s£duced her and she was carried away like one who had seen a Siren…

Debora almost broke a bowl as she turned to see Clara’s elder sister…Selene…she seemed very unfriendly the other day? What was she doing there.

‘Good morning’
she stuttered….not knowing what else to say as the lady kept looking at her…

‘ I’m hungry’
Selene yawned and sat on a stool….

‘ I’m so sorry, in the next few minutes I’ll be done’
she turned and faced the pan feeling a little nervous…praying her cooking would be appreciated and she aimed to please the boss.

‘Okay…I’ll wait’

Selene grabbed a cup and poured herself some juice from the fridge….she hadn’t gulped half the glass when her eyes strayed to the maid’s legs….

Her legs were full and creamy…her eyes moved up again, she had beautiful hips …then her eyes rested on her chest, the two round m----s that were up there….

‘Excuse me’
went Deborah wondering why the lady was starring at her for that long… people were really strange over here….

‘Oh am sorry….’
Selene coughed and made way for her….

‘she’s so d--n cute’ Selene breathed….she couldn’t believe herself…she had never done this before, going after a maid….they were mostly dirty and smelly and below her class…but Debbie, as she had chosen to call her, was more than beautiful.

‘You came in late’
his mother had observed the hour he returned from work….

‘Yes, I had much work to do’
Ani returned….he had decided to bury himself in work to distract himself from all that was happening around him….

There was Morganna and her pregnancy and the girl whom his mother had employed….he was losing it….

‘Just don’t be a workaholic like your father’
she teased….her husband had chosen work over her several times… ‘Or your wife would suffer’
Andy walked in….

‘Speaking of that…it’s been long Morganna visited’
Clara begun and met her brother’s icy stare….

‘It’s too early for that ….’
Her mother cautioned…

Their faces brightened as Deborah walked in with a large tray with Selene trailing closely behind….

‘What’s that about’?
Clara whispered to Andy, her sister had been acting weird since Debora’s arrival…

‘How about you mind your own business’ Andy winked and flashed Debora his cutest smile. She looked pale…like she was frightened out of her wits….

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