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Deborah  - Season 1 - Episode 13
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Deborah couldn’t go to work that day, it was confusing, was she to stay with Sarah after what she had seen? She felt too ashamed to get back to the house.

She felt she had made a big mistake coming over to Sarah’s who had betrayed her trust by going down with Papilo.

‘ I’m sorry …won’t you say something’? Sarah watched her friend who had been quiet all morning, she knew she had erred and Debo’s anger or disappointment, whichever, was justified.

She didn’t need to explain herself to anybody…she had to do what she did to survive. But what she couldn’t bear was the deadly silence of her best friend.

‘I am not upset Sarah… I’m just lost in thought’
Debo returned

‘Lost in thought….’?
went Sarah

‘Yes…i don’t have to bother you with my family problems…I just wished things would get better”

Sarah nodded…it was true, although her story was different from sweet choco’s, she could relate very well to that.

That’s why she had to hustle, unlike her friend whose beauty could open many doors for her, she wasn’t much blessed with beauty.

‘So what do we do? Aren’t you coming back to work’?

“I dont feel like’
Deborah responded.

Ok, i will stay home with you. I think I deserve some rest.

They had spent most of the morning and early afternoon talking and going over several things. Deborah began to feel comfortable and had almost forgotten her friend’s infraction with Papilo.

Suddenly, Sarah’s phone rang out.

Deborah watched her friend closely as she received one of her numerous phone calls, what was she smiling at now?

‘It’s that your guy babe…come and speak to him’
Sarah offered her the phone

‘What guy?’
But her friend ignored her and placed the phone directly to her ears…

The baritone was quite familiar….even before he introduced himself, she could have guessed it was him.

‘Hi Andy…..’
she stuttered not knowing what next to say.

“sorry about this, can we meet now. I should be with you in 30 minutes? went Andy.

“I am not so sure any longer about the date. but I thought it was for 4pm. That is still a way off.”

‘why, is there a problem”?
went Andy
Sarah had been listening into the conversation and nudged her arm…

‘nothing…okay, can I come with my friend Sarah’?

‘That’s okay….just wait for me…Would be there in thirty minutes’

“that is too early, please give us about an hour to get ready”

Carefully she handed over the phone to Sarah, who continued with Andy reassuring him that they would be there and then dropped the phone.

‘You amaze me Debo, it’s just a date and he won’t harm you, why do i have to come?’Sara was quite perplexed.

‘I just need you around, I don’t trust that guy’

Sarah rolled her eyes, well her friend was right, Andy looked every bit like a player but she was quite sure his intentions regarding her friend were different.

“He likes you, that’s all that matters’
Sara winked.

After minutes of being painted like an ekpo
masquerade by Sarah, Debo simply stared at the mirror in horror. What had come over her friend?

‘Wow you look splendid… If I were half as beautiful as you,I wouldn’t be hawking fruits I swear!’
Sarah teased, obviously pleased with her work.

‘I don’t like it’ Debo spoke as calmly as possible, knowing Sarah well, she would go berserk if her works weren’t appreciated.

‘I don’t understand you’
Sarah feigned ignorance…she wasn’t in the mood to argue.

They had argued over everything including what to wear. Sarah had chosen the best of her clothes and given to her friend to wear. Deborah had protested on the grounds that they were too revealing.

‘Just wear it for today, this guy may be your future husband o’ she continued as she cajoled Debo to wear the clothes.

Later they stood waiting by the roadside waiting for Andy. Men gawked lustfully at Deborah while Sarah smiled with satisfaction. If this went well, she knew her friend would never forget her.

‘You look sexy’
said Sarah but failed in her attempt to make her friend smile.

‘ I’m not comfortable in this outfit; i would’ve preferred my own clothes’
Deborah complained.

It was bad that men gaped at her like some piece of candy. However, that didn’t bother her as much as the wrong impression she was going to give this Andy guy about herself.

It was too late, to turn back. Suddenly, Andy appeared; he stopped his car and stepped out with his eyes fixed on her.

‘You are something else’
he trailed off as he touched her face, thank God! Clara wasn’t here, he’d purposely rescheduled the date while his cousin was still waiting for 4p.m

‘Thank you?’
She whispered nervously, she wasn’t comfortable with the way he smiled at her, like she was his trophy.

Andy gazed down on the brown eyed Beauty, she looked every bit different from the other times he saw her, for once, he saw the truth in the saying that ‘money made a woman beautiful’.

She wore a spaghetti hand top with a plain ash mini skirt which showed off her chocolate creamy legs. Her full lips glowed underneath the heap of rouge and the black liner accentuated her beautiful eyes.

He acknowledged her friend briefly and guided them both towards his car.

He tried making small talk as he drove, but she responded in one worded sentences, he gave up and smiled to himself. He had always dreamt of the day he would fall in love, his dreams sat beside him.

‘This place is expensive”
Sara whispered from behind as he stopped the car at the restaurant.

Yes it was quite expensive, but he was ready to spoil this angel with gifts, he wanted more than anything to win her heart, but first he had to know more about her.

They sat close to thirty minutes without making any meaningful discussion. Andy thanked his stars her friend had followed them. She answered most of the questions, while Deborah appeared lost.

‘So how about your parents’?
He inquired, she had finished secondary school, he had to know more, he sincerely wanted to help her.

‘That’s a long story…i don’t wish to talk about it ’
she sounded a bit pissed off.

Andy felt bad, was he intruding?

Sara noticed this and quickly came to his rescue.

‘As she said it’s a long story, but she has a mother and a sister. She is in need of a job badly, so if you can fix her up, it would do her a lot of good’

Deborah glared at her friend angrily…why did she have to be this mouthy?

Sadly, Sara was right, she was too busy thinking about the other guy, she had to swallow her foolish pride and treat this guy well, maybe he was her helper.

‘Do you need a job’?
Andy was concerned, he could do anything to help her right now
She nodded in affirmation.

‘So what skills do you have? What kind of job do you want?’

‘I don’t have any skills, but I wanted being a housekeeper or something like that’

‘House keeper’?
Andy thought for a while…would his aunt accept her?

Slowly excitement crept up his spine and he felt like shattering into tiny pieces. This would afford him the opportunity of getting to know her better.

‘Okay, when do you plan to resume’?
He asked

‘I don’t understand ….I have the job’?
Debo smiled happily…but something else bothered her…

‘Yes you have the job and something else’
he brought out a phone pack but he saw the reluctance in her eyes. What had he done now?

‘Would i be working for you? Or your family’?

‘My aunt precisely’
Andy laughed as her question dawned on him, why did people see him in bad light always?

‘Okay…, thank you sir’
she whispered.

‘That’s not all’
he continued as he shifted the phone pack towards her….

‘Wow’ Sarah gasped as she fingered the IPhone …. Her friend was indeed lucky….

‘What’s this for’?
Deborah was confused; the guy hadn’t said anything…

‘For you darling….i want you to have it, so we can communicate better’

She shook her head; her mother had warned her about getting gifts from men. But was her mother a saint?

‘I can’t accept this…I barely know you and you have done all these for me?’

‘Trust me, you deserve more’
he placed the pack in her palm.

Sara rolled her eyes back and forth; her friend was really amusing… ‘Thank you for your generosity towards my friend, God bless you’

‘You’re welcome Sarah’
Andy smiled still waiting for Deborah’s reply.

‘ I’m sorry I seem ungrateful it’s just that….’ She slowed…

‘What is it’?
he asked….was it not good enough? He thought? He could buy another….

‘I have nothing to give you in return’
she was being honest, she wasn’t ready to repay him with her body or anything else.
Andy smiled, for the first time he actually didn’t want a thing from a woman…

‘I never asked for anything in return….I just want you to be comfortable around me …okay?’

She nodded and made extra effort to hide the tears that welled up in her eyes
She was absolutely touched by his kindness…was it genuine? Did he really mean it or was he masquerading?

‘About the job, when will you resume’?
he fiddled his phone…

she replied.

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