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Deborah  - Season 1 - Episode 12
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She returned home a bit late and met an empty house.

Gladly; she settled on the floor and pulled out all she’d made for the day.

She was glad she was alone; at least her sister wouldn’t be here to see where she hid her money. If she did, the money would usually disappear the next day.

Her mother was away and she wasn’t bothered, the woman was guilty but she couldn’t face her for now. She still had her plans, she would find a better job and save up awhile then she’d go back to school later.

Satisfied with her dreams, she smiled to herself, maybe Andy was God sent to her, maybe he was the helper she’d prayed for all this while.

She knew his type, she gently placed his money on her lap and began counting, she wouldn’t use it, till after their date, she wanted to hear him out, if he requested for something beyond her, she would simply return his money.

‘where did you get all that from’?
her mother spoke sternly as she walked in….

Deborah jerked as she had forgotten to close the door.

Why did her mother have to sound that way? Why did she act like a saint? As far as she was concerned, she was the only saint in this house.

She ignored her mother and continued counting, her mother had betrayed her, all the trust, the values she’d inculcated in them was for naught.

‘I asked you a question’ the woman drew nearer to her.

‘And I refuse to answer’
she replied rudely.

Her mother stood there silently for a while, then reached out and gave her daughter a resounding slap.

Deborah held her chin feeling the heavy thud; she didn’t know how to numb this pain. She stared at her mother angrily and made up her mind, she was leaving and never would she return.

‘What do you think you’re doing’?
the woman watched fearfully as her daughter began packing her belongings, she knew she had gone too far.

Not answering, Deborah grabbed the best clothes she had and ran out of the house.

‘Come back, do you hear me’?
her mother screamed, but she was far away.

She felt a heavy cloud above her and she broke down in tears, yes, she was a failure. She hadn’t set a good example, she was the worst mother in the world.

Not quite long after, Eno burst into the house and found her mom seated on the floor looking dejected.

‘Mama what’s going on’?

Eno was surprised to see her mother in this position; she had gone around and searched for money for the abortion; but all to no avail.

She wanted to get rid of the pregnancy, her mother and Deborah had suffered enough, they deserved to be happy.

‘Your sister….’ her mother stuttered.

Eno’s heart raced; What had happened? She looked around for the first time, and noticed somethings missing in the room. It looked emptier than usual, as if someone had taken some clothes away.

‘What about my sister’?

‘She has left us’
the woman answered weakly ‘and it was all my fault’.

‘Isn’t she coming back’?
Eno swallowed a sob and fell down beside her mother.

‘What are you doing here’?
Sarah was bewildered, this was a bit strange, as Deborah rarely visited this late.

‘Can I stay with you for some time? Before I find a job’?
Deborah begged

‘Of course you can…come in’
she wondered what had transpired at her freind’s house.

‘Lie over there’
Sarah directed as she handed her friend a mat.

The room was dark, but Deborah felt they weren’t alone …she quickly noticed a pair of greedy eyes staring at her.

she screamed as she recognized the owner of the eyes…her friend was full of surprises.

‘Wetin happen’? Papillo sneered at Debo.

‘Shut up Papillo, come and go’
Sarah felt a little embarrassed. But she had to do what she had to, to survive by all means.

‘But we jus do am only once na….haba! Uyai Iban, treat me well na, five more rounds then I go’
he begged…

‘I can’t believe this’
Debo muttered to herself already feeling disgusted by the conversation.

‘I will be outside, call me when you guys are done’
she announced and walked out angrily.

She then realized, she had made a big mistake by running out of the house. Sarah was the last person she was going to live with.

‘How was your night’?
Mrs Briggas asked her son, she’d seen the look of worry on his face

‘ I’m fine mom….just stressed out with this wedding stuff’
he lied…

he wasn’t okay, he knew that…he had so much fears and each ended with those pair of golden eyes searching his face.

He felt stupid for feeling like a school boy in love, he was probably having a crush but his heart said something different.

Why was she always in his thoughts ? he didn’t even know her name; he hadn’t cared to see her the other time and now his cousin was going to win her over.

‘Good morning everyone’
Andy appeared in the dining room and all eyes turned on him suspiciously

‘Why the glow cousin’?
Selene teased, she too felt better this morning. She suspected Andy must have had a woman in the house.

As if her mother read her thoughts, ‘Andy, I hope you don’t have a woman in my house’? and the rest laughed.

‘ I’m quite disappointed; you guys think the worst of me’
he shrugged, he wasn’t surprised, he had done some pretty terrible things in the past but he was currently changed.

‘Somebody is in love’
Clara announced and her cousin grimaced. Why did she have to be this loud mouthed?

Ani wore a frown and mistakenly dropped his glass…he couldn’t take it any more….

‘Excuse me I am late for work’
he said and stormed out of the house.

‘What’s wrong with that one’? Seline hissed feeling irritated by her brother’s action.

‘So Andy tell me about this girl whom you’ve fallen in love with’? Mrs Briggas teased, she knew her nephew well, he was untamable when it came to women, but she was a bit curious.

‘well she is very beautiful and I love her, that is all you must know for now’
he replied feeling uncomfortable with the questions being thrown at him.

‘What the hell is this’?
Seline screamed, as she spat out the chips she was served….why did the maids have to be this dumb? For God’s sake they were being paid good money.

‘Take it easy’ her mother purred.

Clara was a bit irritated, why did her older sister always have to act like an over pampered baby?

‘Andy, you really have to get me a maid as quick as possible; someone who can cook excellently well’.
said Mrs Briggas. ‘after all, you were the one who made me drive the other one away’

he replied…where on earth was he going to find a maid? And the frustration about the whole matter was that Uyo lacked Housekeepers Agencies compared to Lagos.

He was in big trouble and his aunt meant every word as she continued staring fiercely at his direction.

He avoided her eyes, and focused on something that was bugging his mind.

His cousin was acting weird lately….was it the stress of the wedding? Maybe it was Morganna stress.

He had to uncover the veil masking her secret but he didn’t know how, but one thing was sure, there was something dark about her….something sinister that would cover Ani if she wasn’t exposed on time.

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